The 2016 GR&P / Phoenix Booklets

The updated 2016 GR&P rulebook and 2016 Phoenix booklet is now at the printers. Hard copies will be available and ready for collection at the NRA Offices from the end of the month and there will be a few copies available at the GB Shooting show next week.

grp-2016As a result of feedback, lobbying, natural justice and the usual moaning and groaning it is inevitable there will be changes to the odd rule set or section contained within. This year is no exception – there are minor amendments to both sections of the booklet.

T&P2 shooters should pay attention to the timing changes in that area. LBP shooters should pay attention to the holster rule changes in T&P2, 1020 and 1500 competitions. At the Phoenix meeting this year there are changes to conditions in some of the 100,200,300 yard matches.phoenix-cover-2016

Everyone is encouraged to  download a copy of both booklets – linked here as separate PDFs, and familiarise yourselves with the rule changes and changes and conditions.

The hard copy will, as usual, be a combined booklet and has been layed out this year to be slightly easier to read. Feedback welcome either way if this is the case and as usual any mistakes, errors or typos let us know.

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