Derby Handgun 2023 – Results

The results of the second Derby Handgun Challenge can be seen below

Derby Handgun 2023 – Final Results

Congratulations to Glenn Gordon for his achievement in the Aggregates and almost everything else! A special mention goes to David Gwalter for setting a new British Record in the LBP 1020 with a Maximum score and 91 X’s.

There were a few less competitors than last year but more scorecards so everyone is shooting more events. Aggregate competitions were tried this year, one we called the Black Target Aggregate – events shot on 1500 targets, WA48, 1500 & 1020 and they proved popular with LBP and LBR. Not so much with Iron Sights. Also the 1470 Aggregate – this was everything else on offer with a total score of, you guessed it 1470.

It was great so many had a go and those who shot both with two guns fired over 1000 round taking two days – quite a marathon – well done!

Thanks to Shooting Supplies and RAM Bullets for the prizes they donated.

We are aware that the competition clashed with the Europeans and we could have had more people attending. However the GR calendar is getting fuller every year and leaves little room for manoeuvre. If you have any suggestions about another time of year please let me know. We want the event to grow.

See you next year!


Jim, MD


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