GR&P National Championships 2021

The Gallery Rifle and Pistol National Championships will run over the weekend of 5-6 September 2021. Enter here: Volunteer as a Range Officer here:

National Champion and Aggregate awards

Following a careful review, a new set of National Champion and Aggregate awards is being introduced at this year’s Gallery Rifle National Championships meeting. Key changes are as follows:

A National Champion should be able to demonstrate mastery of wide variety of skills with a particular gun type. Therefore:
No individual event will attract National Championship status.
Instead, National Champion status will be awarded to the winner of an aggregate of 4 events with each of the following gun types: GRSB, GRCF Standard, GRCF Classic, LBP, LBR. (Note: the GRCF Open category currently attracts very few entries and is under review.) The 4 events are the same 4 that make up the IGRF World Champion aggregates.

Within each National Championship aggregate, the top Lady and Junior shooters will receive an award.

We are also providing aggregates which include multiple rifle or handgun types. Medals will be awarded for these, and trophies where available, but they will not carry National Champion status.

The complete list of aggregates is shown below. Entry to each aggregate is automatic for any shooter who submits scores for all of the events in that aggregate.

  • Shotgun – Pump Action (T&P1 + Multi-Target)
  • Shotgun – Semi-Auto (T&P1 + Multi-Target)
  • National Champion GRSB (50m Precision + T&P1 + Multi-Target + 1500)
  • National Champion GRCF Standard (50m Precision + T&P1 + Multi-Target + 1500)
  • National Champion GRCF Classic (50m Precision + T&P1 + Multi-Target + 1500)
  • National Champion LBP (50m Precision + T&P1[1] + Multi-Target[1] + 1500[1])
  • National Champion LBR (50m Precision + T&P1[1] + Multi-Target[1] + 1500[1])
  • Precision Aggregate Rifle (25m GRSB + 25m Precision GRCF[2] + 50m Precision GRSB + 50m Precision GRCF[2])
  • Precision Aggregate Handgun (25m Precision LBP + 25m Precision LBR + 50m Precision LBP + 50m Precision LBR)
  • 1500 Aggregate Rifle (1500 GRSB + 1500 GRCF[2])
  • 1500 Aggregate Handgun (1500 LBP[1] + 1500 LBR[1])
  • Bianchi Aggregate Rifle (Bianchi GRSB + Bianchi GRCF[2])
  • Bianchi Aggregate Handgun (Bianchi LBP + Bianchi LBR)
  • Short Events Aggregate Rifle (T&P1 GRSB + T&P1 GRCF[2] + Multi-Target GRSB + Multi-Target GRCF[2] + Advancing Target GRSB + Advancing Target GRCF[2])
  • Short Events Aggregate Handgun (T&P1 LBP[1] + T&P1 LBR[1] + Multi-Target LBP[1] + Multi-Target LBR[1] + Advancing Target LBP[1] + Advancing Target LBR[1])

[1]: Iron Sight event scores will count if the competitor does not shoot the equivalent Open event.
[2]: GRCF Classic event scores will count if the competitor does not shoot GRCF Standard event.


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