GR&P Rules – Key Changes for 2022

The 2022 Edition of the GR&P Handbook includes a variety of changes. Most are clarifications, correction of typos and so on. However, all competitors and range crew need to be aware of the key changes below. The section/paragraph number shown for each is taken from the new Handbook; please pay special attention to the highlighted elements.

A3.2.10 A belt mounted holster may be used with an LBP or LBR. Such holsters may be right or left- handed. The holster must cover the gun’s trigger. Shoulder or cross-draw holsters are not allowed, nor are holsters from which the LBP/LBR is released by inserting a finger within the trigger guard

B3.8 After finishing a Practice / Stage

B3.8.1 When a competitor has finished firing for a practice or stage they should unload their firearm, lock it open and stand with it pointed at the target line until it has been cleared by an RO

B3.8.2 When the RO has cleared the firearm, they will tell the competitor what to do next. Depending on the firearm and the event being shot, the instruction might be to bag, case, holster or go muzzle- up

B3.8.3 Even when the individual competitor has been cleared by an RO, they should NOT begin to pick up magazines, cases, etc. until the range has been declared safe by the CRO. They should also refrain from doing anything which could distract other competitors who may still be shooting

Note: the bit about not distracting those still shooting also applies to range crew!

B6.1 Ready position

B6.1.1 The ready positions for GRSB and GRCF are:

  • a. 45 degrees: The rifle is loaded with a round in the chamber and held in both hands with the butt in the shoulder and the barrel pointing towards ground at an angle of 45 degrees
  • b. Parallel: The rifle is loaded with a round in the chamber and held in both hands parallel to the ground, pointing at the target array, at waist height
  • c. Trail: The rifle is loaded and held parallel to the ground in the strong hand only, arm extended. Normally for this start position the gun will have an empty breech, i.e. loaded but not made ready
  • d. Benchrest: The rifle is loaded with a round in the chamber, parallel to the ground, pointing at the target array with the butt in the shoulder. The competitor’s head must be upright, looking over the sight. The weight of the rifle must be fully supported by the rest

Note: several new Benchrest events have been introduced. These replace the previous “Adapted” events and are open to all shooters.

B6.2 Moving between positions

B6.2.1 The rules for each event are shown in the relevant event conditions. Some practices require the competitor to start in the standing position but then adopt a different (e.g. sitting, kneeling) position when the targets face to indicate the start of the practice. In such cases, the competitor should:

  • a. Load but not make ready in the standing position
  • b. When a target faces, adopt the shooting position, then make ready and shoot

Note: This particularly affects Timed & Precision 2, 1500 and 1020.

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