Phoenix 25

phoenix-2022With the lead up to the 25th Phoenix Meeting more than underway – less than two weeks at time of publication – the early part of the 2022 season has got off to a flawless start. Compared to 2022 and 2021 it could be argued that this was perhaps inevitable but even whilst the schedule was being compiled in late 2021 it was still by no means clear what was going to happen. COVID has also not gone away – a fact that has to be remembered.

Quite a few calendared GR&P competitions are held in the immediate weeks before the Phoenix. Since the JSPC hosted event in Scotland results have been posted for the following events: (All 2022 results are published over on the 2022 Results page.)

All will have contributed to rankings and classifications. It should be noted that the Ranking Tables have now caught up with themselves and are showing a rolling season listing which for all events are now showing a full calendar year of shooting. Not all meetings offer all events  so the number of events available will vary for all the gun types.


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