For anyone who missed the email.

RO Christmas Shoot Cancelled

Since I wrote to you last with the results of the responses to my request for opinions about the Range Officers’ Christmas shoot held in January, a couple of things have become clear.

The majority of those who responded were in favour of carrying on with the Christmas shoot and dinner.  However, the numbers involved are pretty small and well below those needed to have it properly catered.  A lot of effort is put in to hold this day and the number of people is benefitting from it is decreasing.

Just to make matters worse, I have now heard from some of you who might have come and now cannot because of a clash of dates with another event.

In view of this, I have decided to cancel the 19th January as this seems the only thing to do.  I am sorry if this is a disappointment but I’m sure you’ll agree this is the sensible course to take.

On the positive side, this now gives us an opportunity to organise something else which I hope a lot more of you will be able to benefit from.  Please do let me have your thoughts and suggestions at the usual address (

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to you all


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