To all that take the time to visit this site and read this post thank you, at the meeting held with shooters at the ATSC a number of points was made by me ( see the post if you have not read it ) it was agreed that as a lot of people did not visit the web site or use facebook e mails to people to keep them informed was the preferred option, out of the 60 people there I have got 12 e mail addresses back, shows real interest in their chosen sport and discipline.

Neil has now passed on a list of job he had opted to take on and look after, having gone through the list and finding some other tasks that it seems belong to me, have put together the following list. I hope people will volunteer and take them on, if not they will probably not happen or only happen when I am bored, have nothing else to do or found out how to do them.

  1. Collating the scores from the matches shot, posting onto web site, reclassifying shooters as required, keeping the classification list up to date for those running shoots and shooters.
  2. Look at the classifications and standards for medals and recommend changes.
  3. Form a group of people to write articles for the NRA journal and other places that may be interested.
  4. Keep IGRF domain and gallery rifle domain up and running, look after the gallery rifle web site to keep it running, facebook page and the Wikipedia page up and running, all the above if routine maintenance I am told.
  5. As it appears that all the gallery rifle courses run by the NRA at Bisley falls to me to give them the talk and arrange the instructors. So we need to get a group of people with the time and skills to help novice shooter improve, if we want to improve our importance and raise our profile with the NRA this is a good route.

If any of the above tasks tweak your interest let me know, if by the end of October I have no volunteers for these tasks then its 50/50 if they get binned totally or done in some other form. Gallery rifle is your discipline and improving what happens in that discipline is down to all those taking part. It is not a task for one person.

People who want to know what is going on and avoid facebook and this web page send me your e mail address so whats happening can be sent out direct and we can keep all informed. Any friend or members of your club that doesn’t look at the site or know of it tell about it and get them to send their e mail.


Bad Ted

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