The Inaugural Scottish Gallery Rifle and Pistol Championships

The inaugural Scottish Gallery Rifle and Pistol Championship will be held over two venue dates.  Commencing on the 5th July at the JSPC Colmsliehill range where a series of short events will be held and concluding with 1500 events at Drums Links the home of Aberdeen Full Bore Gun Club on the 2nd August.  The Championship for Rifle will be held concurrently with a shorter Championship for Long Barrelled Revolver and Pistol.

This will be a fully registered event and entrance open to all.

Entry Forms are available to download now

Scottish Gallery Rifle Champion for Small bore and Centre fire Rifle. Competing for award, Scottish Champion, twelve individual title medal, awarded on the event day.

Scottish Gallery Rifle Champion title awarded to the competitor with the highest overall score from all 8 events, awarded upon championship completing presentation held at the Nationals at Bisley in August.

JSPCVenue 1:

  • Joint Services Pistol Club Colmsliehill range 5th July starting at 9.30 am.
  • Events; TP1, MT and 25mtr Precision.

AberdeenVenue 2:

  • Aberdeen full Bore Gun Club Drums Links range 2nd August starting at 9.30am.
  • Events; 1500.

Scottish Long Barrel Revolver and Long Barrel Pistol Championship. Scottish Champion, competing for four individual title (two LBP and two LBR) medal awards.


  • Joint Services Pistol Club Colmsliehill range 5th July starting at 9.30 am.
  • Events; TP1, MT.


This competition is a registered event and scores submitted to the NRA. The Gallery Rifle Ranking Tables will include the 1500 event.

Competitors entering both Standard and Classic matches must indicate to the match director prior to the match commencing which score (standard or classic) they require to be carried forward for their aggregate score. No differential will be made between Iron and Optic (Open class) revolver or pistol.   Centre Fire may include any pistol calibre lever action rifle.

Please note – Lever release rifles are not included due to predicted low entrance, we will look at that again next year

There will be a prize giving ceremony held during the Gallery Rifle Nationals held at Bisley on the Sat 29th of August, venue to be agreed.  Two title awards will be awarded:

1. Scottish Gallery Rifle Champion; awarded to the highest scoring (rifle) competitor, aggregate score of all eight centre fire and small bore rifle events. No separate classification awards will be made.

2. Scottish Gallery Pistol Champion; highest aggregate score of all Pistol and revolver events.

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