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The 2023 GR&P Handbook Published March 2023. This handbook supersedes previous editions. Changes from the 2022 edition are marked up appropriately.  They are listed within and are summarised below A3.2.8f     Update to the LBR clearance procedure A3.5.1      Added reference to artificial supports B6.1.1      Update to the term Benched B6.9    […]

The Great Britain Handgun Team Following a season or two of negotiation and many years of informal pistol and revolver shooting overseas its a great pleasure to announce the NRA has now formally endorsed an international Handgun team. The team will officially represent GB in Centre Fire Pistol and Revolver matches overseas (shot under the […]

Great Britain Gallery Rifle Squad The Great Britain Gallery Rifle squad announced for 2023 Pending the formal squad announcement which will be reported in the Spring NRA Journal and website, also informally on various Social Media sites and below, the Great Britain Gallery Rifle squad and support team are announced. The 2023 captain is […]

The 2023 Calendar of Events

McQueen GRSB Classifications One to note for McQueen GRSB (also known as Mini McQueen) shooters. It has been decided to classify the Mini McQueen events into three divisions. The classification formula will follow that of the main events using the three year sliding window format. Classification boundaries have been set for the 2023 season as […]

Bianchi Amendments One for Bianchi shooters to note… Currently the Bianchi match is only shot at the Phoenix and the Nationals. For the last few years the ‘standard’ range set up on Stickledown Butt Zero has been Barricades, Mover, Plates and the Practical match. The Plates and Practical match were squeezed in on the right […]

2023 Classification Breakpoint Changes Classification breakpoints are reviewed annually and it has been decided to amend the class boundaries across most of the events in an attempt to spread shooters more fairly across the divisions offered. The majority of changes are just tweaks to the class boundaries – some raised – some lowered. However two […]

GR&P Competition Calendar 2023 Download and Print Download and Print

Record Scores achieved in 2022 A number of new record scores were achieved throughout the 2022 season. As and when results come in from the season’s competitions, or as notified, the scores are recognized and recorded on-line  in the following locations: Phoenix record scores British record scores Phoenix records are pertinent only to the Phoenix […]

The IGRF and German Open – Results After another successful tour to the Leitmar ranges near Marsberg in Germany by British and Irish teams  the reactions of all who attended overwhelmingly declared the event another very enjoyable and competitive weekend of Gallery Rifle shooting. The indoor range complex and very comfortable clubroom surroundings of Leitmar […]

Final GR&P Rankings for 2022 Following the final results of the season from the AAW the 2022 ranking tables have now been fixed until next season. 2022 Ranking Tables Competition rankings are more or less back to a calendar based full season.

GB Gallery Rifle Captain for 2023 After two relatively full seasons in the position GB Gallery Rifle captain (spanning a 3 year period – we all know why) Gary Bowden will be standing down at the end of 2022. Gary’s last tour will be to the German Gallery Rifle Open to compete against German and […]

The Derby Handgun Challenge The Club was pleased to announce that for 2022 there will be a new event in the Gallery Rifle calendar, the DERBY HANDGUN CHALLENGE, was held on Saturday and Sunday August 20/21. This Open event was held for LBPs and LBRs and offered eight events plus a Practical Shoot run by […]

GR Nationals – Range Officers Competition meetings such as the Nationals can’t run without the dedicated and friendly support of volunteer ROs and Range Crew.  For these competitions people are required for roles such as operating target controls, supervising safety and ensuring the competitors have a safe and enjoyable experience, along with wider non-range based […]

The 2022 Derby Open The very popular 2022 Derby Open took place over the weekend of 25-26 June at Derby RPC. Results are posted. A Home Countries England-Scotland-Wales National match also took place. Provisional sores for the match are included in the final results. England were proud recipients of the Brownells trophy for the rifle […]