Updated GR&P Ranking Tables

The Ranking Tables for (almost) all and classified events have been updated. Due to the social lockdowns the bounding scores are currently JSPC 2019 and the recently completed SLG 2020 Open inclusive. This gives a maximum meeting count of 19 – about what we have in a normal season.

Unfortunately the final meeting of the year is the AAW 2020 at Bisley. The two November meetings at Chelmsford and Shepton Mallet (FDPC) have had to be cancelled.

The nominal ranking order list is best 4 scores to count over a season. For all events this is sometimes hard to achieve as not all meetings offer all events. A ‘Raw Average’ column has been added which will indicate how people are averaging with 4 or less scores recorded. Note the RawAvg is an arithmetic average – not a <Score>.<Xcount> average which is the case in the in the ‘Best4‘ column.

Ranking Table – Classified Events

Ranking Table – All Events

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