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Summer Competitions – Entries now open

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The Derby Open



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The Scottish Gallery Rifle Championships

A couple of Open GR&P competitions coming up a bit later in the season. Never too early to enter. Entries now open for…

The Welsh Open – 2nd to 4th August 2024

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Info and paper entry form


The Cornish Open – 4th to 6th October 2024

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Rule B3.7.2


More rules – well – clarifications.

Keen readers of the 2024 GR&P Handbook will have noticed we have a new rule, B3.7.2, which states that all loaded rounds must be fired before a reload takes place.  Clarification of the rule is required as it was introduced to help align with overseas formats regarding specific competitions which do not allow these evolved loading techniques due to safety reasons. As a reminder:

B3.7.2 Some events require the competitor to reload their firearm within the target exposure time (e.g. 1500 Practice 4: 12 shots in 35 seconds including reload). All loaded rounds must be fired before reloading commences; for example, the historic practice of “load 6, shoot 5, reload 6, shoot 7” is NOT allowed. (Note that violation of this rule during the 2024 season will result in a warning rather than a penalty, except in IGRF International Team matches where a penalty will apply. Penalties will be universally applied from the 2025 season onwards.)

However this clashes with established practice for Phoenix A and Multi-Target 3 where shooters routinely “top up”, i.e. add rounds to a GRCF tube magazine (which may already have rounds in it) during target away times in order to be able to complete the course of fire.  In these cases, it isn’t practical to empty the magazine and then reload. As the rule is stated competitors are breaking this rule and that was not its intent.

The words below are an amendment to this rule which will be formalised for the 2025 season but applicable immediately. It will apply to Phoenix A and Multi-Target 3 courses of fire.

Reloading.  In an exception to the usual reloading rule B3.7.2, shooters may add rounds to a GRCF tube magazine even if there are rounds in it – provided there is no live round in the chamber when this “topping up” is carried out.


Recent Results

Recent results are published from the following meetings:



JSPC Open and Home Countries matches

Budleigh Farm Steel Challenge – Rifle | Pistol

The ATSC Open (updated – v2)


Proposed changes to under-lever loading rules for 2025.

Where a COF requires competitors to reload an under-lever,  it is common safe practice to fire 6 shots, load 6 rounds through the gate and then rack the action and carry on shooting. However, there are still a small minority that eject their fired 6th round, then place a Live round into the open chamber, before closing the action and loading 5 more rounds through the gate. This significantly increases the possibility of a negligent discharge (ND) through accidently touching the trigger, or catching the trigger on clothing / belts etc. The same risk of course applies to the initial load if you are then loading subsequent rounds through the gate. This is not just a theoretical exercise – there is already evidence that this has occurred in recent matches so this proposal seeks to minimise this risk as far as possible. In all likelihood, if an ND occurs under these circumstances, the barrel of the under-lever will not intentionally be aimed at a target and may even escape the range danger area. Clearly, that both compromises range safety and potentially the sport – should a significant accident occur.

It is therefore proposed that everybody adopts the same commonly used practice of loading / reloading ALL live rounds through the gate, and then racking the firearms. (i.e. LOAD, then MAKE READY, rather than MAKE READY – with a live rounds in the chamber – then continue to LOAD). The only exception to this would be for Precision shooters, who load a single round into the chamber for each shot (on the basis that the articulated risk of an ND is effectively negated, as there are no further rounds to load via the gate, before firing the single shot).

This enhances the safety rules that require competitors to only rack a Live round into the chamber when they have adopted their required shooting position and are ready to shoot. Therefore this change will significantly minimise the chances of an ND whenever a shooter is either loading, reloading, or moving position.

Unless there is strong evidence to the contrary, this proposal will be introduced into the GR&P Handbook in 2025 – with failure to comply receiving a warning. Then, from 2026, this will be the only accepted practice, with penalties for non-compliance. Feedback on this proposal is welcome.



2024 Basildon Open

BasildonBasildon is back

The 2024 Basildon Open

Spaces still available

3-5 May 2024


Entry forms now available

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Imperial GR&P Meeting 2024

For a few years now at the GR&P Imperial meeting entries have been scarce in some competitions (especially the Trophy Matches) to the point where some were significantly undersubscribed and some actually empty. However, the ‘Unlimited’ matches continue to attract  shooters throughout the weekend.  There were also calls for more recognition of the Gallery Rifle Classic events, which from an Imperial perspective reflects the heritage of the meeting.

Taking those observations into account, the new structure will see the Unlimiteds shot for the whole meeting and the trophies for each respective event will be awarded to the highest placed GRCF Classic score (medals will continue to be awarded across the whole range of gun types). So, instead of a poorly attended Head-to-Head Trophy match, all scores from the Unlimiteds will determine the medal and trophy winners, along with ‘Highest Possible Score’ (HPS) awards.  As the name suggests, you can still enter and shoot an unlimited  number of times to achieve that ultimate score!

The aggregates will remain, slightly amended,  (no longer requiring nomination) to provide the variety of challenges across a number of events and the Team matches will of course continue (noting that the nominated Team scores will not count for HPS and Unlimited medals). The ‘grand agg’ for GRCF, GRCF Classic and GRSB remain at the traditional 7 events. Its 5 for LBR/LBP and 3 for MLR.  The slight amendment to the aggregates mentioned above is pre-nomination for shooting aggregate cards has been removed. We’ve also removed the malfunction allowance; it was difficult to police,  it doesn’t appear across the wider GR&P annual programme and, of course, if the concept of pre-nominated grand agg cards is no longer with us its not actually required.

2024 GR&P Handbook

We’ve also updated a couple of the courses of fire to both reflect the event conditions and names, aligned to the rest of the GR&P annual programme and in some cases increased the round count to ensure consistency. As an example, Advancing Target will change to 6 shots on a single target per pass, rather than 3 on each of two targets – which now aligns with all the other GR&P meetings.  So – make sure you clean those firearms ! As always, the changes will be reflected in the latest GR&P handbook.

Please take the time to read it.


2024 GR&P Handbook

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The 2024 GR&P Handbook is published

2024 GR&P Handbook

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The 2024

Gallery Rifle and Pistol

Competition and Events Calendar

GR&P 2024 Calendar

The 2024 Gallery Rifle & Pistol competition and events calendar. Download, print, distribute as required

IGRF and German Open Results

Results from the recent IGRF international match held at Leitmar ranges in Germany are published

IGRF 2023

Centrefire Match

Smallbore Match

Individual Results

2023 Season Rankings

RankingsThe full set of 2023 GR&P ranking tables are now published.  Running across a full season the full season meeting count is 17. To have a chance of topping any of the tables you’ll need a “top 4” bullet count – that is you’ll have to have submitted 4 scores in the season to have a realistic chance of seeing how you have performed throughout the year. These scores are simply summed. A raw average column is also supplied for people who submitted less than 4 scores to give a comparison of how you may be competing.

The methodology for running the tables throughout the season was set out about ten years ago. There was no particular grand plan or scientific analysis – the advocates of the idea simply implemented what they thought would be an interesting and ongoing record of scores people could refer to throughout the season. The concept of the ‘best 4’ was a combination of the 4 Bisley GRAWS, which are still the highest attended shoots of the year, and a judgement call on how many meetings people were actually attending throughout the season.

The main algorithm favours a simple addition of the best 4 scores recorded over the season. Scores are crunched after each meeting so mid season tables show on an annual rolling basis. Its appreciated not all meetings offer all events so some competitions will not make the count of four. The raw average column offers an alternative relative view of performance. but, of course, interpret with appropriate caution.

Even for shooters who only participate in the odd meeting throughout the year the tables offer a fairly quick to access and compact view of achieved scores at all the recognised meetings.

We are looking for feedback on how scores data is processed and presented for GR&P discipline. Feel free to offer this via the usual channels.


Browse the 2023 GR&P Ranking Tables

Budleigh Farm RimFire Festival – Results

The Budleigh Farm RFF results are posted below. Held over the weekend of the 30 September / 1 October 2023 the standard rifle and LBP events were on offer.

Rifle Results

Pistol Results

SLG and JSPC Autumn Results

Results for the 2023 SLG Open 1500 and shorts can be browsed over on the SLG Bisley web site. Summary and printable results also available and elsewhere in this site.

Results and photos from the JSPC Autumn Open Weekend can be found over on the JSPC website.

Browse SLG Website

Browse JSPC Website

2023 GR&P Nationals – Final Results

Final results are posted for the Gallery Rifle and Pistol Nationals – held over the weekend of 2-3 September 2023 at Bisley.

Final Results