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NRA GR&P Representative – Ash Dagger By way of introduction to all you Gallery Rifle shooters out there….. I’m now the proud holder of the title “NRA Gallery Rifle & Pistol Rep” on the NRA Council. My aim is simple; to continue to promote and develop our sport, and represent you all in the Gallery […]

2019 Imperial Competition for Gallery Rifle and Pistol. Next July is the 150 years of the Imperial, the GR side has been asked if we as a group would like to do anything for this. I know this will only get to a few people who shoot GR, but the journal, web site and Facebook […]

To all that take the time to visit this site and read this post thank you, at the meeting held with shooters at the ATSC a number of points was made by me ( see the post if you have not read it ) it was agreed that as a lot of people did not […]

Meeting Notes The meeting was conducted by Ted George at 18:40hrs with approximately 60 GR&P shooters in attendance. The meeting was started by thanking Neil Francis for his hard work and dedication over the last 6 years as Gallery Rifle and Pistol Rep. His service to the sport and the shooters has benefitted us all […]

Open Meeting; Gallery Rifle Shooters – ATSC Club House Saturday August 26th 6.30pm All Gallery Rifle shooters welcome Neil Francis is retiring as Gallery Rifle Representative to the NRA at the end of this month, I for my sins, not running quick enough or stupidity have been “elected” it seems, to take over. Neil has […]

100/200/300 Sporting Rifle Statics Shortly after we went to press with the Phoenix Handbook it was noticed an event we had inaugurated last season has been mistakenly absorbed into some other event numbers courses of fire. The 100/200/300 yards Sporting Rifle Statics competition –  5685 – is incorrectly listed in the printed edition of the 2015 […]

Area Reps for GR&P

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Area Representatives for Gallery Rifle and Pistol Following the reforming of the Gallery Rifle and Pistol sub committee, a number of issues were put forward and highlighted as problems. The main one was communication for shooters away from Bisley, and how we can provide better information and services for all. Although there is a web […]

The Gallery Rifle Sub Committee Following my appointment as the NRA Gallery Rifle Discipline Rep for a second period (2014 – 2017) I’m looking to put together a fresh discipline sub-committee. The sub-committee will be informal in its makeup but I am keen to formulate a dynamic which can move things along and keep the pushing legitimate boundaries of the GR […]