Notification of Rule Change for 2022

Please note there will be a rule change implemented for the 2022 season which will impact the following events for rifle shooters.

  • The 1500 match
  • The 1020 match
  • The T&P2 match

The rule change is a slight enhancement of the “Changing Positions” rule which outlines that firearms must be unloaded when moving between positions. Traditionally, and up until now, this has not included any move from standing to kneeling after the initial instruction to load has taken place. This is the rule change. The initial move from standing must now take place with an empty chamber and only when the competitor is in the kneeling position can they make ready. It will impact the following competition practices:

  • 1500 practice 2
  • 1500 practice 3
  • 1500 practice 5 stage 2 and practice 5 stage 3
  • 1020 practice 2
  • 1020 practice 4
  • T&P2 practice 2
  • T&P2 practice 3

Range officers may wish to adapt their initial commands to highlight this procedural change to competitors for the above practices. The traditional command “Load and Make Ready” for the these particular competition practices will no longer be valid.

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