General Range Etiquette Enhancements for 2022

There will be some documented enhancements (or perhaps reminders) to range etiquette in the 2022 handbook which will relate to what competitors should be aware of within the constraints of any competition event timings whilst they are shooting ‘on the line’.

For any competition or event there is usually a set time for competitors to complete the stage or course of fire. Within that time window all that should happen is the course of fire should be completed. Depending on the detail it is recognized that some competitors will complete some courses of fire quicker than others. This is more pertinent if the line is split between the various gun types and, of course, how long the stage timing is.

Any shooters completing a stage or practice quicker than the allocated time or finding themselves part of a split line where different gun types being shot need to be aware that they should not do anything other than wait until the whole line has finished shooting, the range officers have cleared the whole line and the range has been declared clear before doing anything else. Only at this point can they engage in activities regarded as ‘tidying up’. This would include picking magazines or cases up, locating score cards or anything else which would potentially distract a fellow competitor on the line.

Range Officers should remind competitors of this before the stage or detail and should refrain from interacting with any competitors to clear them down ‘early’ before the whole line has competed the course of fire.

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