The 2023 GR&P Handbook

Published March 2023. This handbook supersedes previous editions. Changes from the 2022 edition are marked up appropriately.  They are listed within and are summarised below

GR&P 2023 cover

A3.2.8f     Update to the LBR clearance procedure
A3.5.1      Added reference to artificial supports
B6.1.1      Update to the term Benched
B6.9         Update to the rules of Benched shooting
B14.1.4-5 Update to Open Meeting requirements

Event Condition Changes

  • 25m Precision Benchrest Change to Targetry
  • 50m Precision Benchrest Change to Targetry
  • Timed & Precision 1 Update to Classifications
  • Timed & Precision 2 Update to Classifications
  • Multi-Target Update to Classifications
  • Phoenix A Update to Classifications
  • Multi-Target 3 Update to Practice 1 Ready Position and Reloading Procedures
  • 1500 Update to Classifications
  • 1020 Update to Ties, Procedural Penalties and Classifications
  • Bianchi Change to Practical Match Practice 4 distance and timings
  • WA48 Update to Tie rules
  • Advancing Target Update to Classifications
  • Sporting Rifle Statics Update to maximum rifle weight
  • 400/ 500/ 600 Yards Change to Targetry
  • Mini McQueen Update to Sights, Position, Rests, Practice and Tie Shoots
  • McQueen Update to Position, Rests and Tie Shoots

C3.2.5     Update to Team scorecard policy
C3.4.3     Update to team scorecard procedure

  • Advancing Target Unlimited Updates to Targetry, Scoring & Ties
  • America Match Unlimited Update to Practice 1 timings
  • Free Gallery Rifle Unlimited Sighting shots included
  • Police Unlimited Update to Targetry and Grand Master score
  • Scott Unlimited Update to Ties
  • Service Unlimited Update to Targetry and Grand Master score
  • Silhouettes Unlimited Update to Ties
  • Gallery Rifle Smallbore Match Update to Scoring procedure
  • Silhouette Cup Update to Scoring procedure
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