NRA GR&P Representative – Ash Dagger

By way of introduction to all you Gallery Rifle shooters out there….. I’m now the proud holder of the title “NRA Gallery Rifle & Pistol Rep” on the NRA Council. My aim is simple; to continue to promote and develop our sport, and represent you all in the Gallery Rifle discipline.

As some of you will know, I’ve been active in GR since it’s inception, and proudly shot with and Captained the GB GR teams. However, whilst remaining a competitor, I’m not as competitive as I’d now like to be and I’m happy to put my energies into a slightly different direction, supporting the wider GR community.

I’m going to be ably supported by a small but dedicated team in the GR Sub-Committee to focus on various aspects of GR including developing Juniors, and training more RO’s. I’ll be at Bisley for most GRAW weekends and other shoots. Feel free to hunt me down on Melville or Butt Zero, if you want to discuss any aspect of GR. In fact, as a starter for 10, please come and shoot the matches !

Remember – GR is our sport; we are the active element of the NRA, so please support our efforts to ensure GR remains safe, enjoyable and as popular as it can be, in a changing world.

Thank you.


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