Imperial GR&P Meeting 2024

For a few years now at the GR&P Imperial meeting entries have been scarce in some competitions (especially the Trophy Matches) to the point where some were significantly undersubscribed and some actually empty. However, the ‘Unlimited’ matches continue to attract  shooters throughout the weekend.  There were also calls for more recognition of the Gallery Rifle Classic events, which from an Imperial perspective reflects the heritage of the meeting.

Taking those observations into account, the new structure will see the Unlimiteds shot for the whole meeting and the trophies for each respective event will be awarded to the highest placed GRCF Classic score (medals will continue to be awarded across the whole range of gun types). So, instead of a poorly attended Head-to-Head Trophy match, all scores from the Unlimiteds will determine the medal and trophy winners, along with ‘Highest Possible Score’ (HPS) awards.  As the name suggests, you can still enter and shoot an unlimited  number of times to achieve that ultimate score!

The aggregates will remain, slightly amended,  (no longer requiring nomination) to provide the variety of challenges across a number of events and the Team matches will of course continue (noting that the nominated Team scores will not count for HPS and Unlimited medals). The ‘grand agg’ for GRCF, GRCF Classic and GRSB remain at the traditional 7 events. Its 5 for LBR/LBP and 3 for MLR.  The slight amendment to the aggregates mentioned above is pre-nomination for shooting aggregate cards has been removed. We’ve also removed the malfunction allowance; it was difficult to police,  it doesn’t appear across the wider GR&P annual programme and, of course, if the concept of pre-nominated grand agg cards is no longer with us its not actually required.

2024 GR&P Handbook

We’ve also updated a couple of the courses of fire to both reflect the event conditions and names, aligned to the rest of the GR&P annual programme and in some cases increased the round count to ensure consistency. As an example, Advancing Target will change to 6 shots on a single target per pass, rather than 3 on each of two targets – which now aligns with all the other GR&P meetings.  So – make sure you clean those firearms ! As always, the changes will be reflected in the latest GR&P handbook.

Please take the time to read it.


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