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Spring Action Weekend 2013 – Results Results and prize lists for the Spring Action Meeting now published on the 2013 results page. Full results Prize List Mini McQueens Scores database also updated.

Shooting in April The Spring Action Weekend is fast approaching and being shot over the weekend of the 23-24 March essentially kicks off the Gallery Rifle season. However its closely followed by three shoots throughout April which all offer classified GR&P opportunities and should not be overlooked. These, as well as a steels match, are […]

Summary of Rule and Event Conditions Changes for 2013 Rule changes are all in the GR&P book indicated with the margin bars. There are no major changes and some rules have been clarified more than anything. Summary of the changes are listed here. Foot fault lines Foot fault lines and their use have been clarified. […]

Historics Events at Bisley in 2013 Promo Poster – Please print and distribute locally [IHAM ] | [Trafalgar]

The Spring Action Weekend Enter Online Now The online entry for the Spring Action Weekend is now available via the link on the front page of the NRA website Don’t forget to bring your competency certification card as you will be required to produce this before you can shoot. In addition, if you are shooting […]

The Army Target Shooting Club Open Meeting This is a weekend offering ISSF air pistol, black powder and gallery rifle shooting over the weekend of the 13th and 14th April. Its a small meeting but could benefit with a few more shooters from the GR community coming along and having a go. Prices are reasonable and the gallery rifle […]

The Smallbore Long Range Trial Shoot (National Shooting Centre (NSC), Bisley) Here is something  a bit off the beaten track to have a think about.  A trial of a Long Range .22rf event to be held at at the end of April at Bisley. Pertinent details below however full match conditions can be found over at the NRA website as well […]

The Basildon Open

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The Basildon Open

Multi-gun Match

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Start of Season Multi-gun Match Just a reminder that the annual Multi Gun Match takes place on 16th and 17th February. For those of you who missed last year’s inaugural event this comp gives you a chance to shoot CSR, GR&P and Target Shotgun in a 4 part competition being shot over the whole weekend. […]

Promo Posters for 2013 Please print and distribute locally Events at Bisley Events Regionally

Bianchi Barricade Firing Area A fair bit of discussion of the Bianchi Barricade Firing area and its absolute boundaries which was posted back in November.  Bearing these comments in mind, associated with some off-line discussion, the decision has been made to essentially keep the ruling as is but ensure it is more consistently defined. As […]

Multi-Gun Match

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Multi-Gun Match (National Shooting Centre (NSC), Bisley) (National Shooting Centre (NSC), Bisley) Over the weekend of the 16th and 17th February this Match will incorporate stages for Civilian Service Rifle Target Shotgun Long Barrelled Pistol and Gallery Rifle. Held on Butt Zero, Century and Short Siberia’s central turning target range. Match Conditions and Courses of […]

GRAW Team Events


GRAW Team Events A few years ago Team events were introduced into the GRAW matches. The objective was to encourage clubs to come along and enter some of the events with that 4th person who maybe would not have entertained coming along by themselves but would come to make a club team up. After a fairly slow start the matches started to get […]

Imperial Gallery Rifle & Pistol The 2013 Imperial Gallery Rifle and Pistol section of the Bisley Bible is now in final draft The section is available in PDF Format. There have been some fairly minor changes this year: Muzzle Loading Pistol America Match has been dropped Muzzle Loading Pistol Grand Aggregate reduced to 5 events Universities Team Grand Aggregate […]

Swingball Steels


_o|o_ SWINGBALL STEELS ACTION A proposal for a competition for two people, shooting against each other. Got no mates? Don’t worry – we’ll pair you up with another shooter – you may even meet someone you like better than yourself!! Proposed cost £8.00 per pair Comp time:   Circa 20 minutes. Targets: Eight five inch […]