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2023 Season Rankings The full set of 2023 GR&P ranking tables are now published.  Running across a full season the full season meeting count is 17. To have a chance of topping any of the tables you’ll need a “top 4” bullet count – that is you’ll have to have submitted 4 scores in the […]

Mattersey 2023 Results posted Results from the 2023 Mattersey Open are published Mattersey 2023 Results

ATSC Final Results The ATSC 2023 Open Results, including results of the England v Wales head to head are posted ATSC 2023 GR&P Results ATSC ISSF and Club ML Results ATSC Repeating Pistol Results  

2023 Classification Breakpoint Changes Classification breakpoints are reviewed annually and it has been decided to amend the class boundaries across most of the events in an attempt to spread shooters more fairly across the divisions offered. The majority of changes are just tweaks to the class boundaries – some raised – some lowered. However two […]

Record Scores achieved in 2022 A number of new record scores were achieved throughout the 2022 season. As and when results come in from the season’s competitions, or as notified, the scores are recognized and recorded on-line  in the following locations: Phoenix record scores British record scores Phoenix records are pertinent only to the Phoenix […]

Final GR&P Rankings for 2022 Following the final results of the season from the AAW the 2022 ranking tables have now been fixed until next season. 2022 Ranking Tables Competition rankings are more or less back to a calendar based full season.

The 2022 Derby Open The very popular 2022 Derby Open took place over the weekend of 25-26 June at Derby RPC. Results are posted. A Home Countries England-Scotland-Wales National match also took place. Provisional sores for the match are included in the final results. England were proud recipients of the Brownells trophy for the rifle […]

25th Phoenix – Results Phoenix 2022 results are published; Rankings, classifications, record scores etc updated. Any problems – please report back   Results Classifications Ranking Tables Phoenix Records National Records

The Gallery Rifle and Pistol Classification System [As published in the Winter 2021 NRA Journal] Anyone who has ever shot a Gallery Rifle & Pistol (GR&P) match in the UK will probably appreciate the fact that events are shot in classes or divisions. Not all events are classified – some do not have the competitive […]

Final GR&P Rankings for 2021 Following the final results of the season the 2021 ranking tables are now fixed until next season. 2020-2021 Ranking Tables Competition rankings are usually calculated on a rolling meeting by meeting basis with the end of the annual season naturally coinciding with the calendar year. The COVID pandemic has interrupted […]

GR&P Nationals Results – 2021 The GR&P National Championship Results 2021 Results | Prizelists

Phoenix Records 2021 A number of new Phoenix Records were set in 2021. Congratulations to all. Any missed please let me know. Comp No. Event Name Score X Count 121 25m Precision LBP Jonny Cormie 291 10 501 America Match GRSB Derek Morris 292 11 521 America Match LBP Steve Lane 279 5 1021 T&P3 […]

Trafalgar Results and Archives The 2020 Trafalgar results are now finalized and published. The historic Trafalgar scores database has also been updated. This only goes back to 2010 but this year’s results now mean there are 10  years of archive scores for the interested to peruse – over 11,200 entries. Although the Trafalgar is a […]

GR Rankings

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GR&P Rankings The current Gallery Rifle Ranking tables stand as produced immediately after the Chelmsford Spring meeting. The next national competition is the GR Nationals – 5-6 September. The rankings traditionally show a full rolling season and this currently stands at 19 potential meetings to attend. With he loss of the majority of the 2020 […]

2020 Standards

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2020 Standards Standards for various events shot at the Phoenix meeting have been reviewed for the 2020 season. There are various changes across the board.  These will be published in the 2020 GR&P/Phoenix booklet and are also referenced at the link below. 2020 GR&P/Phoenix Standards