2023 Season Rankings

RankingsThe full set of 2023 GR&P ranking tables are now published.  Running across a full season the full season meeting count is 17. To have a chance of topping any of the tables you’ll need a “top 4” bullet count – that is you’ll have to have submitted 4 scores in the season to have a realistic chance of seeing how you have performed throughout the year. These scores are simply summed. A raw average column is also supplied for people who submitted less than 4 scores to give a comparison of how you may be competing.

The methodology for running the tables throughout the season was set out about ten years ago. There was no particular grand plan or scientific analysis – the advocates of the idea simply implemented what they thought would be an interesting and ongoing record of scores people could refer to throughout the season. The concept of the ‘best 4’ was a combination of the 4 Bisley GRAWS, which are still the highest attended shoots of the year, and a judgement call on how many meetings people were actually attending throughout the season.

The main algorithm favours a simple addition of the best 4 scores recorded over the season. Scores are crunched after each meeting so mid season tables show on an annual rolling basis. Its appreciated not all meetings offer all events so some competitions will not make the count of four. The raw average column offers an alternative relative view of performance. but, of course, interpret with appropriate caution.

Even for shooters who only participate in the odd meeting throughout the year the tables offer a fairly quick to access and compact view of achieved scores at all the recognised meetings.

We are looking for feedback on how scores data is processed and presented for GR&P discipline. Feel free to offer this via the usual channels.


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