Spring Action Weekend

Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 March

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The SAW is more or less running to its standard format with additions and differences as detailed below. The usual discount incentives apply for multi-event entries. However new for 2015 is a hefty 40% off for Under 25s.

The Bianchi

Ever wanted to have a go at the Bianchi but not had the time or been bewildered by the technicalities or course of fire? Now is your chance. The three most demanding elements of the Bianchi are available on a single stage basis with 1:1 coaching by the best shooters of the discipline. Simply enter as usual via the entry form and you will be squadded for a half hour detail. Available to anyone – give it a go – you’ll learn a lot.

Historics and Classics

New to the SAW will be events specifically for Historics and Classics. To encourage classic and historic shooters to become more involved we have included a historic element to the weekend, with popular events available on the Sunday on Cheylesmore and Short Siberia. In addition the usual gallery rifle events that can be shot with historic arms.

A separate entry form if you want to shoot the classics.

Download Historics & Classics entry form here

Notes and Conditions for Rifle Events

Notes and Conditons for GR&P events

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