The 2018 Derby Open Meeting

The Derby Open will take place from mid day Friday 22nd June to Sunday 24th June

The good news is there is no price increase and we will again be providing a free lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Entry forms are now available along with some promo flyers for anyone to distribute as they see fit.

Entry Form | 1500 for a Fiver | Derby Open Poster

The match will take the usual format but please note:

  • In T&P1 and Multi-Target there is a separate class for LBPs and LBRs with iron sights.
  • For GR Classic the ‘spirit of the Original must endure’. Be careful of those adjustable butt plates, cheek pieces and firesights!
  • There are four events for GR Open for the increasing number of you with these rifles. (You are not permitted to use a GR Standard or GR Classic rifle to compete in this event). Read the rules!

The Programme starts at mid-day on Friday until 4.00pm when A range will be given over to hosting the Home Countries International Match sponsored by Brownells.

Talking of sponsors, we have TEN this year ensuring a great prize table, see below.

Squaddding should be circulated about 10 days before the event so don’t panic if you don’t hear back straight away, Smithy Squadding will make every effort to accommodate your preferences but no guarantees.

All at Derby RPC look forward to receiving your entry form.


The Derby Open is sponsored by:

RWS Ammunition
The National Rifle Association
Wentworth Sporting Supplies
The Countryman Of Derby
PRAESIDIA Rifle Accessories
Shooting Supplies Ltd
Rude Fat Dog

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