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SLG Bisley and JSPC Autumn Results Results and Photos from the SLG and JSPC Autumn meetings are now posted. Congratulations to all the shooters and especially to Norman Veitch who pushed the British record for Phoenix A Open Class to 197. 29 at Galashiels SLG Results | SLG Photos  || JSPC Result | JSPC Photos

[Results for stage one are now published] The 2016 Scottish Gallery Rifle and Pistol Championship will be held over two venue dates.  Commencing on the 17 to 19th June at the JSPC Colmsliehill range where a series of short events will be held and concluding with 1500 events at Drums Links the home of Aberdeen […]

Provisional Results – Derby Open 2016 Provisional Results from the 2016 Derby Open are now available. If there any challenges to these scores please get them lodged by the end of Sunday 3rd July please. [Derby 2016 Results]

The Aberdeen Wapinschaw [Results for the 136th Wapinschaw are now published] The Wapinschaw Association is committed to preserving the traditional of the Wapinschaw and ensuring the survival of the Aberdeen Wapinschaw. Please find linked details of the forthcoming Wapinschaw competition which is following the same format as last year and contains competitions for 5 of the […]

The Post Phoenix Rankings are now out, any problems let me know. Next Rankings posted after Derby. [[2016 – Rankings]]

IGRF International – Bisley 2016 Three teams competed in the annual IGRF International at Bisley this year. The GB team managed to top both centrefire and smallbore matches this time. Well done to them and to the German and Irish travelling teams who made the 2016 Phoenix meeting what it was. Some photos of the […]

The 2016 Phoenix Results A very successful and exciting Phoenix Meeting for this year was enjoyed by 523 competitors at Bisley over the warm and sunny weekend of 27-29 May 2016. A total of 3339 cards were shot, the second highest number of event entries to date. Provisional results and prizelists below – Deadline for challenges: […]

The pre Phoenix Rankings are now available and include all matches to date. See you at Phoenix   2016_Ranking

Basildon 2016

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Been to Basildon? Provisional results are posted.  Any challenges or errors to be notified by Friday 29th April after which they will be committed to the permanence of the historical record.

Results from the 2016 ATSC Open Results from the ATSC open are now published. Classifications updated.

Results from SAW 2016 Results from the 2016 Spring Action Meeting are published. Results | Prizelists Challenges by Tuesday 29th March please.

The Final Rankings The final ranking tables for 2015 are now out. Congratulations to all those winner. 4225 cards where shot over the season.   T&P1 S/B   Norman Veitch T&P1 C/F  Taff Wilcox (3x separated top 5 !) T&P1 LBP  Mike Chinery T&P1 LBR  Phil Cowling MT S/B  Greg Rastall MT C/F  Gary Bowden […]

Trafalgar and AAW Results The Historic Trafalgar meeting and the Autumn Action Weekend both happened at Bisley Ranges in October. The Trafalgar ran over the weekend of the 17th and 18th October and the AAW over the weekend of the 26th and 27th October. As always, the meetings relied heavily on many Range Officers and volunteers to […]

Man v Man at the AAW Roll up! Roll up for the Man v Man!  Step right this way… ! Below  are the results of the Man v Man at the AAW. This was held as an an informal event but the results have been recorded in the AAW results set for future reference. Some tweaks […]

The County of Lancaster LSR (GRSB) Open [Results now Available] The County of Lancaster Small Bore Target Shooting Association is please to announce a National Gallery Rifle Registered event to be held at Burnley Rifle Club on Sunday 11th October 2015. Competitions will consist of 25m and 5om Precision matches, a Multi-Target match and a […]