Introductory Gallery Rifle Training Day

Training-2016Saturday 12th March, Bisley Camp

Cost £70 – which includes range fees, targets, scorebook, individual coaching and lunch

The Introduction to Gallery Rifle (GR) Course will provide the fundamental skills for taking part in GR events and competitions, and will include individual coaching, positional shooting techniques, range procedures, match preparation, mental and physical attitudes, aiming, breathing, trigger control and much more.

The day is open for all shooters who have perhaps completed a NRA approved probationary course or have become a full member of a club and have been shooting for a while and wish to embark on the next stage of competitive GR&P shooting.

Your own Gallery rifles, pistols and equipment is ideally required although some equipment will be available for hire or loan if required. LBRs and LBPs are not available to loan or hire so those wanting to train in these disciplines must have their own equipment.

Further details and a booking form available on the NRA website.

Outline of the day

08.00   Meet at the NRA for tea/coffee etc and a look at program for the day. GR Classes; types of firearms, the competitive circuit, clubs, kit and equipment. Review of the basic techniques of marksmanship and shooting, aiming, stance, breathing, trigger release.

09.00   Move to range for practical work.

12.30   Lunch at ATSC

13.30  Further range practice

16.00  Return to NRA training rooms for a look at and a review of the day, where to go from here, next steps, feedback and, generally, anything else.

17:00 Finish

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