2015 League Rankings Prizelists

Twelve prizes were on offer for top shooters this year through the sponsorship of Wentworth Sporting Supplies, Neil Jones Shooting and Rude Fat Dog.

The final Ranking Tables can be found elsewhere on the site. The idea is to keep season long ranking tables showing how people are performing in the popular events of T&P1, Multi-Target and 1500. If you shoot any of these events through the year you will automatically be added to the tables. To get into the competitive section you need to have submitted at least 4 scores though. If you are shooting more than 4 registered comps a year you will be into the competitive section and will be fighting it out with others to prove your consistency and skill through the year.

To spread the honours about evenly they were limited to one prize per shooter. Where the same person has topped more than one table I’ve adjusted the prize offerings accordingly .

Many Thanks to our Stats Guru Neil Roberts who has crunched these tables through the year and got them onto the website in very prompt fashion.

Prizes awarded

The Wentworth Sporting T&P1 Rankings

  • T&P1 Small Bore – Terry Fry
  • T&P1 Centre Fire – Keith Cox
  • T&P1 LPB – Clive Ferguson
  • T&P1 LBR – Phil Cowling

The Neil Jones Shooting Multi Target Rankings

  • Multi-Target Small Bore – Jim Smith
  • Multi-Target Centre Fire – Peter Watts
  • Multi-Target LPB – Robert J Tonner
  • Multi-Target LBR – Doug Green

The Rude Fat Dog 1500 Rankings

  • 1500 Small Bore – Chris West
  • 1500 Centre Fire – Taff Wilcox
  • 1500 LPB – Mike Chinery
  • 1500 LBR – Norman Brown
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