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Close of Season Meeting with the NRA

The HAC As we have the Autumn Action Weekend (AAW)  meeting closing early this year the opportunity has been taken to have an end of season meeting with representatives from the NRA to review the season and discuss any possible changes to the format of the Gallery Rifle Action Meetings (GRAWs) we have at Bisley every year.

As many will know the NRA hosts four GRAW meetings a year at Bisley which offers the full range of Gallery Rifle events and some offering a fair bit more. The Calendar details the weekends and the dates have been nominally cemented into the calendar as advertised elsewhere on the site for a fair few years now.

The 2013 AAW will formally finish at 12:30 on Sunday 26th October. A meeting has been arranged between the NRA and representatives of the GR community to start at 13:15 over in The HAC.

I am looking for comments and feedback from everybody so we can represent as many viewpoints as possible at the meeting. We can’t invite everybody in person to the meeting but via channels such as these we can solicit views and opinions from as many people as possible.

Get your feedback over regarding how the GRAW meetings are being run at Bisley. Should everything continue as it is? Are there too many meetings, too few? Too many competitions, too few? Same old stuff year in year out or still increasingly interesting as the years progress? Enough shooting challenges or has everyone cracked it? Too expensive, about right or too cheap?

OK – the last question is a bit loaded but the idea of coming to a shoot at Bisley is its an all in one package – you turn up, you shoot, you move on to the next thing. The friendly ROs and admin people do everything else for you. Is the package about right or is it completely adrift with what we all want?

Feedback or comments via the usual mechanisms please. Here, email, or the usual social media channels.


Results from the  JSPC Open – September 2013

Results and photos from the September outing of the Joint Services Pistol Club Open meeting held over the weekend of the 21/22 September can be found over on their website

JSPC Open - September 2013

SLG 2013

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SLG 2013

SLG BisleyAn excellent shoot down at Bisley for the last  glorious weekend in September of 2013

Get the full story here

With the results here

AND  enjoy the day in proxy HERE

The 2013 AAW

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Gallery Rifle and Pistol Autumn Action Weekend

The NSC, Bisley 26th and 27th October 2013

Range Officers still required  please sign up here

aaw-fogThe online entry for the Autumn Action Weekend is now available via the NRA website.

 Download the traditional paper copies from here

As the turnout at the National Championships this year was down on last year, it has been decided that shooting will cease at lunchtime on Sunday.

Range Officers and volunteers are, as usual, required to help run the shoot.  Please let us know as soon as you can if you are able to help out. As well as NRA qualified RCOs we also are very happy to have any other helpers, regardless of experience, to lend a hand. If you have not worked on a range crew before you will learn a lot and contribute to the success of the meeting.

There will be a day or two prior to the meeting for ROs to shoot their events. Food and accommodation will be provided as well – in line with the number of days you can give us.

If you would like to volunteer please complete the online form as it as it makes the process of collecting all the data much easier.

Eye protection is mandatory at the meeting. Shatterproof glasses must be worn which provide adequate protection at the sides as well as the front. If they do not, you must use additional side protection in the form of slip on shields or similar. Slip on side shields will be available at reception with profits going to a charity for visually impaired shooters.

Don’t forget to bring your Firearm Certificate and your competency certification card as you will be required to produce one or both before you can shoot

Hope to see you there.

Police Sport UK

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Results from this meeting now available

Police Sport UK
The Police Sport UK Open Rifle and Pistol Championships are being held at Bisley between the 10th and 12th of September 2013 at the National Shooting Centre – Bisley.

Whilst this is essentially the Police Championships it will take place concurrently with the open meeting. All events are open to everybody and winners of all competitions will be awarded prizes in all events.

Entry forms and full details of the competition are available from the Police Sport UK Shooting Website. For further information and details please contact the event organizer – Martin Armstrong-Prior.

Entry Form – PDF | Entry Form – MS Word

The SLG Bisley 1500 and Shorts

SLG BisleyThe next meeting at Bisley is the SLG Open match offering events in 1500, T&P1 and Multi-Target  (for all gun types), T&P2 (for rifles) and T&P3 (for pistols).

Just a one day event but ABC line (and other) accommodation should be easily available on the camp at this time of year. After the event all competitors (and ROs no doubt) are invited over to the SPOTT for a BBQ and a few drinks hosted by the SLG  crew and the main BBQ man himself.

Entry forms available in the usual place. Entries limited though and just a couple of weeks left to enter. Contact Shazza for more details and to lobby for optimum squadding opportunities on the day.

Please note this is a change from some may have seen from the the originally advertised date of the 21st September. If you are after a fully classified shoot on the 21st the JSPC are running an excellent event a bit further North

The 2013 Mattersey Bianchi Open (and Shorts)

MatterseySo – you wait for a classified Gallery Rifle shoot and three come all at once – well almost…..

Its apparently grim up North and I guess it depends on whether the 1500 or Bianchi is your preference in proving skill at arms. If its the latter Mattersey are holding their early Autumn Bianchi Open on Sunday 29th September 2013. Officially the competition takes place just on Sunday but shooting on Saturday can be arranged if required.

Camping also available Saturday evening if you are travelling from afar and are not making the trip south, or staying for the BBQ. Let the guys know if you intend to camp or wish to shoot on Saturday as soon as you can. For more information and an entry form contact the organisers soon if you decide to travel.


The 2013 Trafalgar Meeting

historics-2013-140The Trafalgar Meeting of the one thousanth and thirteenth year of the common day calendar will take place on the 19th and 20th October.

Gallery Rifle shooters should not overlook or ignore this meeting as it contains a fair amount of challenges which are definitely worth a go. Spirit of the original is the ethos of the meeting. In essence GR shooter; dump your scope and take up the challenge of the classic iron sights your Winchester, Marlin or Rossi (and much more) offers you in the raw.

Plenty of ‘Gallery Rifle’ style competitions are available at the Trafalgar from pure precision events (25m 50m and 100m), snap shooting with the Bobber, Duelling, Surrenden and the ever popular advancing target all being on offer.

The Scores database from 2010 onwards is available for perusal.

Entry forms are available in traditional format. Get them here:

[Trafalgar Meeting Entry Forms]

Please get your entry form in as early as possible and we will make every effort to make sure you get to shoot all the events you want to. There are a few changes this year with a couple of new events to enter.


The event conditions and courses of fire are also available for download. We have been asked to draw your attention to the sections about slings and gloves in the documentation as there has been some discussion about their use recently. If any of this is not clear please get in touch.


As always, no meeting runs without the selfless dedication of the volunteer range officers. If you are able to help out, even for just half day, please  spend a couple of minutes filling in the form. This helps greatly in the organisation of the volunteers but if you do not have access to a computer, please complete the section on the entry form. You don’t have to be experienced as there will always be someone to show you the ropes.

Trafalgar Dinner

The dinner will be held on Saturday night at the Army Target Shooting Club as usual. When you return the tear-off slip to book tickets, please make sure you also send payment in full.

The JSPC Open

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The Joint Services Pistol Club Open

JSPCThe JSPC are holding an Open Competition over the weekend of the 21st and 22nd September. There will be an RO shoot on the Friday when they will be preparing the range, so if anyone is having problems making it on the Saturday or Sunday, please contact them and they may be able to fit you in. (A little work will be expected of anyone attending!)

On offer are shorts events:

International Gallery Rifle Shooting



Over the last few years quite a few of the UK Gallery Rifle community have partaken in overseas shooting competitions and events. Popular destinations include Germany and Ireland where the IGRF takes the opportunity to host officially endorsed and recognised  international events.

Its not all about the official international team shooting though. Individual and local club team events are all available and the social side of the event, the travel and the shooting are all part of the experience.

Over on the IGRF Website we have posted some statistics on how people have performed over the years. As well as all the official team results its just a list of how everyone has shot over the years. The individual lists show centrefire and smallbore highest achieved scores. The team lists show how the various teams have performed over the years.

From the stats obsessed group amongst us – enjoy the lists 🙂

The latest rankings are now available following the Nationals, some events are close to put it mildly with only a few x’s deciding it.

(Note – the latest ranking tables are always linked from the (GR Rankings) link on the top menu)

Nationals and HCNM

Wales GR Team Results, photos and more photos from the Nationals and Home Countries National match are now available in the usual places.

Congratulations to Wales for winning the HCNM. 24 points separating the whole match with the GRSB side of things proving to be where its at.

Wales 1643.100 1649.121  3292.221
England 1631.81  1647.122  3278.203
Scotland  1622.84  1646.114  3268.198


NRA Autumn Open Day

The NRA Open day is taking place on Saturday 7th September. Volunteers are required to help run Gallery Rifle disciplines on Melville Ranges running throughout the day.

If you think you have the day or even half the day spare please get in touch.


The GalleryRifle Home Countries Match

Saturday 24th August, Melville Ranges, 16:00.

Welsh Gallery Rifle Team

Congratulations to the Welsh Gallery Rifle Team for winning the 2013 HCNM Welsh Gallery Rifle Team







The GalleryRifle Home Countries Match.

A head to head match between the nations of Wales, Scotland and England shooting Timed and Precision One Centrefire, Timed and Precision One Smallbore, Multi-Target Centrefire and  Multi-Target Smallbore. Teams of five will shoot the competitions  to represent their countries and to count towards an overall aggregate. The tournament to take place on Melville Ranges, Bisley on the 24th August 2013.

Teams have been declared and will comprise of the following shooters:

Centrefire Shooters
Scotland Wales England
Graeme Dodds Gerry Betteridge Morné Van Dalen
Glen Gordan Mark Jones Alan Podevin
Leslie Kong Bob Worthington Chris Thompson
Chris McLean Taff Wilcox Pete Cotton
Grag Rastall John Avetoomyan Chris West
Smallbore Shooters
Scotland Wales England
Charles Bestwick Taff Wilcox Sophie Norton
Jonathon Cormie Gwyn Roberts Martin Hannam
John Crouch John Avetoomyan Jim Smith
Scott Lyon Andy Summers Ian Cox
Robert Tonner Dale Rogers John Shine
Greg Rastall Taff Willcox Neil Francis

The 2013 Welsh Open Gallery Rifle Championships

taffwOnce again Taff ‘one shot‘ Wilcox and Dave ‘the engine‘ Meaby, along with a bit of assistance from Taff’s little helpers (you know who you are),  pull off a cracking Welsh Open Championship match which, for the second year in succession, is held on the outskirts of the county town of Pembrokeshire and Wales’ finest shooting ground – Haverfordwest Target Shooting Club.davem

For some its along drive. However its well worth it for a very relaxing weekend of the expected Gallery Rifle competitions, sunny daytime weather, ambient atmosphere and unpolluted night time skys.

Enjoy the photos and the slideshow and the results are over in the usual place