Galleryrifle Shooting in the UK

The Venerable Intra-European Haggis Match

2nd November 2013


Leatherhead R.C.

Thank you to all who attended this year – shooters, helpers, visitors and performers, various. This was the third Haggis Match since its inception with its origin in a generous challenge laid down by David Steed and the Leatherhead Rifle Club to the new Sporting rifle contingent of the NRA Shooting Club.


‘Vires in Varietate’


This year we managed a cultural first for the Haggis, teams from Leatherhead (Le LRC), Scotland (Les Scots), France (Les Tireurs CSR de Paris) and finally Les poor old Nots (from wherever we could find them).

We experimented with self-scoring for shooters, using scoresheets akin to the format and layout of the NRA open competitions and rejoiced in the familiar cartoonic targetry penned by Catherine Steed in 2011.


The Nots’ S.C.A

Our new friends from France enjoyed a demonstration kindly given by Steve Denton and Martin Hale of firing lever action and semi-auto rifles plus long-barrelled revolver in the style and protocols of the Phoenix series of competitions, which we hope they might participate in next year. Thank you, Steve and Martin.


‘Primum Amicitia’

After shooting we repaired to the Old Sergeant’s Mess where our kind hosts Jo and Dan Archer (who had put up the French team captain and his wife in their new and prestigious accommodation) provided a bar service. My wife Susan made a rare appearance at a shooting event, kindly cooking Haggis, neaps and tatties for our supper.

Pipe Major Graham Waller led Mr Kynoch a merry dance around the OSM banqueting hall, which he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying. And his rendition of The Can-can for pipes is more or less unique !

Neil MacFarlane addressed the Haggis in his inimitable theatrical style – swashbuckling a long knife before plunging it into the steaming, defenseless animal after uttering a fiery traditional incantation attributed to Robert Burns.

Team Results

1st: Le Leatherhead Rifle Club 574
Richard Collins; Steve Reed

2nd: Les Tireurs CSR de Paris 563
Bruno Bethineau; Isabelle Berthineau; Yannik Joubel; Olivier Larrue

3rd: Les Scots 552
John Kynoch; Morgan Morton; Paul Douglas; Kevin Annis

4th: Les Nots 364
John Ware; Jeremy Jones; Simon Rowe

Individual Results

Bruno Berthineau 164
John Ware 164
John Kynoch 154
Steve Reed 150
Olivier Larrue 144
Morgan Morton 143
Richard Collins 137
Paul Douglas 135
Yannick Joubel 129
Isabelle Berthineau 126
Kevin Annis 120
Jeremy Jones 80
Simon Rowe 40

By gracious consent of Richard Collins and joint highest scorer Mr Ware, the venerable Haggis trophy is journeying back to France next week for a year in Paris (I wish I was joining her).

We hope you enjoyed the match and I have to confirm that, after much deliberation, the French-speaking rabbit prize was won by Jo and Dan’s dogs at the O.S.M. for NOT barking.

Next year’s Haggis Match will be on Saturday 1st November – unless Mark Bradley’s CSR competitions are scheduled for a different date than Sunday 2nd.

Simon Rowe
November 2013

Season Finale


The 2013 Gallery Rifle Season Finale

Some images from the Season Finale at Bisley. Back to back competition weekends offer the  Trafalgar and AAW before the Winter closes in. Enjoy.

Trafalgar Meeting 2013 – Results

cb-traf-at-2013After a short delay the 2013 Trafalgar Meeting Results are now available over on the results page.

The historic scores database has also been updated.

Home Office Guide on Firearms Licensing Law

FAC GuidanceThe Home Office has produced a new edition of its Guide to Firearms Licensing Law, October 2013. The new edition now runs to 254 pages so its not a light read.

Interesting to note that in chapter 1 we now have the question:
1.2:  What is the government doing to prevent 3D printed guns being used?

Hysterical nonsense will always prevail when it comes to firearms it seems.

AAW Results

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AAW Results

AAWAnother season over (almost). The AAW results now available with prizelists over on the results page.

England Gallery Rifle Captain

After three seasons as England Gallery Rifle Captain Neil Francis has decided to step down at the end of the 2013 season. This, of course, means England is in need of a new Captain.

The good news is four people were nominated to the English XX Committee for endorsement and recommendation to Council for captain in the 2014 season. Of the four nominations two have accepted and England GR shooters now have the unenviable task of choosing between these two candidates in order to decide who they wish to have as their team captain for next season.

Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper

The two candidates are  Sophie Norton and Peter Cooper.  The decision making is an internal England team and English XX club affair and all members will have received full details from the candidates.

Pete started shooting in 1997 and started coming to Bisley in 2003. He has visited every year since and concentrated on Gallery Rifle. He competes all over the UK and in Europe and represented England in 2013. He is regularly seen these days as CRO on Melville for the GRAW meetings on the 1500 range at Melville bays D and E.

Sophie Norton

Sophie Norton

Sophie has been shooting since the mid 2000s and also regularly travels the UK and Europe to compete. She has shot for England and regularly shoots for her local club at the GRAW meetings. She can regularly be found on the Butt Zero complex officiating the Bianchi matches at most of our Bisley meetings.


Good luck to them both – I’m sure the England Gallery Rifle Team will be going from strength to strength with either in the hot seat.

September 2013 Rankings

The latest rankings are now available and include all scores to Mattersey & SLG.  Only one more grader left this year – The AAW. 1500 LBR & LBP are now included. The JSP scores are not listed as yet as we need the scores in a format that we can enter into the software. This means that we need the results in a format that give the <Competitor Grid No> / <Match No> / <Score> / <X count>. Without this it would mean manually looking up grid numbers and typing in every score.  Any errors in the ranking, just let me know.  Neil Robo


Mattersey Bianchi 2012 Results

MatterseyThe results now in for this one.

Two new British records were set at the meeting.

Mike Chinery cleaned the T&P1 LBP match and pushed the X count up to 22 with an impressive 300.22.

Clive Ferguson took us a step closer to the day when somebody cleans the Multi-Target LBP match with a score of 119.12

Well done to these guys. The scores are on the website and the records scores database updated accordingly.

GRAW Attendance  Statistics

I recently received some attendance figures from from our Stats guru showing the number of people attending and events shot relating to the four Bisley Gallery Rifle Action Weekends we hold.

The graphs are below and show the number of competitors and the number of events shot. Data is based on returned scorecards. As can be seen, since an almost universal peak in 2010 the most pronounced curves, (the red ones)  have at best flat-lined.

You don’t have to be a stats guru yourself to interpret what is being shown below – what we’ve had for a while now is a similar number of people shooting more events – this is what the ratios are showing.

Attendance and Entries at the GRAWs

 See all the data here


Close of Season Meeting with the NRA

The HAC As we have the Autumn Action Weekend (AAW)  meeting closing early this year the opportunity has been taken to have an end of season meeting with representatives from the NRA to review the season and discuss any possible changes to the format of the Gallery Rifle Action Meetings (GRAWs) we have at Bisley every year.

As many will know the NRA hosts four GRAW meetings a year at Bisley which offers the full range of Gallery Rifle events and some offering a fair bit more. The Calendar details the weekends and the dates have been nominally cemented into the calendar as advertised elsewhere on the site for a fair few years now.

The 2013 AAW will formally finish at 12:30 on Sunday 26th October. A meeting has been arranged between the NRA and representatives of the GR community to start at 13:15 over in The HAC.

I am looking for comments and feedback from everybody so we can represent as many viewpoints as possible at the meeting. We can’t invite everybody in person to the meeting but via channels such as these we can solicit views and opinions from as many people as possible.

Get your feedback over regarding how the GRAW meetings are being run at Bisley. Should everything continue as it is? Are there too many meetings, too few? Too many competitions, too few? Same old stuff year in year out or still increasingly interesting as the years progress? Enough shooting challenges or has everyone cracked it? Too expensive, about right or too cheap?

OK – the last question is a bit loaded but the idea of coming to a shoot at Bisley is its an all in one package – you turn up, you shoot, you move on to the next thing. The friendly ROs and admin people do everything else for you. Is the package about right or is it completely adrift with what we all want?

Feedback or comments via the usual mechanisms please. Here, email, or the usual social media channels.


Results from the  JSPC Open – September 2013

Results and photos from the September outing of the Joint Services Pistol Club Open meeting held over the weekend of the 21/22 September can be found over on their website

JSPC Open - September 2013

SLG 2013

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SLG 2013

SLG BisleyAn excellent shoot down at Bisley for the last  glorious weekend in September of 2013

Get the full story here

With the results here

AND  enjoy the day in proxy HERE

The 2013 AAW

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Gallery Rifle and Pistol Autumn Action Weekend

The NSC, Bisley 26th and 27th October 2013

Range Officers still required  please sign up here

aaw-fogThe online entry for the Autumn Action Weekend is now available via the NRA website.

 Download the traditional paper copies from here

As the turnout at the National Championships this year was down on last year, it has been decided that shooting will cease at lunchtime on Sunday.

Range Officers and volunteers are, as usual, required to help run the shoot.  Please let us know as soon as you can if you are able to help out. As well as NRA qualified RCOs we also are very happy to have any other helpers, regardless of experience, to lend a hand. If you have not worked on a range crew before you will learn a lot and contribute to the success of the meeting.

There will be a day or two prior to the meeting for ROs to shoot their events. Food and accommodation will be provided as well – in line with the number of days you can give us.

If you would like to volunteer please complete the online form as it as it makes the process of collecting all the data much easier.

Eye protection is mandatory at the meeting. Shatterproof glasses must be worn which provide adequate protection at the sides as well as the front. If they do not, you must use additional side protection in the form of slip on shields or similar. Slip on side shields will be available at reception with profits going to a charity for visually impaired shooters.

Don’t forget to bring your Firearm Certificate and your competency certification card as you will be required to produce one or both before you can shoot

Hope to see you there.

Police Sport UK

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Results from this meeting now available

Police Sport UK
The Police Sport UK Open Rifle and Pistol Championships are being held at Bisley between the 10th and 12th of September 2013 at the National Shooting Centre – Bisley.

Whilst this is essentially the Police Championships it will take place concurrently with the open meeting. All events are open to everybody and winners of all competitions will be awarded prizes in all events.

Entry forms and full details of the competition are available from the Police Sport UK Shooting Website. For further information and details please contact the event organizer – Martin Armstrong-Prior.

Entry Form – PDF | Entry Form – MS Word

The SLG Bisley 1500 and Shorts

SLG BisleyThe next meeting at Bisley is the SLG Open match offering events in 1500, T&P1 and Multi-Target  (for all gun types), T&P2 (for rifles) and T&P3 (for pistols).

Just a one day event but ABC line (and other) accommodation should be easily available on the camp at this time of year. After the event all competitors (and ROs no doubt) are invited over to the SPOTT for a BBQ and a few drinks hosted by the SLG  crew and the main BBQ man himself.

Entry forms available in the usual place. Entries limited though and just a couple of weeks left to enter. Contact Shazza for more details and to lobby for optimum squadding opportunities on the day.

Please note this is a change from some may have seen from the the originally advertised date of the 21st September. If you are after a fully classified shoot on the 21st the JSPC are running an excellent event a bit further North