Galleryrifle Shooting in the UK

SAW 2014 – Call for Range Officers

SAW PromoGallery Rifle and Pistol Spring Action Weekend
National Shooting Centre, Bisley  22/23 March 2014

As usual the meeting will need Range Officers – and this is the  usual call for help. Please fill in the online RO form as soon as you can if you are able to help out.  Please use the form it as it makes the process of collecting and collating all the data much easier.

Volunteer to help at the Spring Action Meeting

As well as NRA qualified RCOs we also are very happy to have any other helpers, regardless of experience, to lend a hand.  If you have not worked on a range crew before you will learn a lot and contribute to the success of the meeting.

There will be a day prior to the meeting for ROs to shoot events – Friday 21 March.  Melville has been fully booked and all events have been scheduled to run on the RO day, with tighter control of timings.  Shooting will start at 08.30 and will run through to 16:00.

As usual food and accommodation will be provided in line with the number of days or RO-ing  you can give us over the course of the meeting.

SAW 2014

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SAW 2014

SAW PromoThe Spring Action Weekend for 2014. The classified season opener.

Print off the flyer and distribute around your local clubs.  Encourage new shooters to come along and take advantage of the offers available .

Entry forms and further details available soon.

Pete Cooper

The 2014 GB Gallery Rifle Captain

Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper

I’m honored to have been selected to represent the GB Gallery Rifle Team as their Captain. Taff Wilcox has done a great job over the last couple of seasons and it is with his advice and friendship I take this challenge from him.

As Captain I plan to promote positive thinking and team work amongst the selected team members. Unity and comradeship are imperative to strength and success. Honesty and openness through communication is key and I am keen to make sure all information available to me will be cascaded to the rest of the team.

We are desperately in need of raising funds, any help or ideas on how to achieve this will be graciously accepted.

I have a passion for Gallery Rifle shooting born from my first visit to Bisley which was the Phoenix meeting 2003. I have an eagerness to share this passion by promoting the discipline as much as possible, not only nationally but worldwide. So if any clubs or individuals would like more information please feel free to get in touch I’ll be happy to help.

Squad selection based on shooting ability, consistency and commitment will be taking place shortly. Any competitor and NRA member that regularly competes in SB or CF 1500 wanting to be considered, please let me or Neil Francis know. Team members will be required to travel to Ireland and Germany, possibly South Africa and other distant shores as the number of competing nations grows. This is a fabulous opportunity to represent GB in our wonderful sport.

Pete Cooper

Gallery Rifle Open Comps for 2014

Open Comps 2014


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Gallery Rifle Classifications are described elsewhere on this website and are designed to allow shooters of comparative skill, experience and ability to compete against each other in a fair and equal way.

The current classification counts from the GRID are below. These are up to date – as of the end of the 2013 season. The current rules state once a shooter hits a class promoting score they get promoted and stay there.   Whilst this is probably not going to be changed what will probably be looked at is the class dividing boundaries.

Over recent years as the standard of shooting has improved and that has to be applauded but the ethos of what we are trying to achieve with the classifications has fallen behind this curve.  The good news (maybe for some struggling and despondent X class shooters) is it has been recognized the boundaries need tweaking. The not so good news is it won’t be happening for the 2014 season – 2015 at the earliest.

Comments, as always, welcome.

tp1 classifications





Multi Target

Phoenix A

Phoenix A

Advancing Target

Advancing Target





Shield Shooting Centre – Competition Dates 2014

Shield Shooting Center are in the middle of upgrading their website. In the meantime competition dates for Shield are as below. Downloadable as a PDF

Don’t forget the 2013 Christmas 3-Gun on December 28th

Please bring a prize to the value of £5 +
We look forward to seeing you then.

2014 Competition Dates

March 8th – 9th Shield Hardy Action Shotgun Match.

April 13th Practical Action match.

.22 Rifles / Long Barrel Pistols / Long Barrel Revolvers / Lever Action Rifles.
Each scored in their own division.

May 11th Shield Steel Challenge Match.

.22 Rifles / Long Barrel Pistols / Long Barrel Revolvers / Lever Action Rifles
Each scored in their own division.

June 7th – 8th Shield Summer Action Shotgun Match.

June 29 th Shield Action Shooting Match.

.22Rifles /Long Barrel Pistols / Long Barrel Revolvers / Lever Action Rifles.
Each scored in their own division

July 20th Shield Solid Slug Challenge Match.

Please note Solid Slug ammunition must be on your license to compete in the Shotgun division.
The Competition may also be shot with Lever Action Rifles

September 6th – 7th Charity Multi gun Match.

October 19th Shield Steel Challenge.

.22 Rifles / Long Barrel Pistols / Long Barrel Revolvers / Lever Action Rifles
Each scored in their own division.

November 16th Shield Action Shotgun Match.

December 28th Shield Christmas 3-Gun Fun Shoot

Please bring a prize to the value of £5 +

2014 Booklets


GR&P Rulebook and Phoenix Handbook 2014

The 2014 Handbook and Phoenix book are now available for comment and updates.

Please add comments for any areas of concern, any updates or amendments required or any general moans and groans. These will be mopped up early January when the text for the books are updated.

The Great Britain Gallery Rifle Captain

GB Captain Nominations now closed

The Great Britain Gallery Rifle team will be travelling to the Leitmar Ranges  in Germany in mid November to take part in the last segment of the IGRF Gallery Rifle International match series for 2013.

Taff Wilcox

Taff Wilcox – GB Capt – 2012-2013

And this closes the last chapter for the current captain Taff Wilcox who has led the GB Gallery Rifle Team team on tours of Germany in 2012 (and 2013), South Africa in 2012 and under the leadership of respective vice captains Jim Smith and Dave Holt,  Ireland in 2012 and 2013.

Nominations are now being sought for the Great Britain Gallery Rifle Captain for the 2014 season and beyond.  The team will compete in IGRF international competitions in Ireland and Germany in the 2014 season as well as a high chance of another tour to South Africa in the Autumn

Nominations should be sent to Georgina Thatcher who will forward to the NRA Secretary General and has to be received by 12 December 2013.

Nominees must be full Members of the NRA for a minimum continuous period of 3 years (12 months in the case of under 25 members)  before they become eligible for nomination and must remain so during the entire period of appointment.

Nominations must be supported by signatures of three (3) NRA Members.

Nominations will be reviewed by NRA Council and a list of approved candidates determined from the nominations at their next meeting on the 13th December 2013. The NRA will then advise the Discipline Representative of the Council’s approved candidate(s).

Spring Action Weekend 2014

SAW 2013The Spring Action weekend (SAW) is traditionally held over the weekend of the clocks going forward into British Summer Time and this is normally the last full weekend in March. Due to Easter falling early in 2013 we moved the meeting back a week and it was actually held over the 23/24 which was the penultimate weekend in March.

The natural decision for 2014 is to move it back to its traditional slot however this means the whole meeting will fall into the NRA’s high season and the cost of hiring range time significantly increases. If this wasn’t too much of an issue in the past it certainly is now and we have to make a decision on which weekend to use for this meeting. At 2013 prices cost savings are fairly noticeable – especially on the outer ranges:

Melville/Butt Xero  – £120 rather than £144 for  a bay at weekend rates.
Siberia/Sticks == £49 rather than £94 per point per day.

If we run to a similar formula as this year we are looking at a 30-40% saving on range hire overall. Prices for markers and other costs will largely remain the same.

Unless anyone objects strongly and we can justify holding the meeting in the high season I’m going to propose the 2014 SAW is held over the 22/23 March in 2014.

Close of Season Meeting

A close of season meeting was held after the Autumn Action Weekend to discuss how we wanted to move forward into the 2014 season with Gallery Rifle shooting at Bisley. The notes of the meeting can be found here:

GRAW attendance has flattened off over the last few years and as a community we need to have a think about the future of the Bisley GRAW meetings, how we run them, what we offer, why we think people attend, why we think people don’t attend etc. We can’t continue to run meetings nobody attends. We can’t continue to run events few people shoot.

Over the next week or two I’ll be calling for some volunteers to sit working parties to look at the following areas:

  • Formulate an overall costing model for 2014 GRAW meetings. This to include the ROs we need, how they are remunerated, what ranges we need and how we run events on them.
  • Arrange and help run at least one GR training day
  • Review and produce the 2014 GR&P rulebook and Phoenix Booklet
  • Arrange and produce some marketing, publicity and PR material to promote the discipline.
  • Look at communications.
  • Above all – get more people shooting competitively in GR.

The last one is the biggest challenge (in my opinion).

Contact me if you wish to volunteer to look at any of this.  The GRAW meetings at Bisley are for us to run as we wish however they are not a carte blanche blank slate to do anything we wish  without regard for the basics – such as covering costs.

RankingsThe final rankings are now available. Apologies for the delay, issues with duplicate grid numbers from results caused the problems. It is vital that everyone uses their correct grid number 🙂 .

Some of the events where close, very close T&P1 CF in particular where the top 5 where only separated by a few x’s. A certain John Robo seems to have done rather well.

Is everyone happy with the format of best 4 to count from any graded match ? Is there anything we should change ?  Any queries with the tables and I’m sure you will let me know 🙂 . Neil Robo

Final GR_2013_Ranking Tables

The Venerable Intra-European Haggis Match

2nd November 2013


Leatherhead R.C.

Thank you to all who attended this year – shooters, helpers, visitors and performers, various. This was the third Haggis Match since its inception with its origin in a generous challenge laid down by David Steed and the Leatherhead Rifle Club to the new Sporting rifle contingent of the NRA Shooting Club.


‘Vires in Varietate’


This year we managed a cultural first for the Haggis, teams from Leatherhead (Le LRC), Scotland (Les Scots), France (Les Tireurs CSR de Paris) and finally Les poor old Nots (from wherever we could find them).

We experimented with self-scoring for shooters, using scoresheets akin to the format and layout of the NRA open competitions and rejoiced in the familiar cartoonic targetry penned by Catherine Steed in 2011.


The Nots’ S.C.A

Our new friends from France enjoyed a demonstration kindly given by Steve Denton and Martin Hale of firing lever action and semi-auto rifles plus long-barrelled revolver in the style and protocols of the Phoenix series of competitions, which we hope they might participate in next year. Thank you, Steve and Martin.


‘Primum Amicitia’

After shooting we repaired to the Old Sergeant’s Mess where our kind hosts Jo and Dan Archer (who had put up the French team captain and his wife in their new and prestigious accommodation) provided a bar service. My wife Susan made a rare appearance at a shooting event, kindly cooking Haggis, neaps and tatties for our supper.

Pipe Major Graham Waller led Mr Kynoch a merry dance around the OSM banqueting hall, which he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying. And his rendition of The Can-can for pipes is more or less unique !

Neil MacFarlane addressed the Haggis in his inimitable theatrical style – swashbuckling a long knife before plunging it into the steaming, defenseless animal after uttering a fiery traditional incantation attributed to Robert Burns.

Team Results

1st: Le Leatherhead Rifle Club 574
Richard Collins; Steve Reed

2nd: Les Tireurs CSR de Paris 563
Bruno Bethineau; Isabelle Berthineau; Yannik Joubel; Olivier Larrue

3rd: Les Scots 552
John Kynoch; Morgan Morton; Paul Douglas; Kevin Annis

4th: Les Nots 364
John Ware; Jeremy Jones; Simon Rowe

Individual Results

Bruno Berthineau 164
John Ware 164
John Kynoch 154
Steve Reed 150
Olivier Larrue 144
Morgan Morton 143
Richard Collins 137
Paul Douglas 135
Yannick Joubel 129
Isabelle Berthineau 126
Kevin Annis 120
Jeremy Jones 80
Simon Rowe 40

By gracious consent of Richard Collins and joint highest scorer Mr Ware, the venerable Haggis trophy is journeying back to France next week for a year in Paris (I wish I was joining her).

We hope you enjoyed the match and I have to confirm that, after much deliberation, the French-speaking rabbit prize was won by Jo and Dan’s dogs at the O.S.M. for NOT barking.

Next year’s Haggis Match will be on Saturday 1st November – unless Mark Bradley’s CSR competitions are scheduled for a different date than Sunday 2nd.

Simon Rowe
November 2013

Season Finale


The 2013 Gallery Rifle Season Finale

Some images from the Season Finale at Bisley. Back to back competition weekends offer the  Trafalgar and AAW before the Winter closes in. Enjoy.

Trafalgar Meeting 2013 – Results

cb-traf-at-2013After a short delay the 2013 Trafalgar Meeting Results are now available over on the results page.

The historic scores database has also been updated.

Home Office Guide on Firearms Licensing Law

FAC GuidanceThe Home Office has produced a new edition of its Guide to Firearms Licensing Law, October 2013. The new edition now runs to 254 pages so its not a light read.

Interesting to note that in chapter 1 we now have the question:
1.2:  What is the government doing to prevent 3D printed guns being used?

Hysterical nonsense will always prevail when it comes to firearms it seems.