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Home Countries Pistol & Revolver Matches

hcnm-pistol-trophiesHome Countries Teams from England, Scotland and Wales will be competing at the Gallery Rifle National Championships for a couple of new pistol and revolver trophies. These trophies have been conceived, sourced and  produced by current and previous team captains to promote competitive pistol and revolver shooting.

Range and time constraints mean the 2015 competition will be a concurrent affair. Aggregates of the popular T&P1 and Multi Target matches will be fought out over the course of the weekend and the trophies will be presented to the winning captain(s) at  main prizegiving on Sunday afternoon.

JSPC Autumn Open 2015

JSPCNews from North of the border is the JSPC Open over the weekend of 19-20 September is going to be a sellout. Entry forms are available to download or complete electronically and emailed to

The number of competitions has been increased this year to accommodate OPEN CLASS firearms, but please note that only one Open Class medal will only be presented (for first place).

Friday 18th is reserved for range crew and staff, but if there are any competitors who have problems in making the Saturday or Sunday, we will try to accommodate them on the Friday.

The JSPC Guys


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The HBSA Historics Meeting

DSC_0256 This is the meeting’s second incarnation running on the historic Winans range at Bisley over the weekend of 15/16 August.

Thanks go to Allan Kirk for organising, co-ordinating and running the meeting as well as to Linda and Mike Welsh, plus Neil Roberts for preparing the scores

Results are available as well as some photos of the day.

The 2015 Imperial Meeting

It seems along time since the Imperial but as Summer comes to its final gleaming some images below of the Imperial GR&P Meeting held on Melville ranges this year

Bianchi at the Nationals

Bianchi Shooting

All four stages of the Bianchi match at the Nationals will take place on Butt Zero on Stickledown.  Access to a 50m facility has not been possible for this meeting and following on from the from the change of format at the Phoenix it has decided this will be repeated for the Nationals.


The four stages will be

  • The Barricades Match
  • The Mover
  • The Plates Match
  • The Unsupported Standard Match (The USM)

Just to remind you

The Unsupported Standard Match course of fire is 48 rounds (same as the practical match) and consists of four stages of 12 shots onto 3 D1 targets at distances of 10m, 15m, 20m and 25m. Each stage consists of both weak hand/shoulder shooting with timings identical to the barricade match.

Targets are places standard target width apart. All other match conditions are as defined in the GR&P rule book. Some comments as to what weak hand freestyle means. It means operated (trigger pulled by weak hand trigger finger) and held by the weak hand but can be supported by the strong hand.

Stage 1 – 10 metres

  • 6 seconds 2 shots on each target, strong hand
  • 6 seconds 2 shots on each target, weak hand freestyle/weak shoulder

Stage 2 – 15 metres

  • 7 seconds 2 shots on each target, strong hand
  • 7 seconds 2 shots on each target, weak hand freestyle/weak shoulder

Stage 3 – 20 metres

  • 8 seconds 2 shots on each target, strong hand
  • 8 seconds 2 shots on each target, weak hand freestyle/weak shoulder

Stage 4 – 25 metres

  • 9 seconds 2 shots on each target, strong hand
  • 9 seconds 2 shots on each target, weak hand freestyle/weak shoulder

RankingsThe Latest Ranking Tables are now available and include all matches up to and including the Welsh Open. Next Ranking Match is the nationals on 29/30 August. Any problems drop me an email.


Results of the PPC World Championships 2015

World PPC 1500

Results from the PPC World Championships held at Hacksjöbanan near Stolkholm in Sweden are now published on the event website.

The competition played out to about 280 world class pistol shooters from 13 countries. One and a half thousand starts in all classes from these competitors equated to about 137,000 rounds safely downrange.

Numerous events and competitions were held over the long weekend and (at last count) at least 23 competitive pistol shooters from mainland GB made the trip.

As with many competitive shooting events all competitors are graded into classes, so although pistol shooting in the UK is not the easiest of sports to partake in, touring British shooters could compete on a reasonably balanced platform.

The Tournament’s Finale –  the International Team Matches. Held for pistol and revolver, 11 countries competed with Great Britain, Ireland and Northern Ireland all posting scores

Individual Match Results

Team Match Results

International Match

The Welsh Open Gallery Rifle Championships

Welsh Flag Face largeThe 2015 championships took  place over the 8-9 August at the Haverfordwest Shooting Ground.

Individual Results now Available


On Friday the 7th August Haverfordwest Shooting Ground  an official Wales v England Head to Head match was held. Teams from the nations competed in the usual T&P1 and Multi-Target matches as a preliminary to the overall Championships. England secured a narrow 2 point victory over Wales on the day.

Results available soon


England Flag


The PPC 1500 World Championships 2015

World PPC 1500Over the long weekend of the 13th to the 16th August at a shooting range in Hacksjöbanan, near Stockholm, Sweden the World PPC 1500 championships are being held.

Competed for every two years and mostly alternating between Northern and Southern hemisphere locations (the 2013 championships were held in Australia) this is an open pistol competition which attracts the world’s finest 1500 (the event) shooters.

The 1500 is a popular and challenging course of fire which is popular anyway on the GB GR circuit but one which was recently and enthusiastically advocated for revival by Ted George the current GB Tour Captain for the Sweden trip. “We are aware its difficult for many”, remarks Ted, “we can’t practice, train or even handle pistols in this country unless we restrict ourselves to the Long Barreled variants but this shouldn’t dent our enthusiasm for reviving the purer form of the discipline.”1500 PPC

With more or less 20 years passing since the last time we competed on home soil in this discipline its encouraging to see how many British pistol shooters are traveling to Sweden this week to compete. Thanks to the NRA who are fully endorsing a ‘Goodwill’ team and the English XX club who are backing an England Pistol team we will be competing and recording scores for both.

Keep an eye on the official web site for the meeting. For those interested in keeping more of a real time view of the range there are a few webcams streaming from the venue – find them here.

Some Reminders

RemindersThe NRA Imperial Meeting is now over for 2015. The next couple of months provide a number of opportunities for shooters and collectors who prefer a more historic type of shooting.

Some events here over the next few months for collectors, historic shooting enthusiasts, muzzle loading rifle and pistol shooters.

PDF of the events here – please print and distribute around your clubs.


The latest Ranking tables are now out and include all matches up to the Scottish Gallery Rifle & Pistol Championships. Next ranking matches are the second stage of the Scottish GR&P Championships on 2nd Aug (the 1500s) followed by the Nationals on 29/30 August at Bisley. Any queries please drop me an email


Bianchi Open & NRA Pistol League (Round 3)

Entry Forms to download

Saturday 8th August.

A Bianchi Allcomers Match

Three stages of Bianchi on the usual Butt Zero Range at Bisley.

  • This event will be shot Saturday morning only.
  • One entry for score will be permitted, unlimited practice once all competitors have been shot.
  • Matches will be Barricades, Mover and Plates.

Sunday 9th August.

NRA Pistol League Round 3

This will take place on Sunday on and around Butt Zero and on Short Siberia.

Derby Open 2015 – Final Results

Final results and photos

from the 2015 Derby Open.

Imperial Gallery Rifle

Imperial 2015Anybody not making the crossing to Ireland to take part in the NASRPC Irish International Open 2015 next weekend please bear in mind we have the Imperial Gallery Rifle and Pistol meeting starting on Wednesday 8th July and running through to Sunday 12th July.

Five days of relaxed Gallery Rifle shooting with Unlimited entries available and Trophy matches running over the weekend.

The meeting offers a complete range of shooting options to suit all tastes and interests. Medal matches are available for unlimited re-entry throughout the meeting, including Scott, America, T&P1, Multi-Target, Advancing Target, Granet and Silhouettes. Trophy matches are available in Scott, Granet, T&P1, Multi-Target, Silhouettes, LSR, The Gallery Rifle Match for GRCF and the Cottrell Cup for Air Pistol.

There is a light hearted Man v Man event to finish off Saturday’s shooting and  there are Grand Aggregates running through the entire meeting for GRSB, GRCF and MLR.

All administration stats and scoring will be carried out at Melville Range. Just turn up, book in and shoot.

See you there

The 2015 Derby Open

Derby RPCProvisional Results

Some words from Jim

The Derby Open 2015 was a record breaker with more than 105 competitors and over 730 events being shot. It was fantastic to see 15 new faces and some completely new to the competition circuit. I wish I’d had some spare time to meet you all.

Again we had Scottish shooters travelling down, some for the first time and we hosted a Home Countries shoulder to shoulder on Friday afternoon, congratulations to the Welsh team for their victory.

Stats did brilliantly on the day and results were ready 40 minutes after the last shot. They can be seen elsewhere on the site.

Please Note: You have seven days to challenge any scores – and I have a bundle of score cards without names or with adding errors.

If you won a prize and were not present it may have been picked by a fellow club member. If not I will be in touch in the next day or so asking you to choose something.

I think you will agree that the prize table was excellent with numerous high value prizes to be chosen. This was mainly due to extraordinary support from the sponsors who supported the meeting. It is worth mentioning them by name as they deserve our thanks and having confidence in the future of our sport. Please support them in return.


DerbyThe Derby Open is a team effort and would not be possible without the 30 or so Range Crew who worked unbelievably hard over the weekend. Special thanks go to Team Smoothy and several other visitors for their help and not to forget the guys in Stats, and most importantly Pam and Mick on the BBQ.

Some photos will be on the club website gallery very soon.