Galleryrifle Shooting in the UK

The County of Lancaster LSR (GRSB) Open

The County of Lancaster Small Bore Target Shooting Association is please to announce a National Gallery Rifle Registered event to be held at Burnley Rifle Club on Sunday 11th October 2015.

Competitions will consist of 25m and 5om Precision matches, a Multi-Target match and a Timed and Precision 1 (T&P1) match. Competitions at this event are for Small Bore / LSR / GRSB / rifles only.

The club range is located in Trafalgar Mill, which is adjacent to the Leeds Liverpool Canal on Trafalgar Street, Burnley, BB11 1TQ.cltsa-2015

Full details and entry forms are now available.

Results coming in thick and fast.. Latest Rankings up to and including JSP.


Any problem just let me know.

Neil Robo

Sweden: 1500 World Championships

WA 1500August 2015

In 1997 the government of the day banned pistols from target shooters in this country, making it difficult if not impossible for many of them to compete in international competition. Eighteen years on with a lot of help from the organiser of this year’s competition 26 Brits made the trip to Stockholm.

It must have been a logistics nightmare squadding them for the matches with a very limited number of pistols available. Thanks to them for all their hard work, the range complex was good and all the RO’s and staff made it a very enjoyable trip.


Prone shooting with Pistol

The NRA gave the tour ‘hands across the water’ status with the intention of reforming an official team and appropriate status in the future. The world 1500 championships are held every 2 years, with the European championships in between.  Twenty six brits made the trip, hoping to make the England or Great Britain  teams for pistol or revolver. Of those traveling only a handful had shot these before the ban in 1997, the rest either trained with LBR’s and LBP’s and brief trips to Germany to train with ‘proper pistols’. For all except five it was their first taste of international competition, an eye opener especially for those who eventually put on the GB or England shirt and represented the respective country.


Andy Wiggins checks clear his pistol

The first couple of days shooting were for people to work the way through their individual matches, the weather was kind, the shooting for most good so there was a lot of happy, smiling people. The Swedes make use of technology, no ‘wailing wall’ just some laptops logged so you can keep up with the scores and via CCTV cameras have a look round and see what is happening from the comfort of the café.

On the Saturday at high noon we trooped out for the international match, a 1500 match 5 for revolver and pistol, the revolver team Neil Jones and Pete Watts and Neil Jones and Morne Van Dalen looking after the pistol side of things.  Each country was allocated a firing point, now was the time for nerves to show! Behind each point was a scoreboard and large grandstand for those not shooting to show their appreciation of the shooters efforts as the match progressed.

Michael Axel, CRO for the match did a good job, updating the scores, keeping the audience interested, and the pressure on the shooters.  Both GB teams did a good job of supporting each other and the newcomers to international shooting, I am sure breathed a sigh of relief it was over and they had not disgraced themselves or country. With a bit more practice the teams should soon be challenging the top three!

Once the international was over it was back to individual competitions or the bar to take refreshment, and talk to the members of the other teams.


Neil Jones and Morné van Dalen compete for GB

After a social evening put on by the hosts for all the shooters to get to know each other over some food and drink, the last days shooting arrived. Some spent time looking at computer screen to see what they needed to achieve for a medal, some getting ammunition and guns ready for the final fling. At three o’clock it was all over ‘the fat lady had sung’ and all that remained was collect a number of beers, find a seat and settle down for the mammoth prize giving and raffle.

By the close most Brits were going home with extra weight in their cases from either medals or prizes won in the raffle. Everyone who made the journey enjoyed the experience and are looking at the European Championships in Czech Republic next July, or the next World Champs in Germany.

Many thanks to the hosts for their hard work making it a well-run and enjoyable shoot for all, and those who travelled there.

Results from the championships can be found here

Ted George

Introduction to Gallery Rifle

Saturday 14th November 2015

NRAThe Introduction to Gallery Rifle (GR) Course will provide the fundamental skills for taking part in Gallery Rifle events and competitions, and will include individual coaching of range procedure, basic marksmanship and positional shooting techniques. The course is open to all NRA members including those who do not currently hold an FAC or possess the appropriate firearm, but have successfully completed the required probationary course. Non NRA members can attend providing they possess the appropriate firearm and pay the additional course fee.

The course will involve both classroom and practical range work with expert coaching from national and international level shooters.

Download the application form here

Trafalgar and AAW

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Trafalgar and AAW

GR&PThe Historic Trafalgar meeting and the Autumn Action Weekend are both happening at Bisley Ranges in October. The Trafalgar will run over the weekend of the 17th and 18th October and the AAW over the weekend of the 26th and 27th October with Friday 25th reserved for RO shooting.

As always, the meetings rely heavily on a range of RO volunteers to be able to run. If you think you would be able to help out in any way please complete the online forms linked below to advise of your availability.

Of course you can also enter the meetings to shoot:

Enter the Trafalgar here

Enter the AAW here


Many Thanks

The 2015 Mattersey Bianchi

[This weekend – still time to enter]

Mattersey 1500

1500 at Mattersey

For the first time in a couple of seasons the Mattersey Bianchi has a clean and clash free weekend for 2015. The main event day is Sunday the 4th October but shooting is possible on Saturday the 3rd by appointment. Just email Malc and let him know so he can make arrangements.

All are welcome for the Bianchi and T&P1 and Multi-Target matches for all gun types. Competitive Bianchi shooters should be aware this is the only classified Bianchi competition of the year offering the four traditional elements of the Bianchi plus a stand alone Los Alamitos match

Enter now – Entry forms are available to download. Join Colourful Bob above for the one and only chance of a Bianchi classified score in 2015.

RankingsThe latest Rankings are now out up to and including SLG. Any problems let me know. Neil Robo



GB Gallery Rifle Captain for 2016

GB FlagThe GB Gallery Rifle team compete on the world circuit and take part in at least three International shoots a year. Team captains are appointed on an annual basis.

Nominations are now being sought for the Great Britain Gallery Rifle Captain for the 2016 season. The team will compete in IGRF international competitions at Bisley (May), Ireland (July) and Germany (November) in 2016.

Nominations should be sent to myself (Neil Francis) who will forward to the NRA Secretary General and has to be received by 1 December 2015. Nomination forms are here:

MS Word (doc) | PDF

Nominees must be full Members of the NRA for a minimum continuous period of 3 years (12 months in the case of under 25 members) before they become eligible for nomination and must remain so during the entire period of appointment.

Nominations must be supported by signatures of three (3) NRA Members.

Nominations will be reviewed by NRA Council and a list of approved candidates determined from the nominations at their next meeting in December 2015. The NRA will then advise the Discipline Representative of the Council’s approved candidate(s).

“Man v Man” at the AAW

man-v-man-1024Taking advantage of appropriate range opportunity and time allocated to the AAW it has been decided to run an afternoon Man v Man competition on the Saturday afternoon of the competition.

An informal affair and in some ways experimental and just a bit of fun to round the season off. However it will be run ‘proper’ and in line with what would be expected with a man v man event of old.

Open to any 22 rifle or 22 pistol. For the time being the different gun types will shoot against each other however if we get enough interest I would aim to separate them so please express any interest and gun type as soon as possible. Price is expected to be circa £4.00

So….. the procedure as below. This to be shot on the wide bay of Butt Zero.

Five targets, the three furthest, width wise, to be engaged first, compulsory reload engage the fourth target (next to the stop plate) then the stop plate.

Best of three runs

The reload before engaging the fourth and then the stop target is compulsory regardless of any other reload.

Start position, gun on side  laid flat on the table slide forward on an empty chamber magazine inserted.  No part of the grip or trigger  may be off of the back of the table.

Hands on either side of gun raising the flags. No part of the person to be touching the gun. The flags must be flat on the table.

All ammo / magazines must be on the person or on the table, any kit dropped onto the floor is no longer available in that run.  A dropped gun whether on to the table or the floor is a disqualification.

The reload must be with a different magazine taken from either the person or the table. Conjoined mags can be used but for the purpose of the compulsory reload will count as the  same mag.

  • Shooting plates in wrong order
  • Shooting opponents plate / plates

There will be no change in sides between runs. Given that there is no order of engagement of the first three plates there is no difference between the sides.

Target are 8″ by 5″  between 10 and 18 metres dstant. Unlimited number of magazines loaded with unlimited amounts of ammo. All targets must fall to count.

All of the targets are remotely reset  so we expect to able to run a full16 shooter J ladder in about one hour.

Targets are “soft” , made of corridex and second hand rubber matting, the round passes straight through and impacts the butts without deviation so should be OK for any range.

The 2015 GR&P Nationals – Results now Final

National ChampionshipsResults from the 2015 GR&P Nationals now available.



The Challenge deadline expired noon on Friday 11th September. All results are now final


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The SLG and JSPC

A couple of shoots at opposite ends of the country next weekend – 19-20 September.

SLG-Bisley-2015For the Southerners – the SLG Open is a one day affair – running Saturday only – offering shorts and 1500 on Melville ranges at Bisley. Its a long day – full use of three full bays plus advancing target trolleys and the usual BBQ at the end of the day over at the Spott. B

Bisley is relatively quiet at this time of year so plenty of accommodation would be available if anyone wanted to make a weekend of it to avoid the early start.


For the Northerners – the JSPC Autumn shoot runs Saturday and Sunday and Friday by appointment and offers the shorts – T&P1, Multi-Target and Phoenix A – all gun types catered for though. Entry forms here.

Both shoots fully classified and all scores will be registered. Shoot well.


Home Countries Pistol & Revolver Matches

hcnm-pistol-trophiesHome Countries Teams from England, Scotland and Wales will be competing at the Gallery Rifle National Championships for a couple of new pistol and revolver trophies. These trophies have been conceived, sourced and  produced by current and previous team captains to promote competitive pistol and revolver shooting.

Range and time constraints mean the 2015 competition will be a concurrent affair. Aggregates of the popular T&P1 and Multi Target matches will be fought out over the course of the weekend and the trophies will be presented to the winning captain(s) at  main prizegiving on Sunday afternoon.

JSPC Autumn Open 2015

JSPCNews from North of the border is the JSPC Open over the weekend of 19-20 September is going to be a sellout. Entry forms are available to download or complete electronically and emailed to

The number of competitions has been increased this year to accommodate OPEN CLASS firearms, but please note that only one Open Class medal will only be presented (for first place).

Friday 18th is reserved for range crew and staff, but if there are any competitors who have problems in making the Saturday or Sunday, we will try to accommodate them on the Friday.

The JSPC Guys


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The HBSA Historics Meeting

DSC_0256 This is the meeting’s second incarnation running on the historic Winans range at Bisley over the weekend of 15/16 August.

Thanks go to Allan Kirk for organising, co-ordinating and running the meeting as well as to Linda and Mike Welsh, plus Neil Roberts for preparing the scores

Results are available as well as some photos of the day.

The 2015 Imperial Meeting

It seems along time since the Imperial but as Summer comes to its final gleaming some images below of the Imperial GR&P Meeting held on Melville ranges this year