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Photos from Derby

Derby RPC Some photos from the 2014 Derby Open courtesy of local photography efforts from Derby and the JSPC.

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The Welsh Open Gallery Rifle  Championships

Welsh flagsThese championships taking place over the 9-10 August at the Haverfordwest Shooting Ground.

Limited entries for the precision and 1500 events and slots are filling up fast. Get your entries in as soon as you can for a guaranteed place.


On Friday the 8th August  Haverfordwest Shooting Ground will be hosting and official Wales v England Head to Head match. Teams will compete in the usual T&P1 and Multi-Target matches as a preliminary to the overall Championships.


England Flag

Gallery Rifle National Championships – Volunteers Required

National ChampionshipsWith this year’s Gallery Rifle National Championships approaching over the weekend of the 23-24 August volunteers are required to help run the event. If you wish to volunteer please complete this form, ideally before the end of July if at all possible. This helps with allocation of ROs per range, accommodation and food which all need to be factored in advance.

If you want to help on the ranges it is not essential that you are qualified as there are many tasks that need to be carried out on range. The meeting runs Sat and Sun, and some ranges are open on Friday to allow volunteers to shoot their events. When arriving early to keep the weekend free of shooting, volunteers will also get breakfast, lunch and accommodation free of charge. More information at each section on the form.

The Gallery Rifle National Championships

Bisley Ranges 23-24 August

Volunteer to Help

Current Range Officer Rota

See who is working where

The Home Countries Nationals.

wales-flagWe ask for one and we get two. The next Home Countries National Match looks very much likely to be a two way affair.

Wales will be hosting England at the Haverfordwest shooting ground over the weekend of the Welsh Open meeting – 9-10 August 2014.

The head to head match itself will take place on Friday 8th August. Five English shooters and Five Welsh shooters will compete in the usual matches of T&P1 and Multi-target across both calibre types.England Gallery Rifle Team

We wish both teams the best of luck, good shooting and a true aim.


Ranking Tables – post Derby

RankingsThe updated ranking tables now available. How’s everyone getting on?


Next classified meeting is the Welsh Open – 9-10 August.

The 2014 Derby Open – Results


Derby 2014 Open

Home Countries National Match at Derby

DERBY RPCTeams from England, Scotland and Wales competed on Friday the 27th June at the excellent range facilities that Derby RPC has to offer for the first three way Home Countries National Match outside of Bisley.

HCNM matches consist of the Timed and Precision One event and the Multi Target event in both Centrefire and Smallbore. Teams of five shooters compete head to head in all four events with the lowest score in each event being dropped. The winners are simply the highest bullet score across all four events.

Overall Results of the competition

1st.   Wales         791.254
2nd.   England       779.233
3rd.   Scotland      735.197

Individual Results

Multi Target – Centre Fire

Wales England Scotland
Taff Wilcox 117.15 Jim Smith 116.15 Norman Veitch 118.16
Jon Avetoomyan 116.14 Neil Francis 114.13 Graeme Dodds 115.12
Terry Fry 116.12 Keith Cox 114.10 Mike Hibbard 114.11
Andy Summers 115.15 John Shine 113.11 Leslie Kong 114.11
Bob Worthington 86.06 Pete Cooper 110.07 Bill Pow 110.11
464.56 457.49 461.50

 Timed & Precision one - Centre Fire

Wales England Scotland
Terry Fry 300.24 Keith Cox 300.23 Leslie Kong 300.18
Andy Summers 300.23 John Shine 300.22 Bill Pow  299.21
Taff Wilcox 300.22 Neil Francis 300.22 Graeme Dodds  299.20
Jon Avetoomyan 299.26 Jim Smith 299.19 Mike Hibbard  299.10
Bob Worthington 279.18 Pete Cooper 298.13 Norman Veitch  299.14
1199.95 1199.86 1197.69

Timed and Precision One - Small Bore

Wales England Scotland
Andy Summers 298.14 Keith Cox 300.15 Graeme Dodds 295.14
Jon Avetoomyan 298.13 John Shine 299.15 Norman Veitch  294.10
Taff Wilcox 296.16 Jim Smith 297.19 Bill Pow  292.12
Terry Fry 296.11 Neil Francis 295.9 Leslie Kong  291.09
Bob Worthington 293.07 Morné Van Dalen 227.09 Mike Hibbard  287.09
1188.54 1192.58 1173.45

Multi Target - Small Bore

Wales England Scotland
Terry Fry 118.18 Morné Van Dalen 114.09 Bill Pow 107.08
Andy Summers 118.14 Keith Cox 113.13 Graeme Dodds  107.07
Jon Avetoomyan 113.07 Jim Smith 113.10 Mike Hibbard 107.06
Taff Wilcox 111.10 Neil Francis 112.07 Norman Veitch 104.12
Bob Worthington 107.05 John Shine 97.02 Leslie Kong 103.05
460.49 452.39 425.33

The Home Countries Challenge Match

Derby RPC;  27th June 2014

The first Home Countries challenge match to be held outside of Bisley since 2009 will take place at Derby RPC on Friday 27th June 2014.

Teams from England, Scotland and Wales will compete in Timed and Precision one and Multi-Target matches in both Centrefire and Smallbore aggregates. Good luck to all the teams.

scotland-flagThe Scotland Gallery Rifle Team:



Centrefire and Smallbore

  • Graeme Dodds ( Capt)
  • Mike Hibberd
  • Norman Vietch
  • Bill Pow
  • Leslie Kong

England FlagThe England Gallery Rifle Teams:



  • Neil Francis
  • Jim Smith (Capt)
  • Keith Cox
  • John Shine
  • Peter Cooper


  • Morne Van Dalen
  • Jim Smith (Capt)
  • Keith Cox
  • John Shine
  • Neil Francis

wales-flagThe Welsh Gallery Rifle Team:



Centrefire and Smallbore

  • Taff Wilcox (Capt)
  • Jon Avetoomyan
  • Andy Summers
  • Bob Worthington
  • Yanto Fry

The Aberdeen Wapinschaw 2014

Wapinschaw 2014

Some of the 2014 Wapinschaw Competitors


A summary prize-list from the Wapinschaw is below with a brief report from the JSPC guys on their website.

An official report and full set of results can be found over on the Aberdeen Full Bore Gun Club website



2014 Wapinshaw – Gallery Rifle events

0101 25m Precision GRSB 987 Charles Bestwick 286 8X
0102 25m Precision GRCF 1609 David Rees 297 21X
0121 25m Precision LBP 2340 Glenn Gordon 285 8X
0122 25m Precision LBR 2337 Greg Rastall 270 4X
0142 25m Precision MLR 2337 Greg Rastall 136 1X
0502 America Match GRCF 1609 David Rees 279 9X
0521 America Match LBP 1765 Leslie Kong 231 1X
0701 Timed & Precision 1 GRSB 1828 John Crouch 300 16X
0702 Timed & Precision 1 GRCF 1828 John Crouch 300 27X
0721 Timed & Precision 1 LBP 2340 Glenn Gordon 294 8X
0722 Timed & Precision 1 LBR 2840 Scott Lyon 296 12X
0742 Timed & Precision 1 MLR 2337 Greg Rastall 167 2X
1101 Multi-Target GRSB 1828 John Crouch 115 14X
1102 Multi-Target GRCF 2337 Greg Rastall 118 18X
1121 Multi-Target LBP 2340 Glenn Gordon 117 17X
1122 Multi-Target LBR 2840 Scott Lyon 102 7X
1301 Phoenix A GRSB 2194 Graeme Dodds 189 15X
1302 Phoenix A GRCF 1828 John Crouch 195 21X
1321 Phoenix A LBP 2340 Glenn Gordon 184 9X

The Derby Real Shooting Festival

[Filling up fast - get your entries in ASAP]

Derby Real ShootingStill time to enter this most excellent Real Shooting Festival. A great weekend’s shooting, fantastic prize table care of the very generous  sponsors, excellent facilities, camping, music and dancing.

Entry Form

RUAG Ammunition | Midway UK | Wentworth Sporting Supplies | The National Shooting Centre | The Countryman of Derby | Rude Fat Dog | Neil Jones Shooting

Post Phoenix Rankings

RankingsThe post Phoenix Wentworth, Neil Jones, and Rude Fat Dog Ranking Tables are now current. Check out the new tables here.

There is not much to separate the top shooters but with 14 registered classified meetings on the competitive circuit there is plenty of opportunity to get a few more scores posted throughout the season.

So far we have had 4227 cards shot in the rankings tables to end of Phoenix 2014 this compares with 2970 cards shot in the rankings tables to end of Phoenix 2013. The numbers look good so far.



Home Countries LBR/LBP Competition.

45taurus-RightUp to now there has been no National competition for LBR or LBP shooters. It appears that the number of LBR and LBP shooters is on the increase as can be seen by the increased numbers of competitors annually at the Nationals at Bisley.

The following is an initial set of proporals which could, with possibly further additions or amendments, be suitable for both LBR and LBP shooters.

It is envisaged that there will be two competitions, individuals may enter both competitions. The organising of the score cards and preparing results could be alternated between countries on a rota basis.


National LBR Competition
National LBP Competition.

Team Format

To comprise of a Captain, either shooting or non shooting. One of the shooters may be X Class, One will be A Class with the third being B Class or unclassified. If the relevant country has no X or A Class members then the team will comprise of three B Class members, if no B Class then unclassified can be nominated.

The Shoot

To run concurrent with the T&P1 shoot held at the Nationals at Bisley. If possible the scores could be taken from T&P1 fired on the Fri/Sat to allow for publishing of scores on Sat night although this is not critical as it can be done after the competition has finished with results published on GR website as is the way the remainder of the results are issued.

Score cards to be issued by the organiser to Team Captains, the nominated names will be inserted by the organiser after discussion with the relevant team Captain’s. Team Captain will transpose scores from individual shooters onto score card, sign and hand back to organiser who will check and tally totals and provide list of winners, both team and possibly individuals.
Entry Qualifications.

Qualification to represent individual countries to be the same as for Rifle shooters laid down by NRA.


Nil at present.

Phoenix 2014 Results

PhoenixAll challenges are now finalized and the ultimate Phoenix 2014 Results are published below.

Phoenix 2014 Results

Phoenix 2014 Prizelists

Scores database has been updated and Rankings are being churned as we speak

The 2014 Aberdeen Wapinschaw

Entry Forms and timetable for the day are now available. 14th and 15th June at Drums Ranges

Entry Forms


Range Schedule