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Steels at the AAW

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Steels at the AAW

Some feedback from the community requested from old Slky Smooth on what you want from the Steels at the AAW in October.

Range hire is based on presumed 100% occupancy. As such the cost base for the shoot will assume that if we weren’t there, other shooters could and would be using every firing point.

The NRA do not want to stop any of the competitions however, in the medium to long term we must look to break even, ideally we should be looking to make a profit.

Some of you may be aware that there will be no Bianchi at the Autumn meet due to lack of shooters at the August shoot. We are not currently under threat but if we do not do something to increase numbers of shooters/challenges shot we may also be at risk. To this end I will be producing a flyer which I hope you can display at your local clubs.

For the Autumn meet we have been moved to the mover bay on butt zero and the barricade bay.

I have been asked to redesign the steels to shoot on these two bays, which is what I am currently doing. The width of both bays and the fact that we will have no one on either of our flanks may

allow for at least one stage being substantially wider. We may also have to double up on one of the stages. I will only really know when I have viewed the space in person.

Also, space permitting I intend to set up the duelling/swingball tree, this will be available in two formats;

Two people shooting against each other. 22 only
As a solo speed shoot (times will be recorded for the solo shoot and may become an event, if popular enough). 22 only

Both run as pay and play.

I am also attempting to bring back the snooker layout. Again pay and play.

A Man V Man could possibly be held during the lunch hour. Remote reset on plates would reduce it to a circa 40 min run time.

22 of your choice.

I need to have an indication of who wants to shoot this as it is limited to 16 people.

Start position and COF to follow.

To try and attract the “practical boys”. Change start position for LBR LBP to holstered, hands on ears. Persons not confident in drawing from holster will continue to start from 45 degrees but 10 second will be added to their overall time. This equates to 1 second per scoring run, this time has been determined by myself and my son trialing the difference between holstered and 45 degrees.

Get back to me with your thoughts please

Steve Smoothy



Now the date for challenges has passed from the Nationals the latest ranking tables are now available. 3,900 qualifying scores have been shot in the past twelve months which is 700 more than the same time last year.  Next qualifying match is the JSPC Open on 20-21 Sept. Any problems let me know. Neil Robo


The 2014 AAW


The 2014 Autumn Action Weekend – 25-26 October

2014 11w

We are fast approaching the Autumn Action Weekend 2014, taking place 25-26 October.

This meeting comprises a range of Gallery Rifle & Pistol, Target Shotgun and Fullbore competitions. This year we are also launching the Mini McQueen for GRSB on Time Limit, at £5 for your first shoot, £3 for reshoots (reshoot cards available on the range).

Shooting Times

The majority of events will be available on Saturday and Sunday, however in order to manage range costs and still offer a wide choice of shoots, some events will run Saturday only.

Saturday & Sunday – GR&P events on Melville and Time Limit.
Saturday – Speed Steels on Butt Zero. Target Shotgun, 200 yd and McQueen on Short Siberia.

The online entry system is now live. The entry form is also downloadable from the website here for those who wish to enter by post.

Range Officers

Volunteer ROs are crucial to the success of the weekend, so we would value your support to run this event. If you are able to offer your time to work, please click here and complete the online form (ideally by Friday 17 October please as this enables us to pre-order accommodation and prepare range allocation). ROs will have access to Melville range for a dedicated shooting day on Friday 24 October.

This is the last major event in the UK GR&P calendar and an excellent prelude to the Target Shotgun Festival on 8 & 9 November, so I look forward to seeing you here at Bisley.

Peter Cottrell
Meeting Director

Trafalgar Shooters….

cb-traf-at-2013Check out the competition and achieved scores for the Trafalgar meeting if you are thinking of entering the meeting. A full database of scores going back to 2010 is available to search for all the events on offer.

Trafalgar Scores Database

The 2014 Trafalgar Meeting

trafalgar imageThe Trafalgar Meeting if approaching – The 18-19 October 2014.  We are looking forward to this exciting annual festival of Classic and Historic Arms.  Steeped in history, this Meeting offers shooters the opportunity to compete and enjoy Classic and Historic Arms through the periods, from Muzzle Loading, Flintlock and Percussion, through Vintage, Classic, Veteran and Post Veteran.

So capture the atmosphere, and if you own firearms that fall into these categories, this Meeting is a must.

Plenty of GR type competitions are available, from pure precision events (25m, 50m and 100m), snap shooting with the Bobber, Duelling, Surrenden and the ever popular advancing target.

For further details please  download the Entry Form, rules and technical details from the NRA website.

For a successful Meeting, we rely heavily on the support and expertise of our volunteer ROs.  We are seeking support through the weekend, so if you are able to offer any time, please complete the online RO form – thank you.

Part of the celebration and tradition of the Meeting is the Trafalgar Dinner on Saturday 18 October from 8.00 pm at the ATSC, Bisley. The cost is £16.50 pp for a three course meal, coffee and mints.  A fine way to spend the evening with comrades following a full day’s shooting. More details and the booking form are available to download here.

Finally, we would like to welcome Peter Ryder, the new Classic and Historic Arms Rep, to the Meeting.  He’s looking forward to competing during the weekend and to meeting you.

Best wishes

Peter Cottrell
Match Director

The SLG Bisley Open – 27 September 2014

SLG BisleyA one day event offering matches in 1500, T&P1, T&P3, Multi-Target and Advancing Target for all gun types. Competition entry fees set at £10 and £6 for the 1500 and shorts respectively which will make this a popular event in the final quarter of the competitive season.

Entry forms available to download here



That time of year again for the second JSPC match of the year.

Please find entry forms over on the JSPC website. Saturday gets filled very quickly so please let us know your preferences as soon as possible.

…at the Nationals

Scotland GR shooters The Gallery Rifle Nationals would not be the same of course without the boys in blue from North of the border coming down to compete and socialise.

Leslie Kong, Scottish Gallery Rifle shooter, offers his take of the shoot this year and reports on how the guys got on. Read more…..

Some photos from the Nationals

Some photos and images from the Gallery Rifle Nationals Championships held over the August Bank Holiday Weekend. New records were set, Home Countries National Championships were played out, new National Champions were crowned.

Gallery Rifle National Championships

Results and Prizelists

National Championships

The Results of the weekend’s competition are now on-line.

The deadline for challenges is the end of play next Tuesday – 2 September 2014

The Annual HCNM Match

At the GR&P National Championships

Nats - mtFor the last half dozen years or so the Gallery Rifle National Championship meeting has hosted the Home Countries National match. This is a head to head affair with teams from England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland having the opportunity to compete in the popular disciplines of T&P1 and Multi-Target matches in both Centrefire and Smallbore.

The nation’s captains have named their teams for the 2014 championship which will take place as usual on Melville Ranges, Bisley on saturday the 23rd August. Prizegiving will be in the English XX club from 18:00 onwards where the bar will be open for drinks and food.


The Teams


SB – Jonny Cormie, John Crouch, Scott Lyon, Robert J Tonner (jnr), Greg Rastall
CF – Charles Bestwick, Graeme Dodds, Glen Gordon, Leslie Kong, Norman Veitch


SB – Jim Smith, Keith Cox, David Hackett, Matthew Peppitt, David Guest
CF – Peter Watts, Chris West, Colin McMichael, Morne Van Dalen, John Shine


SB – Taff Wilcox, Andy Summers, Jon Avetoomyan, Terry Fry, Gwyn Roberts.
CF – Terry Lowman, Dale Rogers, Gerry Betteridge, Ian Price, Bob Worthington

The Imperial GR&P Meeting

Imperial shootersSome photos below from the Imperial meeting held from the 9th to the 13th July on Melville Ranges (and beyond out of hours).

This is a meeting many Gallery Rifle shooters seem to skip over. A great pity as it offers a lot at the height of the Summer. The NRA Summer Journal will be offering a rundown of what the meeting is about.

Be sure to check it out.

The BDMP vs. Jersey Pistol Match

Leitmar Ranges, August 2014

SLG Bisley

The BDMP vs. Jersey Pistol Match 2014 was held in Leitmar, Germany this year. Since SLG Bisley is affiliated to the BDMP a small contingent is allowed to attend and participate in the revolver and pistol extravaganza. Additionally, since a number of our attendees are England Gallery Rifle team members it was decided that the match should become a 3 way true International match : Germany vs. Jersey vs. England.

Read Alan’s full report over on the SLG Bisley web site……………..

Gallery Rifle National Championships

Still time to enter – on-line entry forms here

National ChampionshipsWith this year’s Gallery Rifle National Championships approaching over the weekend of the 23-24 August volunteers are required to help run the event. If you have volunteered to help – many thanks. Please see the Range Allocation schedule for where you are working.

The weekend has a similar format to the usual GRAWS: We are running all the usual GR&P favourites throughout the weekend, along with Speed Steels, Bianchi, Target Shotgun, 200yd and McQueen matches on Saturday only.

You will be able to buy reshoots for the Speed steels and the McQueen on the range for only £4 a go, a good way to hone your skills and earn a medal or two!

The Gallery Rifle National Championshipsrifle-shooter

Bisley Ranges 23-24 August

Enter on-line

Current Range Officer Rota

The Welsh Open Gallery Rifle  Championships

Welsh flagsThese championships took place over the 9-10 August at the Haverfordwest Shooting Ground.

Results are now available over on the 2014 results page.


On Friday the 8th August  Haverfordwest Shooting Ground hosted an official Wales v England Head to Head match. Teams from the nations competed in the usual T&P1 and Multi-Target matches as a preliminary to the overall Championships.


England Flag




The Teams

England: Jim Smith (Capt), Colin McMichael, Neil Francis, David Guest, Keith Cox

Wales: Taff Wilcox (Capt), Andy Summers, Terry Fry, Gerry Betteridge, Dale Rogers

The Results