Galleryrifle Shooting in the UK

Training & Coaching Day

Saturday 13th June, the 49th R&P Club

Training-13th JuneA Gallery Rifle training and coaching day to get to up to speed with competitive shooting, build confidence in on-range processes and procedures and generally hone your shooting skills will be held a the 49th Rifle & Pistol club in Birmingham on Saturday 13th June.

A full day event will cover:

  • Basic Shooting Techniques
  • Trigger control & release, sights, aiming
  • Shooting positions for Gallery Rifle & Pistol
  • Ammunition – is it fit for purpose?
  • Shooting T&P1, Multi-Target, 1500, Precision
  • Mental training & awareness
  • Attitude and approach to competitive shooting

Cost held low to simply cover range hire, targetry and light refreshments on the day.

Cost – £30.00 for the day

Contact Neil ( or Ted ( to book a place or for more information.

Phoenix 2015

phoenix-logoThis multi-discipline meeting is a must for your shooting diary and has its roots in pistol calibre shooting but there are also plenty of competitions for Black Powder & Muzzle Loading, Air and Fullbore Rifle – from 15 yards right up to 1000 yards.

This Meeting has over 75 well attended competitions to enter, giving you enough chances to earn yourself one of the much sought after Grandmaster Medals.

An additional all-day event for 2015 is a practical pistol match which will be held on Sunday on Butt Zero.

Still time to enter

Full details of the event are available via this downloadable PDF.

To enter the Phoenix Meeting


The last Ranking Tables before Phoenix are now out. Same format as previous, your best 4 scores on a rolling 12 months ending up with the Final Table after AAW.


The Derby Open

Derby-OpenEntry Forms for the 2015 Derby Open are now available for download over on the Derby Website and below. Two days of full competition in 1500, Multi-Target T&P1, T&P2 and T&P3 as well as a shotgun match on offer.

By popular demand classic entries also available this year in the T&P1, T&P2 and Multi-Target events to accompany the previous year’s 1500.

As before the club is offering a rock bottom price for anyone wanting to shoot a 1500 for the first time. Enter this for a fiver!

Download the Entry form

The Western Winner

FDPC The 2015 Western Winner – just one day only this year – Saturday 9th May. This is the last Open meeting before the Phoenix, the last chance to get some match practice in before the major Bisley event of the GR&P season.

Last gasp entries still possible. Entry forms here

The Bianchi – what of it?

Bianchi ShootingI’ve spent the most part of the close season attempting to engage with representatives of the GR&P community about the future of the Bianchi event with mixed response. The Bianchi as we know it consists of 4 events –  barricade, mover, plates and practical. There are only a couple of places in the country (I know of) where these four events can be combined into an appropriate weekend of shooting to offer the Bianchi as the traditional event we have known over the years.

One of these facilities of course is at Bisley and the Butt Zero complex has three quarters of these elements nicely arranged onto a single site. The fourth element is usually the 50m practical event however in the last season or so  range contention means its no longer viable to offer this event as part of the competition.

To some, this is a travesty. However pragmatic decision has to come into play. Over the last 2-3 seasons Bianchi numbers have been declining. Other competition events such as mini McQueen have been proving particularly popular. When decisions have to be made regarding where range facilities are offered at events like Phoenix the numbers do matter I’m afraid.

Just to be clear – at the Phoenix meeting the Practical match will be replaced by the Unsupported Standard Match. This will be run on Butt Zero by the usual crew and will take place on the right hand side over by the plates layout. This offers the advantage of all the matches taking place in the same physical location at least.

The course of fire is 48 rounds (same as the practical match) and consists of four stages of 12 shots onto 3 D1 targets at distances of 10m, 15m, 20m and 25m. Each stage consists of both weak hand/shoulder shooting with timings identical to the barricade match.

Targets are places standard target width apart. All other match conditions are as defined in the GR&P rule book. Some comments as to what  weak hand freestyle means. It means operated (trigger pulled by weak hand trigger finger) and held by the weak hand but can be supported by the strong hand.

 Stage 1 – 10 metres

  • 6 seconds 2 shots on each target, strong hand
  • 6 seconds 2 shots on each target, weak hand freestyle/weak shoulder

Stage 2 – 15 metres

  • 7 seconds 2 shots on each target, strong hand
  • 7 seconds 2 shots on each target, weak hand freestyle/weak shoulder

Stage 3 – 20 metres

  • 8 seconds 2 shots on each target, strong hand
  • 8 seconds 2 shots on each target, weak hand freestyle/weak shoulder

Stage 4 – 25 metres

  • 9 seconds 2 shots on each target, strong hand
  • 9 seconds 2 shots on each target, weak hand freestyle/weak shoulder


The Mattersey 10

3 May 2015

Still time to enter the world famous Mattersey 10 open match up at their Range Complex in North Nottinghamshire. For more details and an entry form please click through.

The JSPC Spring Open Results

JSPC Open 2015

The results here (in pdf format) have not not been challenged and are now final.

Historic scores database updated and the Classifications also updated. Check your classifications – you may have been promoted as a result of this shoot!

Rankings to follow…..

Full details of the shoot and a bunch of photos over on the JSPC website

The Basildon Event

Basildon 2015 Its back, its bigger and better – and John is still running the BBQ and camp fire.

God help us…. :-) But its a slickly run shoot (slickly mind!) run by skilled and no nonsense ROs who know what they are doing and know how to operate their kit. One individual even reported shooting 12 shorts in less that three quarters of  day in 2014. John was still running the BBQ!

Plenty of space to camp over and lunch thrown in for both days make this shoot  one worth a visit.

As to the infamous Basildon shower – well – the less said the better.

 Entry Forms Here

Phoenix Officiating and Volunteering

phoenix-logoPlease find the current Range Officer and volunteers roster for the Phoenix Meeting this year.

RO Range Allocation

Its the busiest Gallery Rifle & Pistol meeting of the year held at Bisley and of course – its not just GR&P. Shotgun events, rifle events held out to 1000 yards, the trade fair and much more make the usual bank holiday weekend in May one to bookmark if its the only one you can make.

The meeting could not happen without the time and effort kindly offered by all volunteers. The Range Crew are the backbone of the meeting and if anyone fancies volunteering please sign up via the links on the left.

The NRA Handgun League

NRA Handgun LeagueSunday 12th April saw the launch of the NRA Handgun League at Shield Shooting Centre in Dorset.

The League got off to a super start on Sunday with yet another great practical match from Steve Pike at Shield Shooting Centre, total match entries were over 60 with the pistol shooters making up a healthy proportion of them.

As with the NRA Shotgun League Edgar Brothers have very generously agreed to sponsor it to encourage participation and support grass roots shooting, by donating a number of the GSG 1911 .22 pistols which they have recently started to import .

These great little handguns make superb entry level equipment and can be modified and upgraded using the host of aftermarket parts available for the 1911. Red dots are the main upgrade and Neil Brooklyn utilised his to great effect to win the Open class pistol division where the speed and target acquisition benefits of these sights were brought to the fore by a host of moving or distant targets. Shot over 9 great stages and requiring approximately 180 rounds there were stages to challenge every aspect of shooting ability from outright speed to precision. The next match will be at the Phoenix Meeting on 24th May and there will be classes to suit all manner of LBP and LBR.

Entry forms are available from shooting division or the NRA website.

Remember all entrants will be eligible for the free prize draw so come along and have fun as well as the opportunity to win!

For more details contact league director James Harris

Congratulations to all participants for making it a well-attended event and to the winners in each class.

The JSPC Spring Open Meeting

April 18-19 2015

JSPCIt is that time of year once again and following on from the previous year’s successes, it is important to get your JSPC Open entries in now for 2015.

Entries on the day will only be permitted if there are available spaces and unfortunately there will be a late entry surcharge.

There will be an RO shoot on the Friday (17th April) for helpers and anyone else unable to make the weekend. Note however: this is also a range preparation day.

The Spring JSPC Open – Download Entry Forms Here

The 2015 ATSC Open Meeting

Gallery Rifle, ISSF Pistol and Black powder pistol Open Matches

ATSC LogoThe next event in the Competitive Gallery Rifle calendar is the  most Excellent Army Target Shooting Club (ATSC) Gallery Rifle Open match now has dates finalized and entry forms ready to download.

The weekend event, this year held over the weekend of the 11-12 April (and clashing with Trim’s wedding!), contains a mixture of ISSF style pistol events in black powder and air pistol as well as a full complement of the most popular Gallery Rifle events including 1500, T&P1 and Multi-Target for all gun types.

For 2015 Advancing Target is on offer again –  just for rifles in GRSB and GRCF – its enough! The whole of Melville is booked for the entire weekend and pistol marksmanship is easilly sought elsewhere.  All we need is a Classic section here and this meeting will be competing with the best on the circuit for variety and challenge.

The 10m Air events will be held at Lord Roberts Centre (LRC), but those of you who would like to shoot Freepistol you will have to be very brave and rough it on the advancing targets of Bay A, on Melville. There will be Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate etc. available on the range throughout the weekend.

As usual, the ATSC clubhouse dining room will be open for breakfast and lunch, and there will be tea and coffee facilities available at all times in the TV room. Reception will be in the Verandah Room, but with the changes in Equipment Control (EC) Rules for the ISSF competitors, EC will be on the range. Our very popular Prize Giving Tea will be held in the ATSC Dining Room after the last match has been shot on Sunday afternoon.

Entry Forms  – ATSC Entry Form 2015




The first Ranking Tables of the season are now out following the SAW. As usual it is based on your best 4 scores in a rolling year. Any problems I’m sure I’ll hear about it :-)

2015 SAW Results

bullseye-targetResults now final: –  Full Results and Prizelists

Classifications and Historic Scores Database updated

Updated Ranking Tables to follow