Galleryrifle Shooting in the UK

Some Reminders

RemindersThe NRA Imperial Meeting is now over for 2015. The next couple of months provide a number of opportunities for shooters and collectors who prefer a more historic type of shooting.

Some events here over the next few months for collectors, historic shooting enthusiasts, muzzle loading rifle and pistol shooters.

PDF of the events here – please print and distribute around your clubs.


The latest Ranking tables are now out and include all matches up to the Scottish Gallery Rifle & Pistol Championships. Next ranking matches are the second stage of the Scottish GR&P Championships on 2nd Aug (the 1500s) followed by the Nationals on 29/30 August at Bisley. Any queries please drop me an email


Bianchi Open & NRA Pistol League (Round 3)

Entry Forms to download

Saturday 8th August.

A Bianchi Allcomers Match

Three stages of Bianchi on the usual Butt Zero Range at Bisley.

  • This event will be shot Saturday morning only.
  • One entry for score will be permitted, unlimited practice once all competitors have been shot.
  • Matches will be Barricades, Mover and Plates.

Sunday 9th August.

NRA Pistol League Round 3

This will take place on Sunday on and around Butt Zero and on Short Siberia.

Derby Open 2015 – Final Results

Final results and photos

from the 2015 Derby Open.

Imperial Gallery Rifle

Imperial 2015Anybody not making the crossing to Ireland to take part in the NASRPC Irish International Open 2015 next weekend please bear in mind we have the Imperial Gallery Rifle and Pistol meeting starting on Wednesday 8th July and running through to Sunday 12th July.

Five days of relaxed Gallery Rifle shooting with Unlimited entries available and Trophy matches running over the weekend.

The meeting offers a complete range of shooting options to suit all tastes and interests. Medal matches are available for unlimited re-entry throughout the meeting, including Scott, America, T&P1, Multi-Target, Advancing Target, Granet and Silhouettes. Trophy matches are available in Scott, Granet, T&P1, Multi-Target, Silhouettes, LSR, The Gallery Rifle Match for GRCF and the Cottrell Cup for Air Pistol.

There is a light hearted Man v Man event to finish off Saturday’s shooting and  there are Grand Aggregates running through the entire meeting for GRSB, GRCF and MLR.

All administration stats and scoring will be carried out at Melville Range. Just turn up, book in and shoot.

See you there

The Welsh Open Gallery Rifle Championships

Welsh Flag Face largeThe 2015 championships will take place over the 8-9 August at the Haverfordwest Shooting Ground.

Entry forms available to download


On Friday the 7th August Haverfordwest Shooting Ground we hope to host an official Wales v England Head to Head match. Teams from the nations will compete in the usual T&P1 and Multi-Target matches as a preliminary to the overall Championships.


England Flag


The 2015 Derby Open

Derby RPCProvisional Results

Some words from Jim

The Derby Open 2015 was a record breaker with more than 105 competitors and over 730 events being shot. It was fantastic to see 15 new faces and some completely new to the competition circuit. I wish I’d had some spare time to meet you all.

Again we had Scottish shooters travelling down, some for the first time and we hosted a Home Countries shoulder to shoulder on Friday afternoon, congratulations to the Welsh team for their victory.

Stats did brilliantly on the day and results were ready 40 minutes after the last shot. They can be seen elsewhere on the site.

Please Note: You have seven days to challenge any scores – and I have a bundle of score cards without names or with adding errors.

If you won a prize and were not present it may have been picked by a fellow club member. If not I will be in touch in the next day or so asking you to choose something.

I think you will agree that the prize table was excellent with numerous high value prizes to be chosen. This was mainly due to extraordinary support from the sponsors who supported the meeting. It is worth mentioning them by name as they deserve our thanks and having confidence in the future of our sport. Please support them in return.


DerbyThe Derby Open is a team effort and would not be possible without the 30 or so Range Crew who worked unbelievably hard over the weekend. Special thanks go to Team Smoothy and several other visitors for their help and not to forget the guys in Stats, and most importantly Pam and Mick on the BBQ.

Some photos will be on the club website gallery very soon.


The County of Lancaster LSR (GRSB) Open

The County of Lancaster Small Bore Target Shooting Association is please to announce a National Gallery Rifle Registered event to be held at Burnley Rifle Club on Sunday 11th October 2015.

Competitions will consist of 25m and 5om Precision matches, a Multi-Target match and a Timed and Precision 1 (T&P1) match. Competitions at this event are for Small Bore / LSR / GRSB / rifles only.

The club range is located in Trafalgar Mill, which is adjacent to the Leeds Liverpool Canal on Trafalgar Street, Burnley, BB11 1TQ.cltsa-2015

Full details and entry forms are now available.

The Inaugural Scottish Gallery Rifle and Pistol Championships

The inaugural Scottish Gallery Rifle and Pistol Championship will be held over two venue dates.  Commencing on the 5th July at the JSPC Colmsliehill range where a series of short events will be held and concluding with 1500 events at Drums Links the home of Aberdeen Full Bore Gun Club on the 2nd August.  The Championship for Rifle will be held concurrently with a shorter Championship for Long Barrelled Revolver and Pistol.

This will be a fully registered event and entrance open to all.

Entry Forms are available to download now

Scottish Gallery Rifle Champion for Small bore and Centre fire Rifle. Competing for award, Scottish Champion, twelve individual title medal, awarded on the event day.

Scottish Gallery Rifle Champion title awarded to the competitor with the highest overall score from all 8 events, awarded upon championship completing presentation held at the Nationals at Bisley in August.

JSPCVenue 1:

  • Joint Services Pistol Club Colmsliehill range 5th July starting at 9.30 am.
  • Events; TP1, MT and 25mtr Precision.

AberdeenVenue 2:

  • Aberdeen full Bore Gun Club Drums Links range 2nd August starting at 9.30am.
  • Events; 1500.

Scottish Long Barrel Revolver and Long Barrel Pistol Championship. Scottish Champion, competing for four individual title (two LBP and two LBR) medal awards.


  • Joint Services Pistol Club Colmsliehill range 5th July starting at 9.30 am.
  • Events; TP1, MT.


This competition is a registered event and scores submitted to the NRA. The Gallery Rifle Ranking Tables will include the 1500 event.

Competitors entering both Standard and Classic matches must indicate to the match director prior to the match commencing which score (standard or classic) they require to be carried forward for their aggregate score. No differential will be made between Iron and Optic (Open class) revolver or pistol.   Centre Fire may include any pistol calibre lever action rifle.

Please note – Lever release rifles are not included due to predicted low entrance, we will look at that again next year

There will be a prize giving ceremony held during the Gallery Rifle Nationals held at Bisley on the Sat 29th of August, venue to be agreed.  Two title awards will be awarded:

1. Scottish Gallery Rifle Champion; awarded to the highest scoring (rifle) competitor, aggregate score of all eight centre fire and small bore rifle events. No separate classification awards will be made.

2. Scottish Gallery Pistol Champion; highest aggregate score of all Pistol and revolver events.

The Return of the 1500Ted

Ted George offers some background to the thriving international pistol competition circuit inthe early 1990s and proposes a much-needed revitalisation


The majority of 1500 shooters compete with rifles

Around 1993 Dave Ballantyne and I set up a 1500 pistol team and a selection/training process with the approval of the NPA, NRA and British Pistol Club (BPC). At the time Great Britain was the leader in this discipline outside of America where, other than in a few organised matches, 1500 was accepted as a training shoot and competition for police and security personnel. Other European countries were keen on the discipline, with the Bund der Militär-und Polizeischützen (BDMP) shooting it and Belgium and Czechoslovakia following soon after.

The international competitions ran from 1993 until the loss of pistols and the dissolution of the NPA in 1997-1998. The 1500 was marked down with Bianchi for inclusion in the 2000 Sydney Olympics; a team from GB was selected and funding approved. Sadly, because of the ban, it did not happen. Since then, some of the shooters in the original team who still participate in international competitions have ‘donned the shirt’ and represented the country as a make-up team of best scores at the event.During the period between 1993-1997 the teams that were entered won four team gold medals in the four-man event and two golds, one silver and one bronze in the pairs event.

Present day

During the last 15 years a World 1500 Association has been formed and the number of countries shooting the associated matches has grown, now including Russia, South Africa, Germany, Belgium, Australia, the USA and Norway. Every two years a World Championship is held in one of the member countries: Sweden this year in August, then Germany in two years’ time.


The 1500 has adapted well to rifle shooting

Long-barrelled revolvers can be used for training, with some modifications, and for some events .22 pistols can also be used. Some pistols are stored in Europe for use in the matches if required. Now looks like a good time to revive the 1500 team and give it a more official standing. Speaking as the appointed coach for the team back in 1993, we can achieve scores to challenge the other competing countries and with some training even beat them.

Since the ban on pistols I have worked with various groups shooting 1500 in other European countries, putting together training plans, assessing the individual’s faults and suggesting ways of training them out of the technique. These countries are now putting in good and consistent match grade scores. The training notes I put together have been used by Germany, Sweden and Southern Ireland to good effect. I firmly believe we could put a core team together that would be capable of challenging for the medals at a future World Championship training and team selection. Training would be inclusive to everyone shooting competitively in the UK.

There are numerous competitions around the country including Mattersey, Derby, Basildon and Bristol as well as the Bisley GRAWs including the GR&P National Championships in August. Additionally, and new for 2015, there is a Scottish 1500 championship match to be held in Aberdeen on 2 August. I am proposing that competitors with a Match 5 score above 578 would be able to gain an invitation to join the squad where the coaching team would work with these individuals. Teams at these international WA events are two-person for the revolver matches and semi-auto.

We have in the region of 25 people entering competitions in Sweden over the long weekend of 13-16 August. For many this is simply for the pure enjoyment of taking part in international competition. Registered scores from most competing are not high enough to make it into to any sort of GB first team, but we have half a dozen or so that would be suitable candidates for the four spaces available.


Can GB compete internationally with in 1500 with the pistol – as they do with the rifle?

The GR&P sub-committee will decide a short list of potential members for the first team; criteria for performance in the individual matches at national circuit competitions will be key in making the final selection.

The NRA is enthusiastic about the venture and will offer Goodwill Team status should the team apply. Range space for training is available at a number of ranges, donated to help the formation of a national pistol team. The team would also eventually seek sponsorship to help with the cost. For information about international 1500 competition shooting see the WA website.  For more information on 2015 World Championships the World Championships website.

Ted George

The Future of GR&PTed

Ted George investigates a new course aimed
to help clubs train their own GR&P instructors

Image-shootersA lot of gallery rifle and pistol clubs are insular in their  thinking and do nothing to encourage members to enter  competition. They are in their comfort zone, have ‘old Harry’  to look after new members, the books balance at the end of the  year – why do more? There is talent around the country but it is not  developed – it has no direction and goes to waste. We hear comments such as, “I’m not good enough,“ “I don’t know  anything about the competitions,” “I don’t know what to do if I  enter,” “The club I shoot at only ‘plink’ at precision targets,” “No one  at the club seems interested,” “We have no one at the club to show us  how to enter competitions or improve,” and “I’d have to go to Bisley  for ‘x’ number of weekends and I can’t afford the time and cost.”

We have considered these, and agree. For clubs  in the north and east it is time-consuming and costly to send people  to Bisley to do an instructors’ course. There are no technique courses  – it’s like being lost in a maze. None of this is good for the sport. We have put together a group of instructor-run courses around  the country for clubs and groups. The courses will be run as cheaply  as possible just to cover expenses – all we need is a venue capable of  setting up a screen and projector, seating for those taking part, and  a range to put theory into practice. This should make it economical  for clubs to get some quality basic instructors. In time we plan on  running technique courses for pistol and gallery rifle – it is now 17  years since we lost pistols and with national teams running once  more, we need to teach shooters the skills of shooting these again.

The basic course will cover the following:

Day 1

Gallery rifle – safety and firearms handling; basic techniques with  a .22 sporting rifle; stance with rifle standing; grip/hand position;  trigger; sights and aiming; breathing; firing the shot; follow-through;  faults in technique; different disciplines; use of underlever

Day 2

Revolver & Pistol Techniques – stance; grip; sights; aiming; trigger  release; breathing; follow through.

Black powder; Techniques for different disciplines.

Day 3

How people learn. Instruction techniques – Involve the person/ people; break the section down into small segments with practical  sessions; teach, don’t indoctrinate, think of a course you have been  on that you enjoyed; tell them how you want the task carried out and  not how not to do it, give positive feedback to build confidence. What affects how a person performs – A bad journey to the  session, problems at work, problems at home, alcohol, eating before  the session (blood is then used to digest food and robs the brain of oxygen). The person needs to concentrate on the shot being fired,  not what has gone or what is to come.

The course will also promote physical relaxation; mental  relaxation; visualisation; mental rehearsal; keeping positive shooting  records; and a positive attitude. The course can be tailored to suit individual needs. If you have  any questions ask, we want to get more people involved in the sport.

Comments welcome – please contact us

The 2015 County of Wiltshire Gallery Rifle Open

Results now available

Count of Wilts Open - 2102Taking a calendar slot in the season shortly after the Phoenix the Wiltshire open is again an all day affair with a good half dozen GR competitions being available on the day.

This year in its 12th iteration and, as ever, fine weather guaranteed!

Entries still being accepted and a grand day out on the edge of Salisbury Plain. Join previous winners of the event (above and left) and try to better them. Make a weekend of it – the West Country is well worth a a couple of  days or more away so come down and see us.


The Phoenix LBF Head to Head Match

The England and Scotland GR teams ran a head to head Long Barrelled Firearms match at the Phoenix Meeting this year. Captains Morné van Dalen and Jonny Cormie pitched a couple of teams to take part in a T&P1 and Multi Target match in both LBR and LBP.

Below are the results.  England took the honours this time around. Where is the return match being held and where are Wales we ask?

 Full results can be found here

  Team: England LBP Aggregate 
    T & P 1 M-T  
  Name Score Score  
  Morné van Dalen 298.21 116.11 414.32
  Graham Trimmer 297.14 112.10x 409.24
  Colin McMichael 295.10x 110.08 405.18
  Alan Podevin 295.08 110.07 405.15
  Phil Milsom 293.09 109.07 402.16
  Total team score (best 4 of 5): 1633.89
  Team: Scotland LBP Aggregate 
    T & P 1 M-T  
  Name Score Score  
  Glenn Gordon 295.08 113.08 408.16
  Scott Lyon 296.10x 106.07 402.17
  Jonny Cormy 293.10x 102.06 395.16
  Leslie Kong 290.06 98.02 388.08
  John Crouch 283.05 87.01 370.06
  Total team score (best 4 of 5):     1593.57
  Team: England LBR Aggregate 
    T & P 1 M-T  
  Name Score Score  
  Phil Cowling 297.15 116.11 413.26
  Morné van Dalen 296.11 107.13 403.24
  Peter Watts 297.09 106.07 403.16
  Doug Green 291.06 103.08 394.14
  Steve Denton 286.07 106.05 392.12
  Total team score (best 4 of 5): 1613.80x
  Team: Scotland LBR Aggregate 
    T & P 1 M-T  
  Name Score Score  
  Greg Rastall 295.15 104.05 408.20x
  Jonny Cormy 281.04 101.04 402.08
  Scott Lyon 278.03 104.04 395.07
  John Crouch 208.03 87.01 388.04
  Charles Bestwick 282.07   370.07
  Total team score (best 4 of 5): 1593.39



Home Countries, Great Britain Pistol Teams

gb-gr-logoThe Gallery Rifle and Pistol Discipline is sending a team to Sweden for the 1500 World Championships in August. If all goes well then approval from the NRA trustees for an official team for future international competitions will follow. As it stands we have applied for NRA ‘Goodwill’ status for the 2015 Sweden tour and see no reason for it to be declined.

England has also decided to form a team/squad for home countries and international competitions, following talks with shooters from Wales and Scotland they have also indicated interest.

Types of Competition

These are normally 2 person teams; one for revolver one for pistol.

1500 match 5 and T&P1, Multi target are shot in Europe and ideal for International matches and Home Countries Competitions run as head to head and possibly as a postal through the winter months as training.

In this country it will be with LBR and LBP.  Abroad with standard pistols and revolvers, although abroad it is iron sights only in the competitions. Practice in this country and scores for consideration will need to be with the same.


I suggest we use the NSRA system for selection as it has been accepted by Sport England and GB and hence receives some funding for the teams. It is not complicated, a simple form filled in by the shooter indicating interest, handed in at a nominated shoot and that with the score achieved sent to the Home Countries captain, coach and GB captain and coach. If an entry level score has been achieved or close to, then the person is invited to attend a training session with the squad and see if they want to become part of the squad. We could devise our own system but using something established makes more sense. People can apply to either Home Country or GB details of the person will be exchanged between them. GB team will be selected from best match scores, training scores and consistency in training.

Bear in mind membership of appropriate Home Countries or national Governing Body membership will also be required in most cases if the process is initiated. To shoot for an official GB team an individual membership of the NRA is required for example.


A suggest format for the form is shown below.


Initially it is unlikely any will be available but once teams are established and have a ‘track record’ it is possible to apply to the relevant body for some funding as do the GB pistol team now.

Entry Scores

Suggested entry level scores are below. If anyone is consistently achieving these scores get in touch. Ranking tables, Historic scores databases and Highest Achieved Scores are available on this website to refresh your memory of achieved scores.


GalleryRifle CF 298
GalleryRifle SB 296
LBR 297

Multi Target

GalleryRifle CF 116
GalleryRifle SB 114
LBR 112


GalleryRifle CF 1490
GalleryRifle CF 1470
LBR 1465


Suggested registration Form for Great Britain, Home Country Gallery Rifle and Pistol Team

First Name………………………………………
Name you normally use……………………………………………………
Post Code………………………………………………………………
Contact Number…………………………………………………………
E Mail……………………………………………………………

Which team/teams are you registering interest in;

Gallery Rifle CF
Gallery Rifle SB

Which competitions 1500, TP1, Multi Target

Home Country………………………………………………

Date………………………………… Signature…………………………………………………………





The latest Rankings have now been published and yet again very close at the top of T&P1 SB & CF. CF is a complete tie on both score and X count. Next Rankings will be published after Aberdeen & Derby.