Galleryrifle Shooting in the UK

Barricade Shooting


Barricade Shooting – with Pistols

lbr-1A pistol shooter recently said to me:

While we’re at it can we outlaw people holding the barrel for the barricade stages, this wasn’t allowed for 1500 pistol so why is it allowed now?

They were referring to the style of shooting which has evolved since we have been shooting our long barrel variants. So what does this mean?

Well – if you refer to the graphic on the left and imagine that revolver shooting one of the barricade matches – 1500, T&P2 etc. It is possible with that sighting system to wrap your whole hand around the barrel in front of the scope and press that firmly into the edge of the barricade or post.

The resulting shooting position is very stable and comfortable. The shooter could actually release their firipistol-gripng hand from the revolver or pistol’s grip completely and hold with the weak hand.

But its fairly obvious this is only possible because there is enough barrel to grab hold of and the sight line with a scope attached is high enough to allow a bunch of fingers to be over the top of the barrel. Take a look at the graphic on the right and picture yourself trying that with iron sights or a 4″ or 6″ barrel. (OK we know the latter is not possible any more).

However the former is and with the sights rules ofr pistols being split into irons and any next year should we look at outlawing the barrel grip method for barricade shooting?


T&P2 Pistol Matches – Timing Changes

A suggestion that stage one of the T&P2 match for pistols – which is 6 shots in 5 seconds – from the holster, is a little unrealistic to be able to get well aimed shots off. Its at 10m but , even so, to acquire the target, (release the safety catch), get a decent sight picture and then get 6 shots off is still more of a spray and pray issue rather than any sort of target shooting at a closer range.

T&P2 for LBR and LBP is not a very popular event. A count of only 9 shooters at the 2014 Phoenix meeting for LBP and 4 for LBR means that any timing changes are not going to impact anything too onerously.

On that basis the 10m timings for T&P2 pistol matches will change for the 2015 season to 6 shots in 8 seconds – shot twice. All other timings will remain the same.

The 2015 GB Shooting Show

The GB Shooting Show runs from Friday 13th February to Sunday 15th February at the same venue as last year – namely the Stoneleigh Park International Centre, Warwickshire, CV8 2LG.

All being well the Gallery Rifle discipline will be represented again at the show. This is only possible with kind support from Target Shooter Magazine and the Show organisers. Please support the show. Tickets available now online.

shoot-show-flyer -

Classifications – and Breakpoints Part II

New proposed 2014 classification breakpoints for Pistols (LBR and LBP) are listed below. As with the Rifles adjustments some people will move up and some down.

Proposed GR&P Pistol Classification changes for 2015

Which Class will I be in?

The 1500
Class LBP-old LBP-new LBR-old LBR-new
X 1460-1500 1490-1500 1460-1500 1455-1500
A 1400-1459 1445-1489 1400-1459 1400-1454
B up to 1399 up to 1444 up to 1399 up to 1399
Class LBP-old LBP-new LBR-old LBR-new
X 1825-1920 1895-1920 1825-1920 1825-1920
A 1750-1824 1750-1894 1750-1824 1750-1824
B up to 1749 up to 1749 up to 1749 up to 1749
Class LBP-old LBP-new LBR-old LBR-new
X 295-300 298-300 295-300 298-300
A 285-294 292-297 285-294 292-297
B up to 284 up to 291 up to 284 up to 291
Class LBP-old LBP-new LBR-old LBR-new
X 580-600 588-600 580-600 570-600
A 560-579 560-587 560-579 540-569
B up to 559 up to 559 up to 559 up to 539
Class LBP-old LBP-new LBR-old LBR-new
X 115-120 115-120 115-120 112-120
A 105-114 107-114 105-114 106-111
B up to 104 up to 106 up to 104 up to 105
Phoenix A
Class LBP-old LBP-new LBR-old LBR-new
X 175-200 189-200 175-200 180-200
A 160-174 176-188 160-174 160-179
B up to 159 up to 175 up to 159 up to 159
Advancing Tgt
Class LBP-old LBP-new LBR-old LBR-new
X 175-180 178-180 175-180 176-180
A 165-174 167-177 165-174 170-175
B up to 164 up to 166 up to 164 up to 169

Area Reps for GR&P

No comments

Area Representatives for Gallery Rifle and Pistol

Following the reforming of the Gallery Rifle and Pistol sub committee, a number of issues were put forward and highlighted as problems. The main one was communication for shooters away from Bisley, and how we can provide better information and services for all. Although there is a web site for gallery rifle looked after by Neil Francis and another by John Robinson they are probably unknown to many, but once you have found your way round them there is a lot of helpful information on them. The NRA site is based round Bisley, and the existing system of area representatives operated by the NRA are not suitable for our needs of keeping gallery shooters informed about what is happening or planned.

So how do we improve things? The first step is setting up a network of area reps to act as a conduit to gather information on clubs in the area, their facilities, types of shooting catered for, instruction offered and contact details. We can then help them by providing training in the area for specific disciplines, and training people up as instructors with out having to travel to Bisley as required.

The role initially would involve listing clubs catering for gallery rifle and pistol in the area and build up a repertoire with them, then once established and running keeping in touch with them and their members, feed back their needs to the sub committee.

We need volunteers in the rough areas shown on the map to help us improve the help and support available to gallery rifle and pistol shooters in the country. We want more people to take up the sport, improve so that they could be in a position of representing their country, or just get more out of the sport.

The areas are shown on the map and open to amendment but offered as a starting point suggestions from people knowing the area will be taken onboard.

If you think you can help and are prepared to put in some time and effort to further the sport, please contact; with a brief bit about your shooting interests so we can tell people who’s their contacts are.

Many thanks in anticipation of you help.

Ted George.

Rule Books


Rule books for 2015

GRP-2015If anyone  any updates, changes, niggles, typos etc for the 2015 rulebooks please let me know as soon as possible.

The GR&P Rulebook and Phoenix book will generally follow the same format for 2015 as previous years.

We are working on this now so feel free to send anything through.

Classifications - and Breakpoints

We run seven classified events on the Gallery Rifle circuit and a few hardy souls work behind the scenes to keep the integrity of these classes intact and current. Just to remind everyone - the classified events are:

  • Timed and Precision 1
  • Timed and Precision 2
  • Multi Target
  • Phoenix A
  • The 1500
  • Bianchi
  • Advancing Target

And the classified gun types are GRSB, GRCF, LBP and LBR.

So wherever you enter one of these events on the classified circuit with one of those gun types you will shoot in your class, against others in your class and will be subject to promotion if appropriate.

The classification breakpoints have not been adjusted for a few seasons now and some are in need of maintenance. Proposed adjustments are listed below for both Gallery Rifle SmallBore (GRSB) and Gallery Rifle CentreFire (GRCF). Any readjustment of the boundaries may well place people into a different class of course. Our current rules are to promote people immediately upon hitting a class promoting score (to take effect at their next event).

End of (2014) season classes all shooters have ended up in are obtained via the classification database.  To see where you will end up under these new breakpoints check out the online tables here. You could move up or down. The general principle for aligning the class breakpoints is to create a hierachy of shooters as previously described elsewhere.

Proposed GR&P Classification changes for 2015

Which class will I be in?

The 1500
Class GRSB-old GRSB-new GRCF-old GRCF-new
X 1475-1500 1478-1500 1490-1500 1493-1500
A 1450-1474 1455-1477 1480-1489 1485-1492
B 1425-1449 1425-1454 1465-1479 1468-1484
C 1375-1424 1375-1424 1435-1464 1427-1467
D up to 1374 up to 1374 up to 1434 Up to 1426
Class GRSB-old GRSB-new GRCF-old GRCF-new
X 1870-1920 1865-1920 1890-1920 1895-1920
A 1820-1869 1811-1864 1850-1889 1855-1894
B 1750-1819 1746-1810 1815-1849 1815-1854
C 1600-1749 1600-1745 1725-1814 1725-1814
D up to 1599 up to 1599 up to 1724 up to 1724
Class GRSB-old GRSB-new GRCF-old GRCF-new
X 295-300 299-300 300 300
A 285-294 293-298 297-299 298-299
B up to 284 up to 292 up to 296 up to 297
Class GRSB-old GRSB-new GRCF-old GRCF-new
X 575-600 586-600 590-600 595-600
A 525-574 556-585 575-589 585-594
B up to 524 up to 555 up to 574 up to 584
Class GRSB-old GRSB-new GRCF-old GRCF-new
X 110-120 114-120 115-120 118-120
A 100-109 105-113 108-114 111-117
B up to 99 up to 105 up to 107 up to 110
Phoenix A
Class GRSB-old GRSB-new GRCF-old GRCF-new
X 175-200 187-200 185-200 195-200
A 160-174 166-186 175-184 182-194
B up to 159 up to 166 up to 174 up to 182
Advancing Tgt
Class GRSB-old GRSB-new GRCF-old GRCF-new
X 285-300 287-300 178-180 179-180
A 260-284 269-286 170-177 173-178
B up to 259 up to 268 up to 169 up to 172

Pistols and their Divisions

lbr-1Whatever we do here – we’ll be dammed I suspect….

The LBR and LBP situation is similar to current GRSB and GRCF for the seven classified events we run on the circuit. Classes of X, A and B are applied to the pistols. Any sights can be used on pistols but its been suggested that LBRs should have an Iron Sights (or classic) class similar to GRCF.

This was received with general acceptance by the GR sub-committee as revolver shooting has that legacy of the ‘au naturel’ and many revolver shooters even now simply don’t shoot any other other way.

So we split off a 4th class, which is (relatively speaking) easy enough to do, but the result is even more salami slicing of the LBR shooting divisions. We now end up with an iron sights only class and any sights classes in X/A/B divisions.

Add to this the ‘us too’ follow on request from LBP aficionados when the above request started to get around and its a similar story here as well.

So – here is the proposal for 2015 – for the pistols.

Two classes only to be run for both types of pistol:

    • Iron Sights – LBR and LBP
    • Any sights – LBR and LBP

As simple as that.



Leave the Irish guns alone!

Irish ShootersMark Dennehy, an Irish ISSF shooter, has penned a concise reaction to the recent Irish report from the Department of Justice and Equality / An Garda Síochána Working Group on Review of Firearms Licensing. Its worth reading.

The Gardai published a new copy of the “Commissioners Guidelines” and The Department of Justice published the “Working Group on Review of Firearms Licensing Report, November 2014” very recently.

It has the potential of decimating most target shooting in Ireland.

In the Gallery Rifle community we spend a great amount of time enjoying the company of and competing against our friends and sporting colleagues in Ireland every year. I think we’d all agree the Phoenix meeting would not be the same without the guys from the Emerald Isle and and the NASRPC Irish Open is enjoyed by many a touring Brit.

The Sports Coalition has asked people to join their campaign and offer support to their petition.

Please offer support – do what you can.

Classifications for 2015


We have not really looked at shifting the classification breakpoints in Gallery Rifle for about four or five seasons. However the last couple of years have shown that its getting slightly crowded up at the top of some events.

The point of breaking events into classifications is to allow shooters of varying abilities to compete amongst their peers. Its an alternative way of running a handicap system. Lots of sports run leagues or split competitors into divisions of more or less equal ability. We are no different in this respect.

Various opinions on how to adapt the class boundaries and and how to continue to manage them. The philosophy we are adopting is to attempt to build a hierarchy of classification breakpoints which enable people to test their shooting abilities and climb to a position in the system whilst not discouraging them from ongoing competition.

The overall model we are aiming for is a hierarchy of classes where an approximate split in the shorts events for X, A, B boundaries will divide shooters along 10%, 30%, 60% groupings.  The split in 1500 and Bianchi for X, A, B, C, D boundaries will divide shooters into 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 35% groups.

Classifications will change next season to attempt to reflect these groupings.

2015 League Rankings Prizelists

Twelve prizes were on offer for top shooters this year through the sponsorship of Wentworth Sporting Supplies, Neil Jones Shooting and Rude Fat Dog.

The final Ranking Tables can be found elsewhere on the site. The idea is to keep season long ranking tables showing how people are performing in the popular events of T&P1, Multi-Target and 1500. If you shoot any of these events through the year you will automatically be added to the tables. To get into the competitive section you need to have submitted at least 4 scores though. If you are shooting more than 4 registered comps a year you will be into the competitive section and will be fighting it out with others to prove your consistency and skill through the year.

To spread the honours about evenly they were limited to one prize per shooter. Where the same person has topped more than one table I’ve adjusted the prize offerings accordingly .

Many Thanks to our Stats Guru Neil Roberts who has crunched these tables through the year and got them onto the website in very prompt fashion.

Prizes awarded

The Wentworth Sporting T&P1 Rankings

  • T&P1 Small Bore – Terry Fry
  • T&P1 Centre Fire – Keith Cox
  • T&P1 LPB – Clive Ferguson
  • T&P1 LBR – Phil Cowling

The Neil Jones Shooting Multi Target Rankings

  • Multi-Target Small Bore – Jim Smith
  • Multi-Target Centre Fire – Peter Watts
  • Multi-Target LPB – Robert J Tonner
  • Multi-Target LBR – Doug Green

The Rude Fat Dog 1500 Rankings

  • 1500 Small Bore – Chris West
  • 1500 Centre Fire – Taff Wilcox
  • 1500 LPB – Mike Chinery
  • 1500 LBR – Norman Brown

2014 Final Rankings

RankingsNow the date for challenges for AAW have passed the final ranking positions are available. How close where they! T&P1 both CF and SB decided by a single x. 

Any challenges by 14th November then prizes can be awarded. 




AAW Results


Autumn Action Weekend Results

[Results now Final - Final Ranking tables will be posted soon]

bullseye-targetResults and prizelists from the AAW. Challenge period will be open until Wednesday 5th November



England Gallery Rifle Captain for 2015

morne-2015The England Gallery Rifle Selection Committee take pleasure in announcing the fact that Morné van Dalen has been selected as the Great Britain Gallery Rifle Captain for 2015. The retirement of Sophie West after one very eventful season prompted two nominations for Captain for the next session.

Both Morne and Alan Podevin are existing England shooters and both have gained a  fine reputation with their squad mates. The selection process was split right down the middle and could have gone either way.

As Alan told me:

Firstly I would like to congratulate Morné on becoming our Captain, if I hadn’t been nominated I surely would have voted for him. I’m sure he will do a superb job in the post and I will be happy to assist him in any way I can. May I thank whoever nominated me and all those who voted for me, it has been an honour to be thought of in such a capable light.

So – its congratulations to Morné and as he has indicated, next year will bring more fund raising in order to keep member costs down, more practice days, more head to head competitions and ultimately promotion of GR as the shooting sport of choice.

Neng-xx_logoeil Francis

English XX GR Rep

The 2014 Concorde Haggis Match

Sunday afternoon 2nd November 2014 on Melville Range, Bisley

haggis-2014We’re nearly into the Haggis season, again. And this year we’re ready for some gallery rifle pals who might light to join us for this light-hearted match – so anybody who’s not a ‘Nots’ member yet, can shoot as a guest and be provided with one-to-one supervision if needed.

Some of the Aldershot crowd came for an ‘Advancing Haggis’ last weekend (you know who you are) after the BSRC Interclub Match.

So it it with great pleasure we confirm that the 2014 Concorde Haggis Match will be held on Sunday 2nd November 2014 in the afternoon on Melville Range commencing at 13.30 with prizegiving back at the Old Sergeants Mess Clubhouse from 16.00 hrs with Pipe Major Graham Waller + Haggis Address by Neil Macfarlane + Haggis, neaps and tatties, as previously.

Course of fire will include

Advancing Targets – style  25 yds rimfire semi-auto Charging Haggis (1 x 10 shot match)
50 yds standing unsupported / single stick / sitting Haggi (3 x 5 shot matches)

Range Fee of £25 per person includes shooting, prize, food and first drink at O.S.M.
(Loan of rifles / sticks / available – ammunition at cost)haggis-bw-2014

Please pay your inclusive range fee of £25 by bank transfer to

Metrobank, Hounslow Account : The Nots SCA
Sort-code : 23-05-80  Account Number : 12504497
Reference : Your initials + Haggis

by Friday 31st October 2014  -  See you there.

Primum Amicitia