Galleryrifle Shooting in the UK

Scotish Flag[Results for stage one are now published]

The 2016 Scottish Gallery Rifle and Pistol Championship will be held over two venue dates.  Commencing on the 17 to 19th June at the JSPC Colmsliehill range where a series of short events will be held and concluding with 1500 events at Drums Links the home of Aberdeen Full Bore Gun Club on the 7th August.  The Championship for Rifle will be held concurrently with a shorter Championship for Long Barrelled Revolver and Pistol.  This will be a registered event and entrance open to all.

Scottish Gallery Rifle Champion for Small bore and Centre fire Rifle

Competing for awards, ten individual Scottish Champion titles.

Scottish Gallery Rifle Champion title awarded to the competitor with the highest overall score from all 10 events, awarded upon Championship completing, presentation of award to be held at the Nationals at Bisley in August.

Venue 1; Joint Services Pistol Club Colmsliehill range 17-19th June starting at 9.30 am.

Events; TP1, MT and 1020 for Small bore and Centre fire rifle.  


Venue 2;  Aberdeen full Bore Gun Club Drums Links range 7th  August starting at 9.30am.

Events; 1500 and 25mtr Precision for Small bore and Centre fire rifle.


Scottish Long Barrel Revolver and Long Barrel Pistol Championship.

Competing for four individual titles (two LBP and two LBR) awards and overall Scottish Pistol Champion.

Venue; Joint Services Pistol Club Colmsliehill range 17-19th June starting at 9.30 am.

Events; TP1, MT. for LBP and LBR.


Classifications. This competition is a registered event and scores submitted to the NRA. The Gallery Rifle Ranking Tables will include the TP1, MT and 1500 event.

Competitors entering both Standard and Classic matches must indicate to the match director prior to the match commencing which score (standard or classic) they require to be carried forward for their aggregate score. No differential will be made between Iron and Optic (Open class) revolver or pistol.   Centre Fire may include any pistol calibre lever action rifle. Lever release rifles are not included due to predicted low entrance, we will look at that again next year

There will be a prize giving ceremony held during the Gallery Rifle Nationals held at Bisley on the Sat 27th of August, venue to be agreed.  Two title awards will be made:

  1. Scottish Gallery Rifle Champion, awarded to the highest scoring (rifle) competitor, aggregate score of all ten centre fire and small bore rifle events. No separate classification awards will be made.
  2. Scottish Gallery Pistol Champion, highest aggregate score of all Pistol and Revolver events.

Provisional Results – Derby Open 2016

Derby Sponsors

Provisional Results from the 2016 Derby Open are now available.

If there any challenges to these scores please get them lodged by the end of Sunday 3rd July please.

[Derby 2016 Results]

The Aberdeen Wapinschaw

Aberdeen Full Bore Club

[Results for the 136th Wapinschaw are now published]

The Wapinschaw Association is committed to preserving the traditional of the Wapinschaw and ensuring the survival of the Aberdeen Wapinschaw.

Please find linked details of the forthcoming Wapinschaw competition which is following the same format as last year and contains competitions for 5 of the GR classes as well as muzzle-loading rifles, pistols and revolvers.   New this year by popular request is an Aggregate Trophy for GRCF Classic rifles incorporating scores from TP1, MT & Precision.

As before we are delighted that BBQ, cakes and refreshments are available free of charge (although donations appreciated).

The matches will take place at Drums range on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th June, 2016. Entry forms are available here:

See also the AFBGC website for further details and results.

Surrey Branch MLAGB – Repeating Pistol Meeting

In association with the NRA (and the South London Rifle Club)

surrey-mlagb16th & 17th July 2016 MELVILLE RANGE , BISLEY

(Middle Weekend, NRA Imperial Meeting, alongside the NRA GR, LBP&R and MLP Matches)

Unlimited re-entry with different firearms.  Pre-squadded and self-squadded;

Registration & one Match £8 if Member of MLAGB, NRA or SLRC, otherwise £10. Additional Matches £4 (Members) or £5 (non-Members).
Matches for a wide range of Percussion repeating pistols — original, reproduction and “modern”; Courses of Fire based on traditional NRA Revolver Matches; Offhand (one hand!) and Two-handed; MLAGB Surrey Branch medals and other Awards. * Special Awards within Matches may be available – e.g., Original/ Repro/ Patriot: : NRA Skilled Shot Certificates scaled according to entries.

[Entry Form]


The Post Phoenix Rankings are now out, any problems let me know. Next Rankings posted after Derby.

[[2016 – Rankings]]

The Phoenix Meeting

The NRA have asked the online Fieldsports TV Channel to cover a few events and activities throughout the 2016 season at Bisley.

Below is Episode 1 – the  NRA’s summary of the Phoenix Meeting.


IGRF International – Bisley 2016

IGRF LogoThree teams competed in the annual IGRF International at Bisley this year. The GB team managed to top both centrefire and smallbore matches this time. Well done to them and to the German and Irish travelling teams who made the 2016 Phoenix meeting what it was.

Some photos of the event can be seen here


Full Phoenix and International match results are over on the results page. The headline International results are below.

Phoenix International Cup – GRSB

1) Great Britain
Team Total 5904.39
2) Ireland
Team Total 5849.336
3) Germany
Team Total 5770.257

Phoenix International Trophy – GRCF

1) Great Britain
Team Total 5945.396
2) Ireland
Team Total 5910.340
3) Germany
Team Total 5894.324

The 2016 Phoenix Results

phoenix-logoA very successful and exciting Phoenix Meeting for this year was enjoyed by 523 competitors at Bisley over the warm and sunny weekend of 27-29 May 2016.

A total of 3339 cards were shot, the second highest number of event entries to date.

Provisional results and prizelists below – Deadline for challenges: Midday, Thursday 9 June 2016 either via here or direct to to Mark at the NRA




The pre Phoenix Rankings are now available and include all matches to date.

See you at Phoenix



The Mattersey 10

1 May 2016

Results now available for the Mattersey Ten.

Basildon 2016

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Been to Basildon?

Basildon 2016Provisional results are posted.  Any challenges or errors to be notified by Friday 29th April after which they will be committed to the permanence of the historical record.

The JSPC Spring Open – 2016

JSPCPhotos and provisional results from the JSPC Spring Open are now available over on their website.


Results from the 2016 ATSC Open

ATSC LogoResults from the ATSC open are now published. Classifications updated.

The 2016 Phoenix Meeting

phoenix-logoWe are now looking forward to one of the largest and most popular meetings of the season, the Phoenix Meeting, 27-29 May – with the International Match on Monday 30 May. This festival of shooting saw almost 500 competitors take part last year and provides the opportunity to shoot Gallery Rifle, Target Shotgun, Practical Pistol and Revolver, and has Air and Fullbore competitions from 15 yards to 1000 yards. Classic shooters also have the opportunity to take part in events across the weekend.

The entry form is now available for on-line entries, more details and match conditions are also available.

Rule/Classification changes: there are one or two rule changes to the core GR&P events this year. A summary is below, however please do click here and check the 2016 GR&P Handbook for full details.

  •  T&P1 GRCF classification breakpoints have changed for 2016
  •  T&P2 timings for LBRs have changed
  •  LBP holster rules have changed for 1500, 1020 and T&P2
  •  McQueen: the scoring value has changed – the V bull now scores 5.1 (previously the V bull scored 6). The target will continue to make 10 appearances of 3 seconds, however with irregular intervals to now vary between 10 and 20 seconds. Scorers of 50.5 must fire again, once only, as an extra tie shoot
  •  100/200/300x events: the ILRPSA special Wessex and 200/300x target faces are no longer available so the NRA undertook a robust trial of the matches using a standard 300x target. Designed for prone shooting at 300x, results proved the NRA 300x target to be well suited to all three distances as it provides sufficient extra aiming area for standing at 100x and sitting at 200x. These events will therefore revert to NRA Match Conditions with scoring of V, 5, 4, 3, 2.

We would appreciate Range Officer support to run this event so if you are able to offer some time please complete the online RO form by Mon 16 May.

Please continue to encourage new and young shooters to come to Bisley to take part.

RankingsThe first Rankings Tables of 2016 are now out, any problems let me know. Next Tables will be produced in time for Phoenix.