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Penultimate Ranking table now available, just one more round to go AAW. Any problems let me know Robo



GB Gallery Rifle Captain for 2018

GB FlagThe GB Gallery Rifle team compete on the world circuit and take part in at least three International shoots a year. Team captains are appointed on an annual basis.

Nominations are now being sought for the Great Britain Gallery Rifle Captain for the 2018 season. The team will compete in IGRF international competitions at Bisley (May), Ireland (July) and Germany (November) in 2018.

Nominations should be sent to myself (Ted George) who will forward to the NRA Secretary General and has to be received by 11 December 2017. Nomination forms are here:

MS Word (doc) | PDF

Nominees must be full Members of the NRA for a minimum continuous period of 3 years (12 months in the case of under 25 members) before they become eligible for nomination and must remain so during the entire period of appointment.

Nominations must be supported by signatures of three (3) NRA Members.

Nominations will be reviewed by NRA Council and a list of approved candidates determined from the nominations at their next meeting in December 2017 or January 2018. The NRA will then advise the Discipline Representative of the Council’s approved candidate(s).

Gallery Rifle Training Day

The NRA in conjunction with the Gallery Rifle Community are running a skills development day at Bisley. The day will be split between some theory in the new pavilion training area and on the range. The day is to help those shooting gallery rifles improve and broaden their skills and the techniques of shooting a couple of new disciplines.

The day will cover;

  • Shooting techniques, firing the shot.
  • How to train
  • The kneeling position
  • The sitting position
  • TP1 course of fire and technique for shooting
  • Multi target, course of fire and technique for shooting

The day is designed to help those wanting to develop the skills and confidence to try competitions and should help those using cf, small bore in both rifles and LBR, LBP

If interested contact the NRA

To all that take the time to visit this site and read this post thank you, at the meeting held with shooters at the ATSC a number of points was made by me ( see the post if you have not read it ) it was agreed that as a lot of people did not visit the web site or use facebook e mails to people to keep them informed was the preferred option, out of the 60 people there I have got 12 e mail addresses back, shows real interest in their chosen sport and discipline.

Neil has now passed on a list of job he had opted to take on and look after, having gone through the list and finding some other tasks that it seems belong to me, have put together the following list. I hope people will volunteer and take them on, if not they will probably not happen or only happen when I am bored, have nothing else to do or found out how to do them.

  1. Collating the scores from the matches shot, posting onto web site, reclassifying shooters as required, keeping the classification list up to date for those running shoots and shooters.
  2. Look at the classifications and standards for medals and recommend changes.
  3. Form a group of people to write articles for the NRA journal and other places that may be interested.
  4. Keep IGRF domain and gallery rifle domain up and running, look after the gallery rifle web site to keep it running, facebook page and the Wikipedia page up and running, all the above if routine maintenance I am told.
  5. As it appears that all the gallery rifle courses run by the NRA at Bisley falls to me to give them the talk and arrange the instructors. So we need to get a group of people with the time and skills to help novice shooter improve, if we want to improve our importance and raise our profile with the NRA this is a good route.

If any of the above tasks tweak your interest let me know, if by the end of October I have no volunteers for these tasks then its 50/50 if they get binned totally or done in some other form. Gallery rifle is your discipline and improving what happens in that discipline is down to all those taking part. It is not a task for one person.

People who want to know what is going on and avoid facebook and this web page send me your e mail address so whats happening can be sent out direct and we can keep all informed. Any friend or members of your club that doesn’t look at the site or know of it tell about it and get them to send their e mail.


Bad Ted

National Championships

The 2017 Gallery Rifle National Championships


Final Results



Updated Classifications

Meeting Notes

The meeting was conducted by Ted George at 18:40hrs with approximately 60 GR&P shooters in attendance.

The meeting was started by thanking Neil Francis for his hard work and dedication over the last 6 years as Gallery Rifle and Pistol Rep. His service to the sport and the shooters has benefitted us all and he will be dearly missed. With the spare time he’s to hoping he might actually get a decent score now.

After the thanks and applause Ted continued by pointing out that certain functions undertaken by Neil as GR&P Rep. will not be continued. Numerous jobs and tasks had been added to the burden of the Rep position which take it away from its initial and intended purpose. Ted explained that he neither had the time nor wish to take on these additional roles and as such the GR&P community will either have to find a Rep who will, or take on these tasks on a volunteer basis. After discussion it was decided that Ted and Neil will draw up a list of roles and present these to the community to see if any volunteers would take them up.

There are a number of things that are not working well at present.

· We do not have enough Range Officers (ROs) to run the shoots at Bisley.

Over the last few meetings the situation has grown worse as a number of people have stopped acting as ROs. This has been in part down to the number of RO shooting days being reduced from 2 to 1. Some felt the NRA was not valuing their efforts and simply messing them around. In some cases this led to the NRA making ROs pay for accommodation, despite working.

· It is a fact that some people who volunteered as ROs shot their matches and did not work.

Certain people did a quick walk down their range, considered it had enough ROs and took the rest of the day off. This is unacceptable.

To help the ROs shoot all their matches Ted has spoken with Pete Cotterell about running 2 bays on Melville on a Thursday. This will also be raised at the Shooting Committee meeting. We are currently waiting to see if the NRA Accounting systems allow for this. It’s worth noting that people who shoot on RO days will be put to work on a bay over the weekend. If they do not RO then they do not shoot on RO days, and to enforce this any scores shot be non-complying ROs will not be counted.

· The definitions of Accidental Discharge (AD)/Unintentional Shot and, Negligent Discharge (ND) needs further clarification. Different opinions among shooters, the ROs and the NRA need to be sorted and for the benefit of everyone involved we need printed quick and easy rules and procedures so the NRA especially, know any incidents have been dealt with in the proper manner. ROs will then be able to recommend training etc. Or in serious cases refer to the Match Director. It is vital all shooters and their equipment are safe before being allowed to continue.

· There’s also a question of ‘can people acting as ROs get a copy of the current RCO handbook?’ This needs to be resolved as well, so everyone is on the same page with commands and procedures.

For the future; shot and long term

· We need to try and get national bodies to support and help shooters competing in GR&P internationally. A common and transparent selection process for teams has to be made. Those who have an interest or want to have a go need to know how and what to do. As current selection process leaves it open to understandable criticism and rumour, something a robust and transparent system will fix. A system like that used by the NRSA has been accepted by Sport GB and following that example we may be able to gain some additional funding to help the aspiring shooters.

· Given talk in the meeting about the possible direction of pistol shooting it must be made clear this is a Gallery Rifle and Pistol community. There is a need to promote LBR and LBP to improve their public face and reputation with the Police and Home Office, but this in no way takes away from the Gallery Rifle aspect of the discipline. Both are valuable tools of our sport.

· It became apparent that there is a real need to improve communications among ourselves. The GR&P website and it’s Facebook group should both be looked regularly for the latest information. Given the healthy hate of doing either of these it was decided an email would be sent around about specific topics and events. These emails will only be sent round by those requesting it (contact with your details to register).

Please sent this post far and wide to all the GR&P shooters you’re in contact with. Get them to register as well because the more the merrier for all of us.

For any further information or to contact me directly email I might not be happy you do but apparently it’s part of the job…

The Moretonhamstead Steel Challenge

A steel challenge (falling plate) event will be held on Saturday 23rd September and Sunday 24th September at Budleigh TSC, Budleigh Farm, Moretonhampstead, Devon. The competition is for lightweight sporting rifle/small bore gallery rifle/rimfire carbines. This is a rapid fire event and the use of semi-automatic rifles is recommended. All shooting is from the standing position. No specialist shooting clothing is permitted nor is the use of slings. Please bring the usual eye and ear protection.

You should allow for the use of at least 300 rounds. A full selection of approved ammunition will be available for sale on the day.

You may use more than one rifle on the day. On each occasion the winner has never needed more than one! Please bring at least two 10-round magazines. We would be very grateful if you would be prepared to volunteer as range officers in the squad in which you are not shooting.

Download an entry form here

The Competition

[For full details see the web site here]

The course is comprised of three matches, each match has four banks of targets so competitors will be allocated into groups of four and the detail will rotate – each competitor gets their turn at each bank of targets.  Matches 1 & 2 also have an individual stage which each competitor will complete in turn. The group will then continue to the next match until the course is completed.

Ready position is with the rifle held parallel to the ground butt touching the hip.

Match 1. Shapes

There are four sets of 10 shaped targets: Squares, Triangles, Circles & Crosses set at 25 yrds

Each competitor will have have ten rounds with which to knock down as many of his targets as possible.

Each target is worth 10 points (maximum score 100 per run)

  • Stage 1. Ten shots in 60 seconds
  • Stage 2. Ten shots in 30 seconds
  • Stage 3. Individual round (or panic match)

The competitor will start with 2 pre-charged 10 round magazines and a further 20 rounds loose on the table

The competitor will have 180 seconds (3 minutes) to engage all 40 shaped targets in any order (max score 400)

Match 2. Battle Shapes

There are four sets of 10 shaped targets: Solders, Landrovers, Trucks & Tanks placed at different ranges

Each competitor will have have ten rounds with which to knock down as many of his targets as possible.

Each target is worth 10 points (maximum score 100 per run)

  • Stage 1. Ten shots in 60 seconds
  • Stage 2. Ten shots in 30 seconds
  • Stage 3. Individual round (or rapid fire round)

The competitor will start with 2 pre-charged 10 round magazines and further loose rounds on the table if required

Stage 3a The competitor will engage the Landrover shaped targets until all 10 are dropped or 60 sec has elapsed

Stage 3b The competitor will engage the Tank shaped targets until all 10 are dropped or 60 sec has elapsed

A shot timer will be used to record the time taken to complete the course (last shot fired) and scored accordingly

  •           Under 12 seconds                    200 points
  •           Under 14 seconds                    170 points
  •           Under 17 seconds                    150 points
  •           Under 20 seconds                    120 points
  •           Under 25 seconds                    100 points
  •           Under 30 seconds                      80 points
  •           Under 35 seconds                      60 points
  •           Under 40 seconds                      50 points
  •           Under 45 seconds                      40 points
  •           Under 50 seconds                      30 points
  •           Under 55 seconds                      20 points
  •           Under 60 seconds                      10 points      

over 60 seconds or uncompleted  Nil points

Match 3. Precision

There are four banks of 10 Biathlon targets of varying sizes set at 30, 50, 60 & 70 metres distance

Each competitor will have have ten rounds with which to knock down as many of his targets as possible.

Each target is worth 20 points (maximum score 200 per run)

  • Stage 1. Ten shoots in 240 seconds (4 minutes)

once you have finished your 10 rounds please show clear to the RO but remain quiet until all the other competitors have finished. The detail will then rotate so each competitor takes their turn at each bank of targets.

If all four competitors finish within the 4 minutes the RO will call has anyone not finished? He can then prove clear and rotate the group to the next targets.


Includes all matches pre Nationals, any issues drop me a PM. Cheers Neil Robo


Open Meeting; Gallery Rifle Shooters – ATSC Club House

Saturday August 26th 6.30pm
All Gallery Rifle shooters welcome

Neil Francis is retiring as Gallery Rifle Representative to the NRA at the end of this month, I for my sins, not running quick enough or stupidity have been “elected” it seems, to take over.

Neil has done a good job over the time he has acted as our voice to the NRA a frustrating role most of the time. So now you have me as your voice to the NRA, I know that it will be impossible to please everyone but getting some ideas from you about our direction and future ideas would be a help. I have suggested a quick meeting to form a plan for next year and listen to your ideas.

  • I would like to take away from the meeting some solutions for issues that have arisen this year.
  • A gallery rifle committee to meet possibly a couple of times a year and discuss where we are going, and carry out some of the tasks. I am looking for around 4 people to help, give it some thought. Recruiting range officers for running the shoots we have a
  • Bisley, and how we can help them shoot their comps as well as run the ranges.

Look forward to seeing you at the Army.

Ted George

The 2017 Scottish GR&P 1500 Open Championships

Scottish OoenThe Scottish Championship concluded over the weekend at the Drums range in Aberdeen, hosted by Aberdeen Full Bore Gun Club. This was the second leg of the Championship, Joint Services Pistol Club having hosted the first leg (shorts) in July.

The Drums range is renowned for offering competitors challenging breezy conditions, and it did not disappoint, much to the frustration of many and the amusement of a few, the few being Aberdeen club members who have developed an ability to shoot as if positioned on the back of a boat in a heavy seas.

Congratulations go to Chris Douglas, who not only won the Rifle Championship, Chris also won the Pistol Championship. This is the first time a competitor has won been awarded Scottish Champion title for both disciplines. This is particularly a great achievement, as Chris has only competed in Galleryrifle and pistol competitions for a relativity short period of time.

We are already mulling over the Scottish Championship for 2018 with a view to making it attractive to shooters that have not entered to date and may require to travel some distance. We will try and put out dates along with the matches over the next few months.

Photos of the event courtesy of Bill Blackwood can be found over on the JSPC website.

Results of the event

Results from the 2017 Galleryrifle Welsh Open

For the last half dozen seasons or more Haverfordwest Target Shooting club has hosted the Galleryrifle Welsh Open. This was again the case in 2017 in which the official running order of the meeting was lengthened to two and a half days – Friday morning to noon on Sunday.

The venue also plays host to a Wales – England head to head match . The match was the finale of the weekend’s activities and results in a narrow victory for England.  Results of the head to head match and the individual match results are below.



Wales England Head to Head match

Welsh Galleryrifle Open Individual results

Photos from the Event

The Derby 2017 Open – Results


The Derby Open 2017 was a record breaker with 105 competitors and over 850 events entered. It was fantastic to see 24 new faces, some completely new to the competition circuit.

I think you will agree that the prize table was excellent with numerous high value prizes to be chosen. This was mainly due to extraordinary support from the sponsors who supported the meeting. It is worth mentioning them by name as they deserve our thanks and having confidence in our sport.

Please support them in return.

Brownells | RWS ammunition  | The National Shooting Centre

Wentworth Sporting Supplies | Praesidia Rifle Accessories

Shooting Supplies Ltd.

Rude Fat Dog | The Countryman of Derby

The Results are below, you have seven days (July 6 2017) to challenge a score you think is wrong.

Final Individual Results

Home Countries Rifle Match | Home Countries LBF Match

I will contact those who are due a prize, who were not present at the prize giving, in the next few days.

Congratulations to Scotland who won The Home Countries Rifle Match, and England won the Pistol match. Winners were presented with striking Brownells medals. Scores above.


The Man v Man was won by Jake Mossom with Jim Starley and Mick Tedesco as runners up. Over £120 was raised for the Air Ambulance and I will inform you what the total raised for them was in due course.

Photos will be on The Derby Rifle & Pistol Club 1999 web site very soon


The Derby Open is a team effort and would not be possible without the 30 or so Range Crew who worked unbelievably hard over the weekend. Special thanks go to Team Smoothy, and Nog (Jonsie) for their help.  And not forgetting the guys in Stats, and most importantly Pam & Mick on the BBQ.

We hope you all enjoyed everything, and the weather was OK too.


Jim Smith and the Team

Phoenix Records set in 2017

Phoenix LogoQuite a few new record scores were posted at the Phoenix meeting this year. The new 2017 records are shown below. A full set of Phoenix record scores is also available.  Note the 2017 Phoenix Results  and Prizelists are are now final.


Number Event Name Score XCount
103 25m Precision GRCF Open Adam Chapman 299 19
303 50m Precision GRCF Open Adam Chapman 285 8
521 America Match LBP Steve Lane 275 5
724 Timed & Precision 1 LBP-I William Horne 298 12
725 Timed & Precision 1 LBR-I Phil Cowling 299 19
737 Timed & Precision 1 SG Classic James Wilson 300 23
1142 Multi-Target MLR Dave Berry 111 9
1503 1500 GRCF Open John Robinson 1496 115
1601 1020 GRSB Jonny Cormie 1019 85
1602 1020 GRCF Jeff Kehoe 1020 88
1603 1020 GRCF Open Norman Veitch 1019 84
1604 1020 GRCF Classic Alan Podevin 1016 51
1621 1020 GRCF LBP John Robinson 1014 72
1622 1020 GRCF LBR Phil Cowling 1005 61
4303 Granet GRCF Open Adam Chapman 299 21
4902 Surrenden GRCF Jeff Kehoe 262 13
5969 400/500/600yd Pdctn Free Pistol Matthew Greatwood 134 6
5981 400/500/600yd Srv Rifle A pre 19 William Ellis 136 6
5983 400/500/600yd Srv Rifle Open pre Bruce Ellis 149 16
5992 400/500/600yd Srv Rifle Post 55 John Chambers 148 16
5993 400/500/600yd Srv Rifle Post 55 Frances Graham 150 27
6168 800/900/1000yd Free Pistol Bob Harris 214 23
6182 800/900/1000yd srv rifle B pre 5 Malcolm Johnston 155 1
6191 800/900/1000yd post 1955 iron si Richard Green 89 1
6193 801/900/1000yd post 1955 prac op David Moran 220 22
6501 McQueen GRSB Chris McGill 50 9
6580 McQueen Chris McGill / Charles Rone 50 8



The Aberdeen Wapinschaw

Aberdeen Full Bore Club

The Wapinschaw Association is committed to preserving the traditional of the Wapinschaw and ensuring the survival of the Aberdeen Wapinschaw.

Please find linked details of the forthcoming Wapinschaw competition which is following the same format as last year and contains competitions for 5 of the GR classes as well as muzzle-loading rifles, pistols and revolvers.

As before we are delighted that BBQ, cakes and refreshments are available free of charge (although donations appreciated).

The matches will take place at Drums range on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June, 2017. Entry forms are available here and there is still time to enter.

See also the AFBGC website for further details and the results.

The 2017 Phoenix Meeting – Provisional Results

Provisional Results now available. Please make any challenges via email to Mark before Midday, Tuesday 6th June.