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Basildon Open 2018 – Results


The Basildon Open 2018. Taking place over the baking hot Bank Holiday weekend 4-6 May 2018.

Individual Results





Provisional Ranking after the SAW are now available. Any problems pm me. Next Rankings will be produced after Phoenix.. Good Shooting.  Neil Robo

2018_Ranking Tables


Fred Davis

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Fred Davis

Fred Davis The sad news have just been received of the death of Fred Davis one of our long standing Gallery Rifle Range Officers who could most often be seen running ranges on Melville at the Bisley GRAWs and the Trafalgar and IHAM meetings – again at Bisley.

Fred took ill a couple of years ago so we have not seen him on the ranges for a little while. Here he can be seen on the right talking to Rob Tonner from Scotland with fellow Range Officer John Penn, in the background, running Melville Bay B at the 2015 Gallery Rifle National Championships.

Thoughts from all his fellow ROs and shooting colleagues go to his family – RIP Fred.

Fred’s funeral is on the 27th March at 10:15 at Eltham crematorium

2018 Handbooks

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2018 Handbooks

Handbook-2018The 2018 handbooks are now at the printers.

The Handbook is in 3 sections for 2018. The main rule book, the 2018 Phoenix Booklet and the Imperial GR&P booklet.

Thanks to all our sponsors and advertisers, contributors, proof readers, checkers and generally interested parties.


The Spring Action Weekend: 24-25 March 2018

Entries are now OPEN for the Spring Action Weekend 2018:
Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 March 2018

This weekend offers the first opportunity of the year to shoot a range of matches within Gallery Rifle & Pistol, Long-Barrelled Pistol & Revolver, Fullbore Rifle, Classic & Historic, Target Shotgun and Practical Pistol disciplines. Run in a relaxed but professional setting, we look forward to welcoming both novice and experienced competitors to Bisley for this enjoyable weekend of shooting.

This year over 140 matches will take place between Short Siberia, Melville, Butt Zero, Time Limit and Winans ranges.


NEW for 2018

  • The WA48 – Open to LBP & LBR, this event consists of 4 stages at distances ranging from 7-25m.
  • Match 6392 – The popular 200x match now offers a specific category for post 1955 Service Optic Rifles

The Spring Action Weekend also sees the return of the popular Mini McQueen, which will be running throughout the weekend on Time Limit.

Alongside the main event, the Practical Pistol Match (2nd Round of the NRA Handgun League) will be shot exclusively on Sunday on Butt Zero.

Get dusting off your Historic rifles! This weekend is offering 30 matches in the Classic, Carbine, Veteran and Vintage disciplines.

More details and the paper entry form for this event are available on our website


Advance entries close at 1200 hrs on Monday 20 March. Entries will be accepted after this, however will not be squadded.

Range Officers

ROWe are in need of volunteer ROs to run matches across the weekend. If you are able to offer some time please complete the online form. ROs will have access to the ranges to shoot their matches during the afternoon of Thursday 22 March, and all day on Friday 23 March.

2018 GR&P Competitive Calendar

Flyer for the 2018 Competitive Calendar. High Quality JPG to download if required. Distribute as required – pin up in local club rooms etc.


Spring Action Weekend

ROs and Volunteers Needed

ROPreparations are underway for the first GR Action Weekend of 2018:

Spring Action Weekend (23rd – 25th March)

We would be delighted to welcome you to Bisley as an RO for this year’s Meeting. The Spring Action Weekend comprises of multiple events hosted on a variety of ranges, so there are plenty of jobs to help out with!

We offer mileage, meals and NRA accommodation (if required). By working on the weekend you also have the opportunity to shoot some or all of your events on the Friday, before the main Meeting gets underway.

You do not need to be a qualified RCO to volunteer. ROs will be supported by experienced, qualified NRA RCOs, making this an excellent chance for you to gain experience running a range of competitions.

Deadline for Volunteer sign-ups is Wednesday 7th March
The form will take approximately 5 minutes of your time.  Please complete it at your earliest possible convenience so we can manage your requirements, and ensure there is accommodation available for you (if required)

Volunteer your time for the SAW


As an RO you ensure our competitions run safely and professionally, whilst also advising and encouraging competitors, including those new to Bisley and lacking confidence. It goes without saying that this RO support is a key element to the success of our events.


The NRA is fortunate to have committed ROs who consistently give up their time to support events through the year. There are a range of competitions we wish to run, however we need more ROs to provide adequate cover on the ranges.

Please spread the word at your local clubs as there may be less experienced ROs wishing to gain further experience and perhaps take up the opportunity to enter a competition or two!

Classified Matches


The Classified Matches

And their breakpoints

We classify into divisions the most popular GR&P events. Various opinions exist about how many divisions there should be and where these divisional breakpoints should lie. However we currently have what is defined.

The current philosophy is to build a hierarchical pyramid of shooters with top X class shooters forming the pinnacle and up and coming A, B (and C and D) class shooters climbing this virtual monolith.

The overall intention is to create an environment in which everyone has a chance to achieve their personal goals and compete against others of a similar ability or experience. It also produces a general comparative measure against which to gauge individual progress and improvement by promotion through the classes.

As the years have progressed scores have generally got better. Everybody who shoots a classified match has their score entered into the national database. The raw data this creates allows the breakpoints to be defined. Over the last few years this has been based on scores data going back the best part of 20 years. Some people think this skews the data slightly as we will have scores in the data-set from people who no longer shoot any more.

One method of overcoming this is to use a sliding window to only analyse scores data from the recent past in order to come to a more realistic conclusion on where fair divisions should be placed. Doing this for the last five years – looking back at scores for the last five seasons only – has slightly changed the class breakpoints as shown below.


Timed & Precision 1 (T&P1)

X 299-300 300.21






A 292-298 299-300.20






B up to 291 up to 298 up to 291 up to 291

Timed and Precision 2 (T&P2)

X 586-600








A 556-585








B up to 555

up to 566

up to 584

up to 586

up to 559

up to 567

up to 539

Multi-Target (M-T)

X 114-120








A 106-113






B up to 105

up to 104

up to 110

up to 111

up to 106 up to 105

Phoenix A

X 187-200








A 166-186








B up to 174 up to 187 up to 175

up to 176

up to 162

The 1500

X 1478-1500








A 1455-1477








B 1425-1454




up to 1444

up to 1449

up to 1399

up to 1399

C 1375-1424




D up to 1374 up to 1426

up to 1455

Advancing Target

X 287-300


179-180 178-180




A 269-286








B up to 268

up to 266

up to 172

up to 173

up to 166

up to 168

up to 169

up to 162


The England Gallery Rifle Captain for 2018

 David Guest

David Guest

After three seasons as England Gallery Rifle Captain Morné van Dalen decided to step down at the end of the 2017 season.

One nomination was received for England Captain – David Guest – proposed by Gary Bowden and seconded by Dave Eastwood.  No objections have been received and this nomination has now been passed over to the English XX council for official notification and registration as the England Gallery Rifle Captain for the 2018 season.

Gary Bowden

Gary Bowden

David has accepted this offer and has appointed Gary Bowden as Vice Captain. England will be competing in the usual Home Countries matches throughout the UK next season.








Now that AAW Results have gone final this years final Ranking Tables are now available. Yet again only a few points or even x’s separate the winning group. Congratulations to all the winners.. Any problems PM me. All starts again in March 🙂  Neil Robo


The Galleyrifle Handbook 2018

It is time over the next month to look at the gallery rifle book, a number of people, especially new shooters think the last version was to tasking on the grey cells, trying to decide which end of the book to look at, and some differences in general rules that contradict. I tend to agree from discussions with them. It is a book to cover all gallery rifle with a common set of rules for all the competitions and safety.

Courses of fire and rules specific to that CoF
Needs to Include the gallery rifle imperial times and what happens, very few buy the ‘bible’
Include the phoenix where running of events differ

All courses of fire to be in one section regardless of which of the shoots it takes place in.

Record score should be from all registered and approved competitions around the country so they will be National Records.
Am sure there will be some that disagree because the book and contents was their ‘baby’ but it has grown been added to over the years and in reality it’s time to have a rethink, the silent majority who have no opinion, and those who have ideas and can be bothered to put into print. The book goes out to clubs around the country and seen by probationary shooters, shooters that are still undecided about what direction to take, these need to be considered.

If you have a view, idea, or feel something needs clarification let me know asap.

Bad Ted George


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Penultimate Ranking table now available, just one more round to go AAW. Any problems let me know Robo



GB Gallery Rifle Captain for 2018

GB FlagThe GB Gallery Rifle team compete on the world circuit and take part in at least three International shoots a year. Team captains are appointed on an annual basis.

Nominations are now being sought for the Great Britain Gallery Rifle Captain for the 2018 season. The team will compete in IGRF international competitions at Bisley (May), Ireland (July) and Germany (November) in 2018.

Nominations should be sent to myself (Ted George) who will forward to the NRA Secretary General and has to be received by 11 December 2017. Nomination forms are here:

MS Word (doc) | PDF

Nominees must be full Members of the NRA for a minimum continuous period of 3 years (12 months in the case of under 25 members) before they become eligible for nomination and must remain so during the entire period of appointment.

Nominations must be supported by signatures of three (3) NRA Members.

Nominations will be reviewed by NRA Council and a list of approved candidates determined from the nominations at their next meeting in December 2017 or January 2018. The NRA will then advise the Discipline Representative of the Council’s approved candidate(s).

Gallery Rifle Training Day

The NRA in conjunction with the Gallery Rifle Community are running a skills development day at Bisley. The day will be split between some theory in the new pavilion training area and on the range. The day is to help those shooting gallery rifles improve and broaden their skills and the techniques of shooting a couple of new disciplines.

The day will cover;

  • Shooting techniques, firing the shot.
  • How to train
  • The kneeling position
  • The sitting position
  • TP1 course of fire and technique for shooting
  • Multi target, course of fire and technique for shooting

The day is designed to help those wanting to develop the skills and confidence to try competitions and should help those using cf, small bore in both rifles and LBR, LBP

If interested contact the NRA

To all that take the time to visit this site and read this post thank you, at the meeting held with shooters at the ATSC a number of points was made by me ( see the post if you have not read it ) it was agreed that as a lot of people did not visit the web site or use facebook e mails to people to keep them informed was the preferred option, out of the 60 people there I have got 12 e mail addresses back, shows real interest in their chosen sport and discipline.

Neil has now passed on a list of job he had opted to take on and look after, having gone through the list and finding some other tasks that it seems belong to me, have put together the following list. I hope people will volunteer and take them on, if not they will probably not happen or only happen when I am bored, have nothing else to do or found out how to do them.

  1. Collating the scores from the matches shot, posting onto web site, reclassifying shooters as required, keeping the classification list up to date for those running shoots and shooters.
  2. Look at the classifications and standards for medals and recommend changes.
  3. Form a group of people to write articles for the NRA journal and other places that may be interested.
  4. Keep IGRF domain and gallery rifle domain up and running, look after the gallery rifle web site to keep it running, facebook page and the Wikipedia page up and running, all the above if routine maintenance I am told.
  5. As it appears that all the gallery rifle courses run by the NRA at Bisley falls to me to give them the talk and arrange the instructors. So we need to get a group of people with the time and skills to help novice shooter improve, if we want to improve our importance and raise our profile with the NRA this is a good route.

If any of the above tasks tweak your interest let me know, if by the end of October I have no volunteers for these tasks then its 50/50 if they get binned totally or done in some other form. Gallery rifle is your discipline and improving what happens in that discipline is down to all those taking part. It is not a task for one person.

People who want to know what is going on and avoid facebook and this web page send me your e mail address so whats happening can be sent out direct and we can keep all informed. Any friend or members of your club that doesn’t look at the site or know of it tell about it and get them to send their e mail.


Bad Ted