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The 2019 Chelmsford Winter Action Weekend

A late entry to the calendar but a fully classified meeting on offer. The 2019  Chelmsford Winter Action Weekend will be held over the weekend of the 16th and 17th November 2019.

For the first time in a very long time, Chelmsford Rifle Club is pleased to announce that it is hosting a full weekend of action shooting. Sadly no camping but plenty of parking and lunch will be included for all. Indoor shooting and a comfortable lounge to keep out of the cold if we have an early winter.

T&P1, Multi Target, 1020, WA48, in all categories. Possibly TP3 and Phoenix A if there is a call for it. Match to be held at CHELMSFORD (1944) RIFLE CLUB, Chelmsford, Essex. For more details contact Paul Joyce

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The Ranking Tables have been updated pre-nationals. See here for the full PDF

1 1198.072 3114 Norman Veitch
2 1196.069 2886 Gary Bowden
3 1196.061 2832 William Pow
4 1196.048 2613 David Guest
5 1195.055 3267 Keith Kilvington

1 1200.108 2886 Gary Bowden
2 1200.107 783 Peter Watts
3 1200.099 3267 Keith Kilvington
4 1200.099 3114 Norman Veitch
5 1200.099 3044 David Morrow

1 1199.074 3114 Norman Veitch
2 1197.065 3428 Steve Lane
3 1196.064 783 Peter Watts
4 1195.036 1837 Marek Pawlik
5 1194.025 2613 David Guest

1 1194.054 1837 Marek Pawlik
2 1185.036 683 Jim Smith
3 1184.048 3428 Steve Lane
4 1184.046 164 Phil Cowling
5 1182.025 2329 Robert Tonner

1 472.062 3114 Norman Veitch
2 465.050 2753 Jake Mossom
3 464.041 2055 Jonathan Cormie
4 464.032 3203 Robert Wheeler
5 464.031 2886 Gary Bowden

1 476.069 2886 Gary Bowden
2 475.050 3308 Phil Wood
3 474.040 3267 Keith Kilvington
4 474.033 2613 David Guest
5 473.065 3114 Norman Veitch

1 471.056 3114 Norman Veitch
2 470.049 3428 Steve Lane
3 466.037 783 Peter Watts
4 464.046 1837 Marek Pawlik
5 460.044 2330 Robert J. Tonner

1 459.030 632 John Robinson
2 443.031 1837 Marek Pawlik
3 438.037 1773 Morne Van Dalen
4 438.035 3428 Steve Lane
5 437.028 683 Jim Smith

1500 GRSB
1 5928.411 1990 Chris West
2 5926.262 3308 Phil Wood
3 5923.367 2886 Gary Bowden
4 5911.348 2055 Jonathan Cormie
5 5905.388 2753 Jake Mossom

1500 GRCF
1 5981.348 632 John Robinson
2 5969.321 1990 Chris West
3 5961.321 3203 Robert Wheeler
4 5961.318 2886 Gary Bowden
5 5960.411 3308 Phil Wood

1500 LBP
1 5961.389 632 John Robinson
2 5899.250 783 Peter Watts
3 5897.351 3428 Steve Lane
4 5863.208 443 P Lacey
5 5767.112 913 Ryan Wiggins

1500 LBR
1 5961.389 632 John Robinson
2 5899.250 783 Peter Watts
3 5897.351 3428 Steve Lane
4 5863.208 443 P Lacey
5 5767.112 913 Ryan Wiggins

The 2019 Derby Open Meeting

Results for Derby 2019 now available

Derby OpenThe Derby Open took place from mid day Friday 21st June to Sunday 23rd June.

2019 was not a record breaker but there were 106 competitors and over 950 events  shot. It was fantastic to see 14 new faces, some completely new to the competition circuit.

With it being our 50th anniversary we increased the budget for the prize table and I think you will agree that it was excellent with numerous high value prizes to be chosen. This was also due to the extraordinary support from the ten sponsors who supported the meeting. It is worth mentioning them by name (below) as they deserve our thanks and having confidence in our sport. Please support them in return.

The Home Countries International Match was won by Wales, congratulations. England won the Pistol and Revolver matches. Winner team members were presented with Brownells medals. The scores are included at the end of the results file.

The Man v Man LBP event was won by Ryan Wiggins with Gary Bowden second. The Man v Man rifle event was won by Jake Mossom with Chris West as runner up.

The Mini McQueen was won by Jake Mossom.


The Derby Open is a team effort and would not be possible without the 30 or so Range Crew who worked unbelievably hard over the weekend. Special thanks go to Team Smoothy, Trim, Neil and other visitors for their help and not forgetting the guys in Stats who produced the final results in record time, and most importantly Pam & Mick on the BBQ.

Photos of the weekend will be on very soon

We hope you all enjoyed everything, and the weather was OK too.



The Derby Open is sponsored by:

Phoenix 2019 Results




Prize Lists

Proposed GR&P Classifications for 2020

The Classification methodology for GR&P is defined on the  Classifications page. They have always been based on highest achieved score for a particular gun type for a specific event.

One problem we have is there is no process for demotion. Once you hit a bullet score that class is where you stay. Apart from class break point reviews which do happen from time to time cementing people into a particular class has one or two flaws which have been recognised over the years.

It has been proposed that the classification system be changed from an all time historic record into a five year seasonal rolling window. So whichever class you are in for a particular gun type and event will be directly related to your recent (5 year) performance in that event and gun type.

There is no real reason not to introduce this method. However comments and opinions from the community are sought. If this rolling 5 year window had have been implemented for the 2019 season there is a spreadsheet linked here to illustrate how it would have impacted all shooters with a classification on the GRID.

GR&P Class Comparisons

Phoenix 2019 Bianchi

Bianchi at the Phoenix meeting will consist of the ‘standard’ four elements – Barricades, Mover, Plates and Practical however the Practical match will be modified to cater for the Butt Zero range and space availability we have available to us. The past two or three seasons had seen the USM run instead of a practical match. The USM is now to be retired and the modified practical match run in its place

The modified practical match will replace the USM and the course of fire will be as follows:

Stage 1 10 metres

  • 3 seconds 1 shot on each target
  • 4 seconds 2 shots on each target
  • 8 seconds 3 shots on each target
    • for the 8 second stage: – LBP, LBR: weak hand freestyle. GRCF, GRSB: weak shoulder

Stage 2 15 metres

  • 4 seconds 1 shot on each target
  • 5 seconds 2 shots on each target
  • 6 seconds 3 shots on each target

Stage 3 20 meters (formerly 25 metres)

  • 4 seconds 1 shot on each target
  • 5 seconds 2 shots on each target
  • 6 seconds 3 shots on each target

Stage 4 25 meters (formerly 50 metres)

  • 5 seconds 1 shot on each target (formerly 7 sec)
  • 6 seconds 2 shots on each target (formerly 10 sec)
  • 7 seconds 3 shots on each target (formerly 15 sec)


The 2019 Basildon Open

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Southern Counties Gallery Rifle Open Championships

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Download Paper Entry Forms

Southern Counties

The 2019 GR&P Competition Calendar

2019 Competition Calendar

The 150th Imperial Meeting

150 Imperial

AAW 2018

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The Autumn Action Weekend 2018


Provisional Results now posted

Challenge deadline next Wednesday evening – 7 November 2018


The last of the Gallery Rifle Action events is nearly upon us, the Autumn Action Weekend – Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 October 2018. This will be the last opportunity of the year to shoot the range of matches on offer in GR&P, full-bore rifle, target shotgun and practical pistol at Bisley.

On Butt Zero on Saturday we will have Target Shotgun and Speed Steels matches all day. Sunday includes the 11th Round of the NRA Handgun League.

Elsewhere multi-positional full-bore shooting runs side by side with the 200 yd McQueen matches on Short Siberia on Saturday, with the increasingly popular Mini McQueen throughout the weekend on Time Limit.

This Meeting offers the opportunity for fun and competitive shooting for competitors of all levels, with the usual range of discounts to encourage new shooters to Bisley, the Under 25s and those looking to shoot more matches.

FDPC Rimfire Festival

FDPC -Rimfire FestFDPC will be hosting a RimFire Festival at their Shepton Mallet range complex on Saturday 24th November. The day will comprise of five matches – T&P1, Multi-Target, The Granet Match, The America Match and a 1020.

This competition for .22 rimfire rifles only and will run from 08:30 to 16:00.


Entry forms PDF | MS Word

Results for September 2018 Competitions

Results now posted

SLG Bisley

JSPC Autumn Open

National Championships

The 2018 GR&P National Open Championships

24th to 26th August

Draft Results and Prizelists

Deadline for challenges – Wednesday evening – 5th September

Dave Meaby

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Dave Meaby

Dave MeabyIt is with heavy hearts that we have to announce the death of Dave Meaby. Dave, former club secretary for Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Marksmen and the Welsh Gallery Rifle Club, as well as organiser for the Army (ATSC) Gallery Rifle Open competitions, sadly passed away on Saturday August 18th 2018.

Dave was a regular at many of our Gallery Rifle Open meetings at Bisley and often helped out as a range officer. In the last few years he was the face of Welsh Gallery Rifle shooting organising the Welsh GR Open in Haverfordwest – acting as Match Director, squadding administrator and stats processor.

Date - stats

Dave – keeping stuff running.

Dave will be missed by all this friends and colleagues on the GR circuit. Our thoughts are with his family and close friends at this difficult time.

Dave’s funeral will on Tuesday 28th August at 11.00 at Flintshire Memorial Park and Crematorium,

Oakenholt Lane,

Then afterwards at the Springfield hotel
A55 Expressway,
Pentre Halkyn,

In accordance with Dave’s wishes, there are to be strictly NO flowers, but if anyone wishes to make a donation then please do so to either St Kentigerns Hospice or Macmillan Nurses.