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Autumn Action Weekend – Results

Results are now available

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Put your Soul at Ease

Jane’s Wicked Wheel at the AAW

The fastest times for this weekend were:

Dave Stanley 3.65 Secs
James Symes 4.69 Secs
Michael Scarlett 7.65 Secs
Simon Scott 17.64 Secs

The  total take for the BUGS was £24 and the winner, Dave Stanley, very kindly agreed to put his cash prize back into the fund for the charity.

Thanks to all for competing and contributing.

Jane Shields.

Photo Bank

The Photo Bank

Try searching for  [Galleryrifle | WesternWinner | Derby2009 | SAW2010 | AAW09 | etc…]

You might get lucky…..

Mattersey Bianchi and Shorts

Results and some photos from the Mattersey Bianchi shoot held over the weekend of the 29th and 30th September are now available.  Good weather prevailed – it never rained until all the shooting had finished. Thanks to Malc, Dale and all the Mattersey guys for accommodating us.



Scores Database

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Autumn Action Weekend


2014 11wNational Shooting Centre, Bisley 27th and 28th October 2012

The online entry for the Autumn Action Weekend is now available via the link on the front page of the NRA website or available to download

Don’t forget to bring your Firearm Certificate and your competency certification card as you will be required to produce one or both before you can shoot.

Range Officers – Voluneer here

Please let me know as soon as you can if you are able to help out during the Weekend.

As well as NRA qualified RCOs we also are very happy to have any other helpers, regardless of experience, to lend a hand.  If you have not worked on a range crew before you will learn a lot and contribute to the success of the meeting

There will be a day or two prior to the meeting for ROs to shoot their events.  Food and accommodation will be provided as well in line with the number of days you can give us.

Here is the link to the on line RO registration form.  Please use it as it makes the process of collecting all the data much easier.

Eye protection

Eye protection is mandatory. Shatterproof glasses must be worn which provide adequate protection at the sides as well as the front. If they do not, you must use additional side protection in the form of slip on shields or similar.  Slip on side shields will be available at reception with profits going to a charity for visually impaired shooters.

Aldershot Mini McQueen

It’s back by popular demand as we’ve managed to squeeze it in on Melville for a short period.  Limited spaces are available for a pretty demanding event.  All you need is a .22 rifle with or without (!) a rest and the absolute certainty of your 50m zero as the targets are a bit on the small side.

Hope to see you there.

Rules is Rules

RulesAs many know we publish the Gallery Rifle and Pistol Handbook on an annual basis and for the last 4 to 5 years have incorporated the Phoenix Handbook  into the same self contained volume. The plan is the same for the 2013 season and its about now the work starts.

If anyone wants to help, offer feedback, moans, groans, gripes or any sort of constructive critique of the rulebook let me know. Yes – rules are rules and we have to do this – be thankful we are not the ISSF with their rifle and pistol rule changes proposals for the 2013 to 2016 session!

The current Handbook and Phoenix booklet will be updated for the 2013 season. The 2013 drafts are on-line now for comment, critique and updates.

Anyone wanting to comment on these please contact me. You will need a Google account to add or amend content. Let me know what it is and I’ll add you to the 2013 editorial team. If you don’t have a Google account – just go get one. Takes a few minutes and its free.


The Final Quarter

The Final Quarter

final quarter

Just a reminder. The last few shoots of the 2012 season for the smaller regional venues and and all well worth booking into your diary.

On the 22nd September we have the SLG Bisley 1500 + shorts. This one held on Melville ranges at Bisely and all are invited back to the Spott for drinks and a BBQ. Should be a good day’s shooting and a good relaxed social event to finish it off.

On the 23rd September the  Budleigh TSC Rimfire Festival will be taking place at Budleigh Farm, Moretonhampstead. A 300 round Steel Challenge/falling plate match

On the 30th September Mattersey RPC will be hosting the Bianchi and Shorts meeting at their excellent facility in North Nottingshamshire. This year the guys are offering the ever poplar and very challenging Bianchi Classic match.

And if your interested…

The German Open held at Leitmar in Germany over the weekend 10th – 11th November. GB and Ireland will be travelling with teams to compete against Germany in the third and final IGRF International match of the year.

The Royal Mail and the Transportation of Firearms and component parts

The Royal mail is proposing to prohibit firearms and parts, including air-sun parts, triggers, and magazines from their postal service. This could have serious implications; the returning faulty rifles, triggers for service, buying spares, need I go on. Anything posted after November will be destroyed. Time is short;  submissions must be in by 17th September.

A Consultation Document has been published. Members of the public can respond to this document. Deadline for responses is: 10am Monday 17th September 2012.

Historic Scores

Historic Scores & Stats

StatsAs with other data we have on this site we currently only collect data for the classified GR&P events.  Namely:

  • T&P1
  • T&P2
  • Multi Target
  • Phoenix A
  • Bianchi
  • 1500
  • Advancing Target

The reason is historic and  may well change in the future. Collecting data from shoots around the country is difficult and time consuming. We have not settled on a consistent format which every meeting organiser complies to or understands. Hopefully as time progresses and match directors become more conversant with the tools available to them this will change

At the moment we only have accurate per-meeting scores data in an appropriate format going back to the beginning of 2010. Other scores data is listed as ‘historic’. It is possible this can be tidied up and may well be in the future. In the mean time what we currently have in a structured format is available for browsing and searching on-line.

Please consider this experimental at the moment – it may well have inconsistencies and bugs.

Just updated to include the Nationals

Historic Scores Database

The results and prize lists for the Gallery Rifle National Championships for 2012 are now on-line.



Any errors or queries please let us know.

Classification and highest scores database also updated

Classification Database

Classification and Highest Score Database

Updated to take into account the Welsh Open

NRA Open Day – Saturday 8th September

Open Day

The NRA will be holding the next Open Day  where visitors will be able to try shotgun, air rifle, fullbore rifle, sporting rifle, gallery rifle, laser clays, precision snap, practical and historical rifles to name but a few, all with one-to-one coaching.

The Gallery rifle elements of the Open day take place on Melville Ranges and concentrate primarily on lever action rifles. GRSB is already well catered for on the Steels layout over on Stickledown ranges where the newly updates Ruger 10/22s are put to good use.

However, traditionally,  GRCF shooting has not been too well catered for. We could do much better in this area to aid in the overall promotion of the discipline.  The main sticking point has been people willing to volunteer for coaching and general running of the bays on Melville on the day.

So if anyone is willing to volunteer a day of their time on Saturday the 8th September to help out it would be appreciated by all and will allow you to put a bit back into the future of the sport and the gallery Rifle discipline. You won’t be out of pocket. A day rate of £55 will be offered to cover out of pocket expenses such as travel etc. If people are travelling long distances overnight accommodation on the Friday/Saturday is also possible.

Contact the NRA directly or via the contact form here


Welsh Open – Results

The Welsh Gallery Rifle Club

Open Championships 2012

The Welsh Open Championships was held at Haverfordwest Shooting club over the weekend of the 11th and 12th August.

The weather was fine and sunny – for most of the time! Good enough for a few of us to camp out, drink a few beers and put the world to rights around the virtual camp fire in the evening.

Results linked below and a call to mark the date in your diaries for next year. We could do with a few more competitors to make it an event to cement into the calendar.  Its a hike for some – thats appreciated.  But plenty of space for camping and the town of Haverfordwest is less than 2 miles away and a joy to visit.  A weekend can be made of it.

This was the initial round of the 1500 and shorts leagues. Initial tables for these to be published soon.

The Welsh Open –  [Results | Photos]

Range Officers at the Nationals

A final call for volunteers.

We are still short of Range Officers for the Gallery Rifle National Championships  next weekend – 25th to 26th August. If anybody can give some time to helping out it will be greatly appreciated.

It is not essential that you are qualified RCO as there are many tasks that need to be carried out on range. Any volunteers are entitled to food and accommodation if required.

Its been said before, but it will always be the case. These meetings simply cannot run without the help and dedication of the volunteer community.  Even volunteering for half a day on one of the ranges helps out enormously.

See you all there.

Range Officers – Volunteer form


Competitions – Updates

Competition updates

The Welsh Open at Haverfordwest Shooting ground this weekend. We’ll be kicking off the 1500 and shorts leagues at this meeting and running them through the year.

Welsh Open Results – Now Available

The Mattersey Shors and Bianchi meeting on the 30 September. Entry forms are now available.