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The Phoenix LBF Head to Head Match The England and Scotland GR teams ran a head to head Long Barrelled Firearms match at the Phoenix Meeting this year. Captains Morné van Dalen and Jonny Cormie pitched a couple of teams to take part in a T&P1 and Multi Target match in both LBR and LBP. […]

Home Countries, Great Britain Pistol Teams The Gallery Rifle and Pistol Discipline is sending a team to Sweden for the 1500 World Championships in August. If all goes well then approval from the NRA trustees for an official team for future international competitions will follow. As it stands we have applied for NRA ‘Goodwill’ status for […]

Phoenix 2015 Final Results Final Results are now listed Phoenix 2015 Results Phoenix 2015 Prizelists Scores database  and Rankings will be updated in the next few days

England Gallery Rifle Captain for 2015 The England Gallery Rifle Selection Committee take pleasure in announcing the fact that Morné van Dalen has been selected as the Great Britain Gallery Rifle Captain for 2015. The retirement of Sophie West after one very eventful season prompted two nominations for Captain for the next session. Both Morne […]